The conference will be held as a hybrid event, with both in-person meetings and events and virtual accessibility to conference meetings. 

We are happy to announce that we defined a rich and fun social program for the in-person attendees, including a wine tasting experience with a visit to a wine cellar, a tour of the city of Salerno, a tour to the Paestum Greek Temples, a fantastic banquet at the seaside! And it's all included in the full registration! Read below for further info.

This page contains important information for both in-person and remote participants. Please read carefully. In particular, there is important information on COVID-19 requirements and procedures for in-person attendees.

General Information

Presentation Instruction

  • Oral or focus session paper will be 20 minutes:
    •  Presentation: 15 min
    • Q&A: 5 min.
    • At the same time, a presenter is welcome to leave more time for Q&A
  • Poster presentation will be also given as short oral presentations to allow virtual attendees to follow poster session. Each poster presenter will have 15 minutes:
    • Presentation: 10 min
    • Q&A: 5 min

Logistics for in-person and virtual presentation:

  • In-person presentations will be held at the University of Salerno and will be streamed online via Zoom. During the presentation, the audience is muted. During the Q&A session, both in-person and virtual attendees can make questions. Session chair will moderate the Q&A flow. Virtual participants can write their questions in the chat or "raise hand" in zoom to ask verbally.
  • Virtual presentation: the online presenter will present the slide in Zoom and the presentation will be streamed both online in Zoom and to the in-person attendees.
  • We are gathering the presentation slides for all the papers in case of technical difficulties. 
    - Powerpoint or PDF slides can be uploaded.
    - Please upload your slide on EDAS in the "Presentation" Slot before May 30th. 
  • Pre-recorded Video:
    • we are also gathering pre-recorded versions of all presentations as a backup in case of technical difficulties. This is particularly important for online presenters.
    • We encourage the presenters (and in particular those that will present online) to prepare an annotated or recorded version of their presentation (e. g. recorded slide presentation with corresponding oral presentation). The recorded presentation should be either MP4 Video or PowerPoint. Please upload your recorded presentation to the "presentation" slot of your submitted manuscript in EDAS. Due May 30th.

Accessing the Conference Proceedings

Conference attendees will be able to access the conference proceedings. Manuscripts will be available for download from the conference program by clicking the corresponding paper title, which will direct to the pdf.


To facilitate the discussion among attendees and presenters, the EDAS program page also provides a message board for each paper. We would kindly encourage you to use this option of posting your questions to the presenters. Please consult this graphical tutorial for instructions on how to use this message board.


Local In-Person Participation Information


The COVID-19 situation is rapidly improving in Italy. The emergency status ended in March and now we are coming back to normality, with restrictions and rules to enter Italy simplified. 

To Enter Italy: You can find the measures for entry into Italy on the Government website here.

At the Univerisity: 

The University governance defined a security protocol that all the students, staff, and visitors must follow to ensure the prevention and limit the spread of the virus. 

All the guests must:

  • Complete this registration page to have access to the Campus.At the end of this registration, you will receive a QRCode that you will need to enter the buildings. Without this QRCode, you are not allowed to enter the Campus. This is needed to support any COVID tracking activities. 
  • In the registration form, use this data:
    Dates: 06/06/2022 - 10/06/22 (or less if you do not attend all the days). 
    User Category: Visitor
    Destination: Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione ed Elettrica e Matematica Applicata/DIEM
    Reason for entry request: Participation in the IEEE CogSIMA 2022 Conference
  • You need to complete the registration only once, and it will be valid for the entire duration of the conference. If you need help completing the registration, write an email to 
  • Please do not forget to bring the QRCode with you (in your smartphone or printed)
  • On each day, when entering the building, you need to scan your QRCode received at the end of the registration using one of the QRCode scanners located at the University. One of the scanners is just at the entrance of Building E, where you will take the stairs or the elevator to reach Room 152. Our volunteers and staff will show you the procedure. Ask them if you need help.
  • The QRcode should be scanned only once a day, even if you leave and enter again the buildings, or if you enter another building. 
    Please note: without this registration it is impossible to enter the University Campus.
  • Each participant must wear a mask (surgical or FFP2) inside the buildings and rooms. You do not need to wear a mask outside the buildings or inside when there is no crowd. 

In case of doubts about the COVID-19 procedures, please write an email to or ask our volunteers when you will be on the Campus.


Conference Venue

The Conference Venue will be held at the University of Salerno, Via Giovanni Paolo II, 132, Fisciano 84084 (SA). The main sessions will be in Building E, Floor 1, Room 152.

Conference Check In

Check in at the Room 152, 1st Floor of Building E (Blue Building) to obtain your badge, lunches and coffee breaks tickets, welcome reception and banquet tickets, and other gadgets and information. The registration will be open each day before sessions start (during the lunch approx) and during the breaks. 


Registration includes both a lunch and a coffee break a day. 
Due to the University COVID-19 prevention regulations, it is not allowed to eat and drink inside the university rooms. It is possible to eat and drink only at the designated points (cafeteria, coffee shops, restaurants, vending machines, outside the buildings).

Therefore, to respect this policy, both the lunches and coffee breaks will be organized at the "Bar Ingegneria" which is a cafeteria and an Italian bar located in the same building, just downstairs Room 152. You will receive all the info during check-in. 

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception will be held at Mastroberardino Cantine Storiche (a historic winery) in Atripalda (AV) on Monday 6th at 7 pm.

The welcome reception will include:

  • a guided visit to the historical wine cellars, which contains also an art gallery
  • a wine tasting experience with a light dinner buffet

The winery and the historic cellar are in Via Manfredi 75/81 – 83042 Atripalda (AV)

Since the cellar is near the University, we will go there directly from the University after the first conference day (we will depart at about 6.30 or 7.00 pm), without going back to the hotels.
The shuttle bus will transfer the guests from the university to the cellar, and then after the event will accompany guests to the center of Salerno, where they can reach their hotels. 


The banquet will be held at the Saint Joseph Resort on Wednesday, May 8th at 8 pm.
After the conference, the shuttle bus will accompany the guests to the center of Salerno where they can reach their hotels (at 6.30 pm). The bus will then depart from the Salerno City center at 8 pm to reach the resort which is just 15 minutes away.

Hotel and Transfer

We suggest you stay in the center of Salerno to enjoy the city, the seaside, and the attractions, especially in the evening. Here you can find a selection of the suggested hotels.

The conference venue (the University) is located in Fisciano which is about 20 minutes far by bus. However, we will guarantee a free shuttle between Salerno city center (from both Novotel Est Arechi and Salerno Piazza Vittorio Veneto, in front of Salerno Train Station) and the University each day. 

The details about the shuttle bus and the timetable are on this page Venue.

From the terminal bus at the University, you will find both instructions and our volunteer that will guide you to the conference room
There are some exceptions for the days on which we planned tours and banquets. Read below or visit this page

In addition and for the guests who prefer to be autonomous, there are frequent public buses from Salerno City to the University:

  • urban line 7 and line 17 are available from the train station to the Campus of Fisciano and vice versa. The bus company is FSBusItalia.
  • close to the train station you can find the bus stop of Piazza Vittorio Veneto where you can catch the bus to FISCIANO UNIVERSITA’

Tickets can be bought at the train station (for instance, at “tabacs and newspaper” shop, near the entrance).

Further info on how to reach the University Campus in Fisciano is on the university website


Parking is free for University guests. At the campus entrance, you will find instructions to reach the parking. 

At this link, you can find a map of the parking lots. Parking for guests is the ones in dark blue (from P1 to P8). Parking in light blue is for authorized personnel and University staff only.
The nearest parking to the Conference room is P7 or P8. The conference room is near P22. From the parking lot, go toward the light blue building (Building E) where you will find Room 152. 

Virtual Participation

Accessing the Virtual Conference

If you decided to attend the conference remotely, these are the instructions on how to join.

We will use the video-conferencing software Zoom for the virtual conference. If you are not familiar with Zoom, please consult for downloading their free client software, which also offers instructive video tutorials. On most systems, Zoom sessions can easily be joined from one's web browser by opening the URL to this Zoom meeting.

Please refer to the conference program for joining the conference Zoom sessions - each session description contains the URL to the corresponding Zoom session. The URL will be added soon. 

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions.


June 27: The Workshop on Human Subjects Research Environments will be held on July 1, 17:00 - 20:00 (Europe/Rome) online on Zoom

May 23: The final program has been published online
May 22: Online Special Event May 27th: A CogSIMA Discussion Event: We need to bridge the gap between Computational Situation- and Self-Awareness Processes, by Dr. Kirstie Bellman will take place on Zoom, Friday, May 27th, 5 pm CET. Register for the main conference to join the tutorial.

May 22: Online Special Event May 27th: A CogSIMA Discussion Event: We need to bridge the gap between Computational Situation- and Self-Awareness Processes, by Dr. Kirstie Bellman will take place on Zoom, Friday, May 27th, 5 pm CET. Register for the main conference to join the tutorial.
May 12: Online tutorial on May 20th: The tutorial on " Brain-Computer Interfaces for Group Decision Making" will take place on Zoom, on Friday, May 20th, 5 pm CET. Register for the main conference to join the tutorial.
Apr 12: Free tutorial on Apr 29th: The tutorial on " Designing a Human Subjects Research Study Environment Using Minecraft!" will take place on Zoom, on April 29th, 5 pm CET. Register for free to attend the tutorial
Mar 01: Deadline Reminder: Paper submissions are due March 14, 2022 (extended)   Submit your paperhere!
Feb 16: Registration fees have been announced. Early registration deadline is April 30th.

Jan 10: Deadline Reminder: Paper submissions are due Feb 28, 2022
2022 Conference Dates: June 06-10, 2022.
Sep 24: The IEEE CogSIMA official website is online! 



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