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Today we are in a world of information society where we are required to be able to create, access, develop, use, and share information and knowledge individually or in groups. A high potential of the community needs to support the ability and carrying capacity of sustainable development and improve the quality of life. Science is an essential key in the development of industry and information society. Smart work is one way to guarantee an increase in living standards. The industry has changed along with the digitization era, which restructured quickly by embedding and connecting among factories. It has produced an industrial revolution and opportunities for the automation of the new industrialization process. At the same time, competition from the outside world is getting tougher by utilizing knowledge content even though sustainable production can be an advantage in the future.

Industry era 4.0 utilizes companies to play the role of digital transformation leaders and to exploit the potential of digitalization. Sustainable production will increase resource efficiency and environmental considerations in competition. This demand will have an impact on solving problems in human life, digital computing, mechanical engineering, electrical, metal, and material engineering, and process engineering, including process complexity, continuous processes in programming, and machine operations. And also it is the basis for supporting interconnection, understanding business and technology, identifying and solving problems, thinking deductively and experimentally, understanding soft skills as well as the importance of technical skills.

We hope that these published papers can play a role in the development of the world by empowering the development of science and technology in the competitive industry 4.0.

Kind Regards,

Ferry Wahyu Wibowo