Best Paper Awards

SACMitigating Disorderly Leaving Events in
Yezi Huang, Thomas Magesacher and Eduardo Medeiros (Lund University, Sweden); Chenguang Lu and Per-Erik Eriksson (Ericsson Research, Sweden); Per Ödling (Lund University, Sweden)
WCOptimal Total-Downlink-Transmitting-Power and Subchannel Allocation for Green Cellular Networks.
Limei Guo (Central South University, USA); Hsiao-Chun Wu (Louisiana State University, USA); Yiyan Wu (Communications Research Centre, Canada); Xian Liu (University of Arkansas at Little Rock, USA)
The Human Body and Millimeter-Wave Wireless Communication Systems: Interactions and Implications.
Ting Wu (NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, USA); Theodore Rappaport (New York University & NYU WIRELESS, USA); Christopher Collins (New York University, USA)
MWNMulti-Armed Bandit for Distributed Inter-Cell Interference Coordination.
Pierre Coucheney (University of Versailles, France); Kinda Khawam (Université de Versailles, France); Johanne Cohen (LRI-CNRS & PRiSM-CNRS, France)
CTSOptimization-Based Linear Network Coding for General Connections of Continuous Flows.
Ying Cui (Shanghai Jiaotong University, P.R. China); Muriel Médard (MIT, USA); Edmund Yeh (Northeastern University, USA); Douglas Leith (Hamilton, Ireland); Ken R. Duffy (National University of Ireland Maynooth, Ireland)
SPCOptimal Design of Energy-Efficient HetNets: Joint Precoding and Load Balancing.
Jingya Li (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden); Emil Björnson (Linköping University, Sweden); Tommy Svensson and Thomas Eriksson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden); Mérouane Debbah (Supelec, France)
ONSLinear Network Coding and Parallel Transmission Increase Fault Tolerance and Optical Reach.
Xiaomin Chen and Admela Jukan (Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig, Germany); Muriel Médard (MIT, USA)
NGNNetwork Function Virtualization Enabled Multicast Routing on SDN.
Sai Qian Zhang (University of Toronto, Canada); Qi Zhang (University of Toronto & University of Waterloo, Canada); Hadi Bannazadeh and Alberto Leon-Garcia (University of Toronto, Canada)
AHSNCaching in Wireless Multihop Device-to-Device Networks.
Sang-Woon Jeon (Andong National University, Korea); SongNam Hong (Ericsson Research, USA); Mingyue Ji (University of Southern California, USA); Giuseppe Caire (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany)
CSSMAQoS-Aware Flexible Traffic Engineering with OpenFlow-Assisted Agile IP-Forwarding Interchanging.
Shoujiang Ma, Daoyun Hu, Shengru Li, Nana Xue, Suoheng Li, Yan Shao and Zuqing Zhu (University of Science and Technology of China, P.R. China)
CISSSum-Capacity Optimal Spread-Spectrum Data Hiding in Video Streams.
Lili Wei and Geng Wu (Intel Corporation, USA); Rose Qingyang Hu (Utah State University, USA)
CRNDecentralized Dynamic Spectrum Access in Full-Duplex Cognitive Radio Networks.
Yun Liao, Tianyu Wang, Kaigui Bian and Lingyang Song (Peking University, P.R. China); Zhu Han (University of Houston, USA)