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Papers by title

Atop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

A Campaign Mining in Social Media using Improved K-Means: The Perspective of Candidate President's Mission

A Comparative Study of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms for Fake Review Detection

A Comparison of Distributed, PAM, and Trie Data Structure Dictionaries in Automatic Spelling Correction for Indonesian Formal Text

A Comparison of LSTM and BiLSTM for Forecasting of Air Quality Index and Meteorological Conditions in Jakarta

A Flexible Lungs Shape Radiator Structure Printed on a Textile Materials

A New Deep Learning-Based Mobile Application for Komering Character Recognition

A Novel Method for Predicting Smart Grid Stability Via DNN and Hybrid Ensemble Strategy

A Novel Subtraction Method for Signal Fluctuation

A Recommendation Model of REST API Testing Framework Based On Resource Utilization of ISO / IEC 25010

A Scrutinized Outliers Rate for One Class Classification of Green Landscape

Ability of Detuned Reactors and Harmonic Filters to Improve Power Quality in Hybrid AC/DC Power Systems

Age Detection of Catfish Breeding Based on Size Using The YOLO V3

Age Estimation from Face Image using Discrete Cosine Transform Feature and Artificial Neural Network

An Ensemble Model for Software Development Cost Estimation

Analysis of Community Satisfaction with the Use of Peduli Lindung Applications During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Aspect based Extraction of Implicit Opinions using Opinion Co-occurrence Algorithm

Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis in Tourism Industry for Tourism Recommender System

Btop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Balancing Control Strategy of Lithium-Ion using Proportional Derivative-Fuzzy Logic Controller

Bitcoin Investment Instrument in Indonesia: The Impact of Perceived Risk and Benefit on Investor Behaviour

Ctop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Camera-based Object Detection and Identification using YOLO Method for Indonesian Search And Rescue Robot Competition

Canned Food Surface Defect Classification Using YOLOv4

Chronic Disease Prediction using Data Mining and Machine Learning's Algorithm

Classification And Clustering Performances on The Protocol of The Wireless Sensor Network - Chimpanzee Leader Election Optimization

Classification of Sentiment Analysis Against Omnibus Law on Twitter Social Media and News Websites Using the Naïve Bayes Method

Classification of Tsunami Warning Level using Artificial Neural Network and its Comparison in Southern Java Region

Cluster selection technique with fuzzy logic-based wireless sensor network to increase the lifetime of networks

Combination Of Markov Random Field And K-Means Clustering In Water Bacteria Image Segmentation

Combining Support Vector Machine - Fast Fourier Transform (SVM - FFT) For Improving Accuracy on Broken Bearing Diagnosis

Comparative Analysis of Bone Age Assessment Techniques using Hand X-Ray Images and Gender Feature

Comparison of Model in Predicting Customer Churn Based on Users' habits on E-Commerce

Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles - Semantic Segmentation using Jetson Nano

Congestion Control in VANETs based on Message Rate Adaptation by the Exponential Function

Consumer Intention to Use Online Food Delivery Ordering (OFDO) Services In Indonesia: The Impact Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Conveyor Frame Simulation of Magnetic Separator Machine for Recycling Lithium-Ion Batteries Model 18650

Critical Success Factor Using Career-Oriented Social Networking Site (CSNS) for Fresh Graduates

Dtop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Data Mining Using C4.5 Algorithm in Predicting Student Graduation

Deep Learning Approach based Classification of Alzheimer's Disease Using Brain MRI

Design and Building a Stair-lift Prototype for Disabilities at Bandung Institute of Technology

Design and Implementation of Hybrid Equalization Battery Management System for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Design of Wearable Device for Monitoring the Position of A Person with Dementia

Detecting the Effect of Internet Skill and e-Leadership on Productivity of Working from Home

Detection of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Subtypes using YOLO and Mask R-CNN

Determination of Attack Points on IoT Devices based on Particle Swarm Optimization to Support Intrusion Prevention System

Determination of COVID-19 Transmission Status in East Java Using the Fuzzy Inference System

Determination of Relevant Feature Combinations For Detection Stunting Status of Toddlers

Development Education of Blind Adaptive Data Rate for LoRaWAN Network on Mobile Node

Development of Learning Media for The Deaf Using a Webcam

Development of Website for COVID-19 Detection on Chest X-Ray Images

Dry Cannabis Detection by Using Portable Electronic Nose

Etop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

E-Service Quality, Trust and Perceived Value Impact on Customer Satisfaction

Edge Classification of Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Levels Based On Photoplethysmography Signals

Effect of Signal Shape Modulation on Received Power Efficiency in Wireless Power Transfer Systems Using Radio Frequency

Energy Efficiency Management with Smart Outdoor Lighting System (SOLS)

Evaluation of Short Circuit Fault Current in Selayar Island Power System after Connecting to Photovoltaic

Evaluation of State of Charge Estimation of Lithium-ion Batteries using Deep Learning

Evaluation with NIST Statistical Test on Pseudorandom Number Generators based on DMP-80 and DMP-128

Extreme Learning Machine for Hourly Water Level Forecast in Madura Coastal Area

Ftop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Face Recognition and Face Spoofing Detector for Attendance System

Facial expression in tourism destinations using a deep learning approach

Factors Affecting Purchase Intention In Social Commerce

Formal Analysis and Improvement of Zero-Knowledge Password Authentication Protocol

Gtop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Gabor Filter-Based Caries Image Feature Analysis Using Machine Learning

Gamelan Melodic Phrase Representation based on The Question-and-Answer Segmentation Rule

Gaussian Mixture Model in Dynamic Background of Video Sequences for Human Detection

Google Trends Data About Mental Health During COVID-19 Pandemic Using Time Series Regression

Itop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Identification of Macro-Nutrient Deficiency in Onion Leaves (Allium cepa L.) Using Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

Identification of Musaceae Species using YOLO Algorithm

Imbalanced Text Classification based on Corporate Culture by using Support Vector Machine, Case Study: PT XYZ, Indonesia

Impact Of Celebrity Attractiveness and Celebrity Credibility on Digital Brand Awareness on Perceived Celebrity Digital Branding

Impact of Power and Expertise on Perceived Celebrity Credibility on Digital Brand Awareness

Implementation Brute Force-KNN Method for Scholarship Program Selection

Implementation of FCL in Hybrid AC/DC Distribution Network System

Implementation of IoT Sensored Data Integrity for Irrigation in Precision Agriculture Using Blockchain Ethereum

Implementing Machine Learning in Students Qur'an Memorization Prediction

Improving Parallel Pattern Discovery from Directly Follows Graph Model

InceptionV3, ResNet50, and VGG19 Performance Comparison on Tomato Ripeness Classification

Information Security Evaluation Using the Information Security Index: A Case Study in Indonesia

Information Services Financing Scheme Model with Marginal Costs and Supervisory Costs for Modified Cobb-Douglas and Linear Utility Functions

IP Hash Algorithm Optimization Analysis On P4 Using The Round Robin Algorithm

Irrigation Management: A Pilot Study for Automatic Water Level Measurement and Report System Development Using Machine Learning Associated with Modified Images

Ktop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

K-Means Clustering Based on Distance Measures: Stunting Prevalence Clustering in South Kalimantan

Ltop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Latency and RAM Usage Comparison of Advanced and Lightweight Service Mesh

Mtop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Machine Learning Model using Times Series Analytics for Prediction of ATM Transactions

Machine Learning Models for Classifying Imbalanced Class Datasets Using Ensemble Learning

Mathematical Model of Traffic Management-Perfect Substitute-Selfish User Scheme

Mitigating electrical energy cost for residential building based on wall composition

Mobile Robot-Ackerman Steering Navigation Using Localization based on Kalman Filter and PID Controller

Modeling Sales Person Performance Based On Sales Data Clustering

Multiple Climacteric Fruits Classification by Using Machine Learning Approach

Ntop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Network Quality Prediction with QoS and QoE Data for Digital Television Using WebGIS

NLP Text Classification for COVID-19 Automatic Detection from Radiology Report in Indonesian Language

NOMA Implementation in OFDM-MIMO-VLC Network Serving 9 User Equipments

Otop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Opinion-based sentiment analysis related to 2024 Indonesian Presidential Election on YouTube

Optimal Coordination PID-PSS Control Based on Craziness Particle Swarm Optimization In Sulselrabar System

Optimal Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Vehicle using Frenet Reference Path

Optimization of Feature Extraction in Indonesian Speech Recognition Using PCA and SVM Classification

Outdoor Social Distancing Violation System Detection using YOLO Algorithm

Ptop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Performance evaluation and analysis of LBP utilization in face spoofing detection with deep learning

Position Control System On Autonomous Electric Vehicle Movement Using Fuzzy Logic Methods

Power Consumption Optimization for Monitoring System using NB-IoT

Predicting Computer Science Student's Performance using Logistic Regression

Predicting Halal Critical Control Points of Microbial-based Ingredients: A Self-Assessment for MSMEs

Predicting Potential Blood Donors Who Can Attend Blood Donation Activities using a Support Vector Machine

Prediction analysis of Diabetes Mellitus Based on Machine Learning Algorithm

Prediction of Perceived Synthesized Speech Quality with Wav2Vec2 Features on Small Dataset

Product Placement Across Digital Media: The Impact of Prominence, Modality, and Plot Connection toward Brand Recall on Korean Drama ‘Business Proposal'

Proposed Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Developing Higher Education

Protecting Smart Homes: Attack Scenarios, Risks & Threat Modeling

Stop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Secure User Management Gateway for Microservices Architecture APIs using Keycloak on XYZ

Sentiment Analysis of Airline Ticket and Hotel Booking of Traveloka Using Support Vector Machine

Sentiment Analysis Using Learning Vector Quantization Method

Sequential Topic Modelling: A Case Study on One Health Conversation on Twitter

Simulation and Experimentation of Fire Fighting with Early Detection Based on MobileNetV2

Smart Economy Implementation in Supporting SMEs Growth: Case Study in Indonesia & Malaysia Smart Cities

Solving Agricultural Route Planning with Improved Particle Swarm Optimization

Sustainability at Branchless Banking Service

Synergizing Digital Competence and Teamwork for Accelerating Workforce Agility

Ttop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Task Allocation and Path Planning Method For Multi-Autonomous Forklift Navigation

Text Classification for Edentulous and Comorbids Disease Systematic Literature Review based on Machine Learning Algorithm

Text to Image Latent Diffusion Model with Dreambooth Fine Tuning for Automobile Image

The Analysis of Attacks against Port 80 Webserver with SIEM Wazuh Using Detection and OSCAR Methods

The Data Leakage Sentiment Analysis Using Naive Bayes Algorithm Based on Machine Learning Approach

The Effect of E-Commerce and Purchase Effectiveness on Student Learning

The EfficientNet Performance For Facial Expressions Recognition

The Factors Affect Customer Interest in using Mobile Banking in Indonesia

The Impact of Video Advertising's Information Quality Content and Risk on Customer Trust and Intention to Buy during the Covid

The Implementation of UTAUT-2 in Cashback Program on E-Commerce Platform

The Quality Measurement of Digital Television during Television Migration Session in Sub-Urban Area

Tomato Ripeness and Size Classification Using Image Processing

Towards Robust Diabetic Retinopathy Classifier Using Natural Gradient Langevin Dynamics

Training Deep Energy-Based Models Through Cyclic Stochastic Gradient Langevin Dynamics

Trajectory Tracking of Autonomous Vehicle That Uses State Feedback Linearization with Ackerman Methode and Observer Feedback

Transformer Model Fine-Tuning for Indonesian Automated Essay Scoring with Semantic Textual Similarity

Twitter Data Sentiment Analysis of COVID-19 Vaccination using Machine Learning

Twitter-based Sentiment Analysis for Indonesian Drug Products using Supervised Feature Engineering

Two-Dimensional Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for More Sources Than Sensors

Utop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Underwater Wireless Optical Communication Using Li-Fi Technology In Data Transmission

Usage of LSTM Method On Hand Gesture Recognition For Easy Learning of Sign Language Based On Desktop Via Webcam

Vtop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Variance-Based Geometric Feature Selection for Face Recognition System

Virtual Reality as A Social Learning Tools For Individuals with Autism

Wtop A B C D E F G I K L M N O P S T U V W

Why Do People Want to Buy Green Cosmetics? Exploring The Role of Social Media and Motivation

Wireless Ad hoc Networks on Motorcycle Ride-Hailing Services: A Comparative Analysis of 802.11n and 802.11p