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Committees and Chairs

Technical Program Chairs

Technical Program Chair

  Niranjan Suri (US Army Research Laboratory (ARL) & Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC), USA)  
  Qinqing Zhang (Peraton Labs, USA)  

Unclassified Technical Program Chair

  Thomas R Halford (Caliola Engineering, LLC, USA)  
  John M. Shea (University of Florida, USA)  

Unclassified Technical Program Vice Chair

  Michael T. Kurdziel (L3Harris Corporation & Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)  
  Harold Zheng (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, USA)  

Technical Panels Chair

  Bonnie Gorsic (Boeing, USA)  
  Wayne G Phoel (Phoel Technology Solutions LLC & University of Maryland, USA)  

Tutorials Program Chair

  Jerry Brand (Self, USA)  
  Bharat Doshi (US Army CERDEC, USA)  

Publication Chair

  Emre Gunduzhan (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, USA)  

Track #1 Chair

  Andrew C Marcum (Raytheon BBN Technologies, USA)  
  Matthew Valenti (West Virginia University, USA)  

Track #2 Chair

  Clement Kam (Naval Research Laboratory, USA)  
  Mauro Tortonesi (University of Ferrara, Italy)  

Track #3 Chair

  Sherry Wang (Intelligent Automation Inc (IAI), USA)  
  Cliff Zou (University of Central Florida, USA)  

Track #4 Chair

  Eric K Hall (L3Harris Technologis & Communications Systems West, USA)  
  Yalin E Sagduyu (Virginia Tech, USA)  

Track #5 Chair

  Farinaz Koushanfar (UCSD, USA)  
  Ananthram Swami (Army Research Lab., USA)