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To honorable,

  • Dr. Domenico Santaniello, Associate Professor from University of Salerno ITALY
  • Dr. Zilu Liang, Associate from Kyoto University of Advanced Science, JAPAN
  • Director General of Higher Education, Research and Technology (Prof. Ir Nizam, M.sc, DIC, Ph.D., IPU, Asean Eng.),
  • Head of Region 4 Higher Education Service Foundation and staff,
  • Rector Krisnadwipayana University Education Staff,
  • Researchers and Conference Attendees,
Assalamualaikum WR. WB. I hope you are safe and health today.

Firstly, let us say thank you to almighty God for his blessings and grace, we can gather in this room together or in this time by virtual, although under the condition of COVID-19 Pandemic, we are still be given strength, health, and chance to be capable of participating in the 2021 International Seminar on Machine Learning, Optimization, and Data Science (2021 ISMODE).

At this moment, I am as a Dean of Krisnadwipayana University, I would like to welcome you to International Conference, I apologize that this conference was held virtually because the COVID-19 Pandemic has not ended yet. However, we must do this conference very well.

Nevertheless, we never give up on this situation, hopefully, the enthusiasm of the research can convey the best things to all participants and can be seen from the numbers of research articles sent to us.

We feel so proud and grateful good participation of researchers who have been willing to join their research results, for publishing in this International Conference, I would like to say thank you very much to the plenary speakers and IEEE Indonesia Section, who have believed and given strong support to this conference from the beginning.

I personally hope for the next year, when the COVID-19 will have ended, we could meet again warmly and join conferences from researchers.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the end of my speech, I would like to sincerely apologize for any inconveniences during this meeting.

Thank you very much for your kind attention and Wassalamualaikum WR WB.
Thank you

Jakarta, 29 January 2022

Dr. Harjono