Upload manuscript


    1. Make sure that the paper was prepared using the correct format and by using the prescribed template:
    2. Make sure that the authors (and order), title and abstract content registered correspond exactly to that of the manuscript to be uploaded.
    3. If it is not the same and needs to be edited then log onto using your EDAS user id (email address). Click on the tab: “My Papers”. Then click on the title of the paper. It will open the details of the authors, title and abstract content and all can be edited. It is important to ensure that this information is correct as this data will be used in the conference programme and proceedings (and not the information on your manuscript).
    4. Make sure that the presenting author has been identified. This is very important. It will not be possible to upload the full paper before the presenting author was identified.
    1. Log onto using your EDAS user id (your email address).
    2. To upload the manuscript, select the tab for “My Papers”.
    3. Next to the title of the paper to be uploaded is an icon “Upload Paper/Upload Manuscript”; that needs to be selected.
    4. The page opening will confirm the maximum paper length and that the paper should be a PDF.
    5. Read the copyright and click to confirm acceptance.
    6. Confirm that the authors listed in the manuscript are the same as on the abstract registration page in (1c). If not then please correct by following the instructions in (1c).
    7. Confirm e-mail notifications to all authors.
    8. Browse and select manuscript from your computer and upload it (PDF only).
    9. After it has been uploaded feedback might be given on format, titles and authors as it was registered when your abstract was submitted.
    10. Expect email notification (normally within 24 hours) that manuscript was received.

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