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Call For Paper

On behalf of the committee, we proudly announce you that the Indonesia Researcher and Scientist Institute (IRSI - is going to organize the 2018 International Conference on Enhanced Research and Industrial Application (ICERIA 2018 - which will take place from 17 - 18 October 2018 at The Eden Hotel, Kuta in Bali, Indonesia.

The paper contributions related to all aspects of model-driven engineering are cordially invited to the ICERIA 2018. This conference will cover all aspects of modeling, from languages and methods to tools and applications. Hopefully, it could be a connection among researchers, academics, engineers and industrial professionals. This conference is organized by the IRSI for participants to exchange cutting-edge research results and innovative development activities.

This conference will provide an opportunity for the modeling community to further advance the foundations of modeling, and come up with innovative applications of modeling in emerging areas of the development of technology and engineering in the application and sustainability of the environment. We invite you to join us at ICERIA 2018 at The Eden Hotel, Kuta in Bali, Indonesia and to help shape the modeling methods and technologies of the future!

Authors are invited to submit full papers describing original research. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to the following tracks:

TRACK 1 Software and System Engineering

  • New paradigms, formalisms, applications, approaches, frameworks, or processes for model-driven engineering
  • Evaluation and comparison of modeling languages, techniques, and tools
  • Definition of the syntax and semantics of modeling and model transformation languages
  • Definition, usage, and analysis of generative and re-engineering approaches
  • Definition of the syntax and semantics of modeling and model transformation languages
  • Integration of modeling languages and tools (hybrid multi-modeling approaches)
  • Modeling in software engineering; applications of models to address general software engineering challenges
  • Tools, meta-tools and language workbenches for model-driven engineering, including model management aspects

TRACK 2 Construction Management and Engineering

  • Building Industrialisation, Prefabrication and Modular Construction
  • Geographic Information System
  • Advances in Construction Project Management
  • Sustainable Construction and Green Buildings
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management in Construction
  • Water efficiency and saving in building
  • Heritage Conservation
  • Building Information Modelling
  • Urban Planning, Design and Development
  • Urban Transportation Systems Planning
  • Management of Infrastructure Projects
  • Energy efficiency and saving in building

TRACK 3 Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering

  • Computer-aided design (CAD)
  • Computer integrated manufacturing (CIM)
  • Micromilling and micro-drilling
  • Virtual mechatronics
  • Marine Engineering
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Life cycle assessment and management
  • Computer-aided process planning
  • Precision engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Electromechanical System Engineering

TRACK 4 Bioengineering & Biotechnology

  • Bioenergy, Biofuels, Biorefinery and Biogas Technology
  • Biotechnology in Medical and Health Care
  • Bioremediation and Biodegradation
  • Biochemistry and Biochemical Engineering
  • Environmental Biotechnology and Materials Engineering
  • Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology
  • Bio-Instrumentation Techniques
  • Plant and Animal Biotechnology and Cell Culture
  • Biomaterials and Biomechanics
  • Industrial Biotechnology and Fermentation techniques
  • Food and Nutrition Biotechnology
  • Biology & Biotechnology of Reproduction

TRACK 5 Electrical & Electronics Engineering

  • Wireless Technology
  • Autonomous robotics and transportation
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Reactive systems
  • Distributed embedded systems
  • Autonomous and decentralized services
  • Modeling and simulation of autonomous services
  • VLSI
  • Sensor Technology
  • Networked health and medical systems
  • Intelligent home control
  • Antenna



Early Bird

Paper Submission: 15 July 2018 Acceptance Notification: 30 July 2018 Registration: 12 August 2018 Final Manuscript Deadline: 15 August 2018


Paper Submission: 30 September 2018 Acceptance Notification: 8 October 2018 Registration: 11 October 2018 Final Manuscript Deadline: 13 October 2018


Submission Format:

All papers those have been accepted and presented will be included in the Scopus Journal. This conference accepts a full paper of completed work only. We encourage submission of full papers to be presented at the ICERIA 2018 conference (15 minutes presentation). Please make your paper has at least 20% of plagiarism checking without citation.

The authors will get the abstract paper only in a memory stick until it has been published in the Scopus Journal. We are also asking for any transfer of copyrights to be submitted to Scopus journal for publication. All papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed.

Please download the Scopus paper template at

Please submit full papers to the Conference website address

We are looking forward to seeing you on 17 - 18 October 2018 in Bali, Indonesia. If you don't mind, please forward this email to your colleagues. Thank you

Kind Regards,

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