Best Papers

The following papers were identified by the session chair and/or co-chair as the best papers of each session:


Beric Skews, Richard Berry and Randall T Paton
Effect of Surface Properties on Shock Wave Reflection

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

José Miguel Peña-Suárez and Joaquin Ortega-Casanova
Thermal Comfort Levels in a Conditioned Environment with Displacement Ventilation and Radiant Cooling Floor Calculated Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Boiling 1

Magdalena Piasecka
Impact of the Surface Enhancement on the Heat Transfer in a Minichannel

Combustion 1

Halleh Mortazavi, Yiran Wang, Zhen Ma and Yang Zhang
The Investigation of CO2 Effect on the Characteristics of Methane Diffusion Flame

Combustion 2

Md Lokman Hosain, Rebei Bel Fdhila, Ulf Sand, Jonas Engdahl, Erik Dahlquist and Hailong Li
CFD Modeling of Real Scale Slab Reheating Furnace

Combustion 3

Sinan Inanli and Tolga Yasa and Abdullah Ulas
Experimental Investigation of Effusion and Film Cooling for Gas Turbine Combustor

Computational Fluid Dynamics 2

Alessandra Adrover
Optimal Heating Protocols in Finite-Length Flat Microchannels: The Effect of Rarefaction, Streamwise Conduction and Viscous Dissipation

Computational Fluid Dynamics 3

Bernd Ameel, Henk Huisseune, Joris Degroote, Bağcı, Sven De Schampheleire, Jan Vierendeels and Michel De Paepe
Comparison Between Metal Foam and Finned Tube Heat Exchangers for HVAC Applications

Convective Heat Transfer 1

Marilize Everts and Josua P Meyer
Comparison of the Heat Transfer Characteristics of Developing and Fully Developed Flow in Smooth Tubes in the Transitional Flow Regime

Convective Heat Transfer 2

Shicheng Xue, Geoffrey Barton, Simon Fleming and Alexander Argyros
The Impact of Capillary Instability and Furnace Operating Conditions on the Fabrication of Drawn Metamaterials

Energy and Environmental Systems

Peter Collings, Mohammed Al-Tameemi and Zhibin Yu
A Combined Organic Rankine Cycle-Heat Pump System for Domestic Hot Water Application

Energy Conversion 1

Peter Collings and Zhibin Yu
Dynamic Organic Rankine Cycle with a Fixed Expansion Ratio Positive Displacement Expander

Energy Conversion 2

Laurent Royon and Daniel Beysens
Micro Grooved Surface Improve Dew Collection

Energy Storage

Paul Sapin, Aly Taleb and Christoph Barfuss, Alexander J. White, Drazen Fabris and Christos N. Markides
Thermodynamic Losses in a Gas Spring: Comparison of Experimental and Numerical Results


Marijn Billiet, Romain Charnay, Rémi Revellin, Lenka Bokisova and Michel De Paepe
Two-phase Heat Transfer Measurements of R254fa At High Saturation Temperatures in Horizontal Mini-channels

Experimental Methods

Andrey Cherdantsev, Jae An, Ivan Zadrazil and Christos N. Markides
An Investigation of Film Wavy Structure in Annular Flow Using Two Simultaneous LIF Approaches

Heat Exchangers 1

Alihan Kaya, Marija Lazova, George Kosmadakis and Michel De Paepe
Evaluation of Heat Transfer Correlations for Helical Coils Based on Measurements of a Solar ORC Operating At Subcritical Conditions

Heat Transfer Enhancement 1

Sebastian Ruck and Frederik Arbeiter
Effects of Rib-Configuration on the Thermal-Hydraulics of One-Sided Heated and Rib-Roughened Cooling Channels

Heat Transfer Enhancement 2

Sven De Schampheleire, Kathleen De Kerpel, Bernd Ameel, Asal Sharif, Özer Bağcı and Michel De Paepe
On the Numerical Simulation of Fins in Natural Convection


Alexandros Charogiannis, Marc Pradas, Fabian Denner, Serafim Kalliadasis, Berend Van Wachem and Christos N. Markides
Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Harmonically Excited Thin-Film Flows: Experiments and Computations

Jets and sprays

Eckehard Specht, I. Sabariman and Yuan Fang
Analytical and Experimental Describing the Heat Transfer in Metal Quenching with Water Sprays and Jets


Zuzana Broučková and Zdeněk Trávníček
Visualization and Heat Transfer Study of a Synthetic Jet Impinging on a Circular Cylinder

Keynote Paper 1

Xianfan Xu
Ultrafast Spectroscopy of Thermal Transport and Energy Conversion

Keynote Paper 2

Koji Takahashi
Experimental Study of Nanobubbles and Nanodroplets on Hydrophilic/Hydrophobic Combined Surfaces

Keynote Paper 3

Andrea Cioncolini
Annular Flow: A Mechanistic Suite of Co-validated Methods for Two-Phase Flow and Boiling/Condensation Heat Transfer

Keynote Paper 4

Luisa F. Cabeza
Numerical Modelling of High Temperature Latent Heat Storage

Keynote Paper 5

AO Arnas
Education - Teaching Teachers to Teach--Thermodynamics

Mass Transfer

Duygu Kocaefe, Xianai Huang and Yasar S. Kocaefe
Study on the Surface Changes of Heat-Treated Aspen Wood Due to Aging by Different Techniques

Measurement and Instrumentation

Sung-Ki Nam, Min-Keon Lee, Yonghan Lee and Sun-Kyu Lee
Investigation on the Calibration for the Membrane Type Heat Flux Sensor Using Micro Heater

Multiphase Flow 1

Sergey Martynov, Wentian Zheng, Solomon Brown and Mahgerefteh Haroun
Numerical Simulation of CO2 Flows in Pipes with Phase Transition Across the Triple Point

Multiphase Flow 2

Francisco Javier Carranza Chavez and Yang Zhang
Single Particle Motion Studies Using Stereo-Vision and Digital Image Processing


Salla Puupponen, Henrika Granbohm, Eero Haimi, Yanling Ge, Tapio Ala-Nissilä and Ari Seppälä
Facile Preparation of Concentrated Silver and Copper Heat Transfer Nanocolloids

Nuclear Energy

Jianjun Xiao, Jack Travis and Maurizio Bottoni
Generalized Draining Film Model (DFM) Equation Set to Execute an Exact Numerical Solution

Non-newtonian Flows

Daniel Freire Caporale, Gustavo Sarasúa, Anton Vernet Peña, Sylvana Varela Ballesta, Gabriel Usera and Cecilia Cabeza
The Interaction Between Two Spheres Falling in a Viscoelastic Fluid

Porous Flow

Sven De Schampheleire, Peter De Jaeger, Kathleen De Kerpel, Bernd Ameel, Henk Huisseune, Özer Bağcı and Michel De Paepe
On the Scatter of Experiments Done with Open-cell Metal Foam in Open Literature

Posters 1

Masahiro Fukui, Shogo Watanabe, Takeshi Omura, Yuuki Kitagawa, Shuji Tsukiyama and Isao Shirakawa
Three-Dimensional Multi-physics Thermal-Analysis System for Electronic Systems

Posters 2

Benjamin Gaume, Frédéric Joly and Olivier Quéméner
Development of a Modal Sub-structuring Method: Application to Thermal Simulations of LNG Carriers

Renewable Energy 1

Shuhei Ishiguro, Tetsuaki Takeda, Shumpei Funatani and Koichi Ichimiya
Performance Evaluation of Ground Source Heat Pump Using Direct Expansion Method

Renewable Energy 2

Steven Lecompte, Bernd Ameel, Martijn van den Broek and Michel De Paepe
Organic Rankine Cycle Part-Load Characterization: Validated Models of an 11 kWe Waste Heat Recovery ORC

Solar Energy 1

Jiangtao Cheng
Electrowetting-Controlled Dual Liquid Prism for Adaptive Beam Steering

Thermal Management and Control

Laura Lanchas-Fuentes, Emilio Diaz-Bejarano, Sandro Macchietto and Francesco Coletti
Management of Cleaning Types and Schedules in Refinery Heat Exchangers

Unsteady Flows

Randall T Paton, Beric Skews and René King
Synchronous Shock Wave Emergence From Intersecting Ducts