Best Papers

The following papers were identified by the session chair and/or co-chair as the best papers of each session:

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration

Javier López, Maria Blanco, Antonio Káiser, Blas Zamora, Antonio Consuegro, Manuel Lucas, Javier Ruiz and Antonio Viedma-Robles
Numerical Study and Experimental Validation of the Water Films and the Detachment of Drops on Drift Eliminators

Air-Conditioning and Thermal Management

Yedida Haim, Yeshayahu Weiss and Ruth Letan
Effect of Xenon Gas and Foils on a Multi-Foil Insulation

Applications 1

Q. Sun, Md. M. Alam,C.W. Wong and Y. Zhou
Features of Flow Around the Leading Edge of a Circular Cylinder

Applications 2

Richard Mathie, Alexandros Charogiannis and Christos N. Markides
Combined PLIF-IR Thermal Measurements of Wavy Film Flows Undergoing Forced Harmonic Excitation

Boiling and Two-Phase Heat Transfer

Ahmed B. Ahmed and Mohamed S. Hamed
Bubble Dynamics under an Impinging Planar Water Jet


Qian Wang, Changying Zhao and Yang Zhang
Experimental Investigation of the Ignition Process of a Methane Diffusion Impinging Flame

Computational Fluid Dynamics 2

Alissar Yehya, Hassan Naji and Laurent Zalewski
Benchmarking and Evaluating the Accuracy of a Lattice Boltzmann BGK Scheme for Multi-fluid Flows

Computational Fluid Dynamics 3

Masoud Darbandi, MohammadReza Modarres, Gerry Schneider and Hossein Ghanati
Cold Gas Analysis of a Waste-Gas Incinerator to Enhance Mixing Capabilities Using CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics 4

Vincent H Chu and Wihel Altai
Lagrangian Block Simulation of Buoyancy at Turbulence Interfaces

Convection Heat Transfer 1

Younghwan Joo and Sung Jin Kim
Comparison of Thermal Characteristics between the Plate-fin and Pin-fin Heat Sinks in Natural Convection

Convection Heat Transfer 2

Ramana Murthy Josyula, Srinivas Jangili and Sesha Sai K.
Second Law Analysis of the Flow of Two Immiscible Couple Stress Fluids in Four Zones

Convection Heat Transfer 3

Ravichandra Jagannath and Sally P.M. Bane
Real-Gas Thermodynamic Analysis of the Wave-Rotor Combustion Turbine

Energy and Environmental Systems

Yuu Notoji and Tsuguhiko Nakagawa
A Novel Concept of AI-EV (Air-conditioner Integrated Electric Vehicle) for the Advanced Smart Community

Energy Conversion 1

N. Jamsram and O.T. Lim
A Study on the Autoignition Characteristics of DME-LPG Dual Fuel in HCCI Engine

Energy Conversion 2

Plamen Gragomirov, Denis Buchtatyi, Jörg Sauerhering, Jens Hadler, Jürgen Schmidt and Hermann Rottengruber
Comparative Analysis of the DI-Diesel Engine In-Cylinder Fluid Flow Applying PIV Measurements and CFD Simulations

Energy Storage 1

Veera Gnaneswar Gude
Desalination Augmented by Energy Storage

Energy Storage 2

V.G. Gude, V. Gadhamshetty and N.N. Khandan
Dual-Purpose Power-Desalination Plant Augmented by Thermal Energy Storage System

Experimental Methods

Jacob E. van der Westhuizen, Jaco Dirker and Josua P. Meyer
Investigation into Using Liquid Crystal Thermography for Measuring Heat Transfer Coefficients and Wall Temperature Profiles at Inlets and Underdeveloped Regions

Heat Exchangers 1

Elizaveta Pikushchak, Leonid Minkov, Yuliya Stepanova and Johann Dueck
On the Mechanism of Accelerated Sedimentation of Fine Fractions in Bidisperse Suspension

Heat Exchangers 1

Niklas Paul and Matthias Kraume
Influences of Interfacial Phenomena on the Fluid Dynamics and Mass Transfer of Single Droplets in Micellar liquid/liquid Systems

Heat Pipes

Aejung Yoon and Sung Jin Kim
The Effect of Substrate Conduction on the Thermal Performance of a Flat Plate Pulsating Heat Pipe

Heat Transfer Enhancement 1

Gioacchino Cafiero, Stefano Discetti and Tommaso Astarita
Experimental Analysis of the Performance of Fractal Stirrers for Impinging Jets Heat Transfer Enhancement

Heat Transfer Enhancement 2

Alejandro Huertas, Juan Pedro Solano, Alberto Garcia, Ruth Herrero and José Pérez
Experimental Study on the Effect of Wire Coil Insert Geometry on the Heat Transfer Enhancement of a Flat-Plate Solar Collector

Heat Transfer Enhancement 3

David M. Sykes and Andrew L. Carpenter
Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Multiple Synthetic Jets on Heat Transfer and Pressure Loss in Minichannels

Keynote 1

Cees van der Geld
Bubble Deformation in Nucleate Boiling

Keynote 2

Zhixiong Guo
On Conservation of Scattered Energy and Angle in Radiative Transfer Computations

Keynote 3

Huihe Qiu
Multiphase Flow and Heat Transfer on Micro/Nanostructured Surfaces

Keynote 4

Ana Moita
Thermal and Fluid Dynamic Processes Occurring at Liquid Boiling over Micro-and-Nano Enhanced Surfaces

Keynote 5

Christos N. Markides
Distributed Heat Conversion Technologies Based in Organic-Fluid Cycles for a High-Efficiency and Sustainable Energy Future

Keynote 6

Rick de Lange
Jet in Crossflow: Experiments on the Interaction of Flowstructures and Cooling Efficiency

Keynote 7

Sebastian Volz
Fundamental Issues in Nanoscale Heat Transfer: From Coherence to Interfacial Resistance in Heat Conduction

Keynote 8

Bale Reddy
Role of Energy and Exergy Analyses in Performance Improvement and Development of Advanced and Sustainable Energy Systems

Keynote 9

Mikhail Liberman
Study of Unsteady Combustion Processes Controlled by Detailed Chemical Kinetics

Keynote 10

Martin Oberlack
Can We Obtain First Principle Results for Turbulence Statistics?

Keynote 11

Dean Vucinic
MAAT System Design – Weight Model of Very Large Lighter-Than-Air Vehicle

Measurement and Radiation

Aainaa Izyan Nafsun, Fabian Herz, Eckehard Specht, Viktor Scherer and Siegmar Wirtz
The Contact Heat Transfer in Rotary Kilns and the Effect of Material Properties

MEMS, Mico and Nano

Nima Sadeghpour, Sara Nahang Toudeshki and Jiangtao Cheng
Contact Line Friction Analysis of Water Droplets on Micro/Nanoscale Rough Surfaces

Multiphase Flows 1

Subhasish Mitra, Elham Doroodchi, Geoffrey Evans, Vishnu Pareek and Jyeshtharaj Joshi
Interaction of a Spherical Particle with a Confined Liquid Film

Multiphase Flows 3

Rhys Morgan, Roberto Ibarra, Ivan Zadrazil and Christos N. Markides
On the Role of Inlet Flow Instabilities on Horizontally Initially Stratified Liquid-Liquid Flow Development

Nuclear Energy

A. Miassoedov, X. Gaus-Lui, T. Cron and B. Fluhrer
LIVE Experiments on Melt Pool Heat Transfer in the Reactor Pressure Vessel Lower Head

Numerical Simulations 1

Arash Hamzehloo and Pavlos Aleiferis
Large Eddy Simulation of Near-Nozzle Shock Structure and Mixing Characteristics of Hydrogen Jets for Direct-Injection Spark-Ignition Engines

Numerical Simulations 2

Eduardo Divo, Hussein Saad, Sandra Boetcher, Jeff Brown and Alain Kassab
Inverse VoF Meshless Method for Efficient Non-Destructive Thermographic Evaluation

Numerical Simulations 2

Eduardo Divo and Alain Kassab
A Locally-Integrated Meshless (LIM) Method Applied to Advection-Diffusion Problems

Porous Media and Membranes

Özer Bağci, Nihad Dukhan and Mustafa Özdemir
Flow Regimes in Foam-Like Highly Porous Media

Posters 1

Riad Benelmir, Najeh Ghilen, Mohammed El Ganaoui, Damien Descieux and Slimane Gabsi
Technology Platform ENERBAT – Gas Cogeneration, Solar Heating and Cooling

Posters 2

P. Choopanya and Z. Yang
Transient Performance Investigation of Different Flow-Field Designs of Automotive Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC) Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Posters 3

J.M. Garcia-Alonso, F. Aguilar and E. Montero
Heat Transfer with Phase Change in a Shell and Tube Latent Heat Storage Unit

Posters 4

Margarita Navarrete, Francisco Castellanos, Jorge Naude and Federico Méndez
Dynamic Forces and Acoustic Energy Dissipation in Conical Bubble Luminescence

Posters 5

Grzegorz Górski and Romuald Mosdorf
New Method for the Identification of Twp-Phase Flow Patterns in a Minichannel

Posters 6

Iara Hernandez Rodriguez, Hugo F. Velasco Peña, Adriana Bonilla Riaño and Oscar M.H. Rodriguez
Capacitive Wire-Mesh Sensor Measurements in Oil-Water Flow

Renewable Energy

Mosfequer Rahman, Adam Smith, Alex Freeman, James H. Denham, Luke Christopher, Wesley Huggins, Zach Johnson and John Ragland
Finite Element Modeling of Structural Design Optimization of Various Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Models

Solar Energy 1

Willem Gabriel le Roux, Tunde Bello-Ochende and Josua P. Meyer
Optimisation of an Open Rectangular Cavity Receiver and Recuperator used in a Small-Scale Solar Thermal Brayton Cycle with Thermal Losses

Thermal Design and Fuel Cells

Jose Vargas, Paola Polla, Wellington Balmant and Juan Ordonez
Alkaline Membrane Fuel Cell (AMFC) Stack Modelling and Simulation

Turbulence, Stability and Transition

Ivan Zadrazil and Christos N. Markides
A Mechanism of Polymer Induced Drag Reduction in Turbulent Pipe Flow