Workshop 1: Interoperability for Situation Management and Decision-Making

Time: TBD

Workshop Chair:  
Prof. Kenneth Baclawski, Northeastern University, USA

We have seen the wealth of research and applications in the CogSIMA conferences. While these research and development projects have been valuable, the risk is that they will be unconnected "silos", a common problem throughout academics and industry. The purpose of this workshop is to examine issues such as harmonization, integration and interoperability of situation management and decision making, and to propose possible solutions. This workshop will be the third installment of the workshop, the first two being held after CogSIMA 2020 and 2021.

If you wish to submit a position paper to be presented at the workshop, please submit it to

Workshop 2: Human Subjects Research Environments

Time: TBD

Workshop Chairs:
  Ashish Amresh, Center for Human, AI and Robot Teaming, Arizona State University, USA
  Michael Buchanan, Center for Human, AI and Robot Teaming, Arizona State University, USA
  Ed Weiss, Aptima Inc. USA

A virtual testbed provides experimenters with flexible environments and remote options for conducting research. A successful virtual environment should be varied in content to challenge participants to exhibit complex behaviors. The virtual environment should allow researchers to modify the world and build custom maps that help collect data, create unique scenarios, and have human and AI agents interact within the world. This opens the door to conduct experiments where human-human interaction and human-AI interaction is critical for successful task completion. The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers who either have experience with developing virtual environments or would like to develop virtual environments for their research. Individuals and groups who wish to give a presentation at the workshop should contact the organizers listed below.


  • Techniques for developing virtual testbeds for research purposes
  • Techniques for measuring effectiveness of the environment
    • From the user point of view
    • From the researcher standpoint
  • Customizability methods
  • Data Issues
    • Collection of data
    • Data organization
    • Data semantics
    • Data analysis


The workshop organizers will present an overview of the virtual human subject research environment at the Arizona State University’s Center for Human, AI, and Robot Teaming. This environment conducts urban search and rescue experiments using the video game Minecraft. This will be followed by presentations by other individuals and groups. Discussions of the topics is encouraged throughout the workshop. A detailed schedule will be posted prior the beginning of the CogSIMA 2022 conference.


May 12: Online tutorial on May 20th: The tutorial on " Brain-Computer Interfaces for Group Decision Making" will take place on Zoom, on Friday, May 20th, 5 pm CET. Register for the main conference to join the tutorial.

Apr 12: Free tutorial on Apr 29th: The tutorial on " Designing a Human Subjects Research Study Environment Using Minecraft!" will take place on Zoom, on April 29th, 5 pm CET. Register for free to attend the tutorial
Mar 01: Deadline Reminder: Paper submissions are due March 14, 2022 (extended)   Submit your paperhere!
Feb 16: Registration fees have been announced. Early registration deadline is April 30th.
Feb 14: We are pleased to announce that Prof. Amir Hussain (Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, UK) will present a keynote address on Towards Transformative Multimodal Hearing-Assistive Technologies: Challenges and Opportunities.
Jan 10: Deadline Reminder: Paper submissions are due Feb 28, 2022
2022 Conference Dates: June 06-10, 2022.
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