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Papers by title

Ctop C D E F I O Q S T

Compiling Adiabatic Quantum Programs

Dtop C D E F I O Q S T

Design and Implementation of A Practical Quantum Secure Direct Communication System

Etop C D E F I O Q S T

Encoding of quantum stabilizer codes over qudits with \(d=p^k\)

Error Probability Derivation in a Phonon-based Quantum Channel

Ftop C D E F I O Q S T

Finite-Key Effects in Quantum Access Networks with Wireless links

Free-space Optical Quantum BPSK Communications in Turbulent Channels

Itop C D E F I O Q S T

Inter-Symbol-Interference Reduction in Continuous Variable QKD using Equalization

Otop C D E F I O Q S T

Optimizing Geometry Compression using Quantum Annealing

Qtop C D E F I O Q S T

Quantum backscatter communication with photon number states

Quantum Communications via Satellite with Photon Subtraction

Quantum Mem-Computing for Design and Test

Quantum Walks with Entangled Coins and Walkers in Superposition

Quantum-based Amplitude Modulation Radio Receiver Using Rydberg Atoms

Stop C D E F I O Q S T

Secure Key Throughput of Intermittent Trusted-Relay QKD Protocols

Single-photon faithful transmission using error-rejection coding in quantum communications

Ttop C D E F I O Q S T

Time-Correlated Markovian Quantum Channels