Malaria is a word many people associate with game parks in Africa and the Kruger National Park is a malaria risk area although the risk is usually low.

Anti-malaria prophylactics are thus recommended for visitors. The highest risk period is between December and April (end of the rainy season). Visitors wishing to take prophylactics should consult a knowledgeable medical practitioner or recognised travel clinic about recommended medication, as certain products cause nausea, hallucinations or other negative side effects with certain people.

Very often (particularly after periods of low rainfall) the malaria risk in Kruger is very low. Many people decide not to take prophylactics and rather try to avoid getting bitten. The most vulnerable times are between dusk and dawn. People are advised to stay indoors during these periods, or cover exposed skin with light clothing or insect repellents. The ankles are the most critical area. Burning anti-mosquito coils and ensuring netted screens are kept closed are other preventative measures.

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