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On behalf of the committee of the International Conference on Enhanced Research & Industrial Application (ICERIA 2018) that is organized by Indonesia Researcher & Scientist Institute (IRSI) on 17 October 2018 in Eden Hotel, Kuta, Bali, We welcome you. The ICERIA 2018 is the conference event for model-driven software and systems engineering. This conference covers all aspects of modeling, from languages and methods to tools and applications. Hopefully, it could be a connection among researchers, academics, engineers and industrial professionals. This conference is organized by the IRSI in order for the participants to exchange cutting-edge research results and innovative development activities around modeling and model-driven software and systems engineering. This conference provides an opportunity for the modeling community to further advance the foundations of modeling and come up with innovative applications of modeling in emerging areas of cyber-physical and cyber-secure systems, embedded systems, socio-technical systems, cloud computing, big data, security, open source, and sustainability. We hope it can also help the shape of the modeling methods and technologies of thefuture This ye, he theme of this conference is "The Development of Technology & Engineering in The Application and Sustainability of The Environment". This conference is followed by 8 countries which are Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Srilanka, Australia, Morocco, Japan, and India. It has 41 accepted papers and 32 rejected papers. So this conference has an acceptance ratio of 56.16%. With this conference, we hope you have an enjoyable conference and a great time in Bali, Indonesia. Thank you