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R1: Opening reception

P1: Yonina Eldar: Xampling at the Rate of Innovation: Correlations, Nonlinearities, and Bounds

MA1: Special Session: Applications of Statistical Signal Processing to Geophysical/Petrophysical Data Acquisition and Processing

Analysis of Real Vector Fields on the Sphere Using Slepian Functions
Alain Plattner, Frederik J. Simons and Liying Wei
Incorporating Spatial Structure Into Hyperspectral Scene Analysis
Joshua Ash and Joseph Meola
A Heuristic Bayesian Design Criterion for Imaging Resolution Enhancement
Mohamed Khodja, Michael Prange and Hugues Djikpesse
Robust Detection of Weak Acoustic Signals in Noise Using Near Optimal Shrinkage in Radon Domain
Shuchin Aeron, Sandip Bose and Henri Pierre Valero
A Mixture of Experts Based Discretization Approach for Characterizing Subsurface Contaminant Source Zones
Bilal Ahmed, Itza Mendoza-Sanchez, Roni Khardon, Linda Abriola and Eric L Miller
A Localized Ensemble Kalman Smoother
Mark D. Butala
Approximate Message Passing Meets Exploration Seismology
Felix J. Herrmann
Reconstruction of Seismic Data Via Tensor Completion
Nadia Kreimer and Mauricio D. Sacchi

MA2: Intentionally blank

MA3: Sparse Models and Applications I

Maximum Likelihood Based Sparse and Distributed Conjoint Analysis
Efthymios Tsakonas, Joakim Jaldén, Nicholas Sidiropoulos and Björn Ottersten
Preprocessing for Classification of Sparse Data: Application to Trajectory Recognition
Aurélien Mayoue, Quentin Barthélemy, Sébastien Onis and Anthony Larue
Distributed Informative Sensor Determination Via Sparsity-Cognizant Matrix Decomposition
Ioannis Schizas
Bayesian Hypothesis Test for Sparse Support Recovery Using Belief Propagation
Jaewook Kang, Heung-No Lee and Kiseon Kim
Exact Recovery of Low-rank Plus Compressed Sparse Matrices
Morteza Mardani, Gonzalo Mateos and Georgios B. Giannakis
Correlation-Aware Techniques for Sparse Support Recovery
Piya Pal and P. p. Vaidyanathan

MA4: Estimation Theory I

Sequential Bayesian Estimation with Censored Data
Yujiao Zheng, Ruixin Niu and Pramod Varshney
Wiener Filtering of Rotation Processes Using Ordered Exponential
Jérémie Boulanger, Nicolas Le Bihan and Jonathan H. Manton
Reducing the Gap Between Linear Biased Classical and Linear Bayesian Estimation
Lisha Fu-Mueller, Michael Lunglmayr and Mario Huemer
Multifractal Analysis of Self-Similar Processes
Herwig Wendt, Stephane Jaffard and Patrice Abry
The Relationship Between Transfer Entropy and Directed Information
Ying Liu and Selin Aviyente
An ESPRIT-Based Parameter Estimator for Spectroscopic Data
Erik Gudmundson, Petter Wirfält, Andreas Jakobsson and Magnus Jansson

MA5: Array Signal Processing

Robust Prior-based Direction of Arrival Estimation
Petter Wirfält and Magnus Jansson
Steering Vector Estimation and Beamforming Under Uncertainties
Bin Liao, Shing-Chow Chan, Kai Man Tsui and Yijing Chu
Uniform Rectangular Time Reversal Arrays: Joint Azimuth and Elevation Estimation
Mohammad Sajjadieh and Amir Asif
Oblique Projection Beamforming for RFI Mitigation in Radio Astronomy
Gregory Hellbourg, Rodolphe Weber, Cecile Capdessus and Albert Jan Boonstra
An Iterative, Backscatter-Analysis Based Algorithm for Increasing Transmission Through a Highly-Backscattering Random Medium
Curtis Jin, Raj Rao Nadakuditi, Eric Michielssen and Steve Rand
Fast Tests for the Common Causality of Time-Of-Arrival Events From Their Mutual Minkowski Distances
Stephen D Howard and Songsri Sirianunpiboon

MA6: Signal Processing on Graphs

Causal Conditioning and Instantaneous Coupling in Causality Graphs
Pierre-Olivier Amblard and Olivier Michel
Graph Entropy Rate Minimization and the Compressibility of Undirected Binary Graphs
Marcos Bolanos, Selin Aviyente and Hayder Radha
Toward Matched Filter Optimization for Subgraph Detection in Dynamic Networks
Benjamin A. Miller and Nadya T Bliss
Dynamic Network Summarization Using Convex Optimization
Ali Mutlu and Selin Aviyente
Dynamic Network Kriging
Ketan Rajawat, Emiliano Dall'Anese and Georgios B. Giannakis
Of the Largest Eigenvalue for Modularity-Based Partitioning
Yu-Teng Chang, Dimitrios Pantazis and Leahy Richard M.

P2: Robert Ghrist: Topological signal processing

MB1: Special Session: Signal Processing Theory and Method on Graphs and Networks

On Hard Limits of Eigen-Analysis Based Planted Clique Detection
Raj Rao Nadakuditi
A Windowed Graph Fourier Transform
David Shuman, Benjamin Ricaud and Pierre Vandergheynst
Identifying Online Communities of Interest Using Side Information
Christopher S Leberknight, Ali Tajer, Mung Chiang and Vincent Poor
Graph-Wavelet Filterbanks for Edge-Aware Image Processing
Sunil K. Narang, Yung Hsuan Chao and Antonio Ortega
Transitivity Matrix of Social Network Graphs
Mohammad Aghagolzadeh, Iman Barjasteh and Hayder Radha

MB2: Special Session: Value of Information and Distributed Signal Processing I

A Comparison of Information Theoretic Functions for Tracking Maneuvering Targets
Wenjie Lu, Gxuoxian Zhang and Silvia Ferrari
Multistage Adaptive Estimation of Sparse Signals
Dennis Wei and Alfred Hero III
An Obfuscation Framework for Controlling Value of Information During Sharing
Supriyo Chakraborty, Kasturi Rangan Raghavan, Mani B. Srivastava, Chatschik Bisdikian and Lance Kaplan
Active Learning for Large-Scale Factor Analysis
Jorge Silva and Lawrence Carin
Diffusion LMS for Source and Process Estimation in Sensor Networks
Reza Abdolee, Benoit Champagne and Ali H. Sayed
A Gossip-based Distributed Processing Algorithm for Multiple Transmitter Localization
Jaime Almodovar and Jill Nelson

MB3: Sparse Models and Applications II

Efficient Block and Time-Recursive Estimation of Sparse Volterra Systems
Stefan I Adalbjörnsson, George-Othon Glentis and Andreas Jakobsson
Equivalence of Synthesis and Atomic Formulations of Sparse Recovery
Mitra Fatemi, Shayan Dashmiz, Mohammad Hossein Shafinia and Volkan Cevher
Discriminative Sparse Image Representation for Classification Based on a Greedy Algorithm
Suhaily Cardona-Romero and Selin Aviyente
Matrix ALPS: Accelerated Low Rank and Sparse Matrix Reconstruction
Anastasios Kyrillidis and Volkan Cevher
Fast OMP: Reformulating OMP Via Iteratively Refining L2-Norm Solutions
Sung-Hsien Hsieh, Chun-Shien Lu and Soo-Chang Pei
Estimating Period From Sparse, Noisy Timing Data
Barry Quinn, Robby G. McKilliam and Vaughan Clarkson

MB4: Adaptive Systems and Signal Processing I

Bayesian Estimation of Forgetting Factor in Adaptive Filtering and Change Detection
Václav Šmídl and Fredrik Gustafsson
Subband Adaptive Convex Combination of Two NLMS Based Filters for Sparse Impulse Response Systems
Sang-Wook Sohn, Jeongkyu Lee, KyeongPyo Lee, Hun Choi and Hyeon-Deok Bae
Adaptive Filtering in the Presence of Outliers
Olivier Besson and Stéphanie Bidon
LMS in Prominent System Subspace for Fast System Identification
Yu Rongshan, Ying Song and Susanto Rahardja
Adaptive Filtering for Lightning Electric Field (LEF) Signals in Fractional Fourier Domain
Herbert E. Rojas and Camilo A Cortes
Boosting Quantization for Lp Norm Distortion Measure
Liming Wang, Nicola Piotto and Dan Schonfeld

MB5: Imaging Theory and Methods

Accelerated Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reconstruction Using Joint Estimation with a Sparse Signal Model
Daniel S Weller, Jonathan Polimeni, Leo Grady, Lawrence Wald, Elfar Adalsteinsson and Vivek K Goyal
Alternating Minimization Approach for Multi-frame Image Reconstruction
Jang Hwan Cho, Sathish Ramani and Jeff Fessler
Regularized Hyperalignment of Multi-set fMRI Data
Hao Xu, Alexander Lorbert, Peter J Ramadge, Swaroop Guntupalli and James Haxby
fMRI Activation Detection Using a Variant of Akaike Information Criterion
Abd-krim Seghouane
The Value of Multispectral Observations in Photon-Limited Quantitative Tissue Analysis
Zachary Harmany, Xin Jiang and Rebecca Willett
Nonparametric Methods for Full-Waveform Ladar Images
Eric Buschelman and Richard K. Martin

MB6: Monte Carlo Methods

Bayesian Model Comparison Via Path-Sampling Sequential Monte Carlo
Yan Zhou, Adam M. Johansen and John Aston
Distributed State Estimation for Large-scale Nonlinear Systems: A Reduced Order Particle Filter Implementation
Arash Mohammadi and Amir Asif
Joint Bayesian Decomposition of a Spectroscopic Signal Sequence with RJMCMC
Vincent Mazet, Sylvain Faisan, Antoine Masson, Marc-André Gaveau, Lionel Poisson and Jean-Michel Mestdagh
Implementation of the Daum-Huang Exact-Flow Particle Filter
Tao Ding and Mark Coates
Estimation of Posterior Distributions with Population Monte Carlo Sampling and Graphical Modeling
Petar M. Djurić and Çağla Taşdemir

MC1: Special Session: Distributed Synchronization, Localization and Beamforming

Reference-Aided Distributed Transmit Beamforming with Mobile Radios
Troy Stevens and Keith Kastella
Receiver-Coordinated Zero-Forcing Distributed Transmit Nullforming
Donald R. Brown, III, Patrick Bidigare, Soura Dasgupta and Upamanyu Madhow
Initial Over-the-Air Performance Assessment of Ranging and Clock Synchronization Using Radio Frequency Signal Exchange
Patrick Bidigare, David Raeman, Scott Pruessing, Dzulkifli S. Scherber, Upamanyu Madhow and Raghuraman Mudumbai
Frequency Estimation in the Presence of Cycle Slips: Filter Banks and Error Bounds for Phase Unwrapping
Keith Kastella, Raghuraman Mudumbai and Troy Stevens
A Distributed Consensus Approach to Synchronization of RF Signals
Muhammad Mahboob Ur Rahman, Soura Dasgupta and Raghuraman Mudumbai
Loss Characterization of Distributed Space-Time Transmit Beamforming with Embedded Channel Probing
Adam R. Margetts, Eric Torkildson and Daniel W. Bliss

MC2: Special Session: Value of Information and Distributed Signal Processing II

Sensor Selection in Adversarial Setting
Emre Ertin
The Value of Information in Constrained Parametric Models
Terrence J. Moore and Brian Sadler
Maximum-entropy Surrogation in Network Signal Detection
Douglas Cochran, Stephen D Howard, Bill Moran and Harry Schmitt
Theoretical Guarantees on Penalized Information Gathering
Georgios Papachristoudis and John W. Fisher III
On-Line Gossip-Based Distributed Expectation Maximization Algorithm
Gemma Morral, Pascal Bianchi and Jérémie Jakubowicz
Correlated Observations in Distributed Detection Systems
Hamidreza Ahmadi and Azadeh Vosoughi
Diffusion Networks Outperform Consensus Networks
Sheng-Yuan Tu and Ali H. Sayed

MC3: Sparse Models and Applications III

Non-Line-of-Sight Localization Using Low-rank + Sparse Matrix Decomposition
Venkatesan Nallampatti Ekambaram and Kannan Ramchandran
Sparse FIR Estimation of Low-Order Systems
Qing Ling, Wei Shi, Gang Wu and Zhi Tian
A Generalized Framework for Learning and Recovery of Structured Sparse Signals
Justin Ziniel, Sundeep Rangan and Philip Schniter
Sample Complexity of Salient Feature Identification for Sparse Signal Processing
Cem Aksoylar, George Atia and Venkatesh Saligrama
Localization and Bearing Estimation Via Structured Sparsity Models
Marco F Duarte
Beyond L1-Norm Minimization for Sparse Signal Recovery
Hassan Mansour

MC4: Adaptive Systems and Signal Processing II

Theoretical Discussion of the Filtered-X LMS Algorithm Based on Statistical Mechanical Analysis
Seiji Miyoshi and Yoshinobu Kajikawa
Extended UFIR Filtering of Nonlinear Models Corrupted by White Gaussian Noise
Oscar Ibarra-Manzano, Felipe Ramirez-Echeverria and Yuriy S. Shmaliy
Studies of Optimal Memory for Discrete-Time FIR Filters in State-Space
Felipe Ramirez-Echeverria, Amadou Sarr, Oscar Ibarra-Manzano and Yuriy S. Shmaliy
Lag-Recursive Estimation of the Average Autocorrelation of an Arbitrarily Time-Variant System Response
Lang Peng and Hanoch Lev-Ari

MC5: Speech Signal Processing

Speech Enhancement Combined with Dereverberation and Acoustic Echo Reduction for Time Varying Systems
Masahito Togami and Yohei Kawaguchi
A New Regularized TVAR-based Algorithm for Recursive Detection of Nonstationarity and Its Application to Speech Signals
Yijing Chu, Shing-Chow Chan, Zhiguo Zhang and Kai Man Tsui
Phase Difference of Filter-stable Part-tones as Acoustic Feature
Zoltán Tüske, Friedhelm Drepper and Ralf Schlüter
BaNa: A Hybrid Approach for Noise Resilient Pitch Detection
He Ba, Na Yang, Ilker Demirkol and Wendi Heinzelman
Audio Forensics Using Acoustic Environment Traces
Hong Zhao and Hafiz Malik

MC6: Information Forensics and Security

Probabilistic Reasoning for Streaming Anomaly Detection
Kevin M Carter and William Streilein
Relay Selection and Scaling Law in Destination Assisted Physical Layer Secrecy Systems
Yupeng Liu and Athina Petropulu
System State Estimation in the Presence of False Information Injection
Ruixin Niu and Lauren Huie
Outage Constrained Secrecy Rate Maximization Using Cooperative Jamming
Shuangyu Luo, Jiangyuan Li and Athina Petropulu
New Statistic in P-value Estimation for Anomaly Detection
Jing Qian and Venkatesh Saligrama

P3: Robert Nowak: Adaptive Sensing and Active Learning

TA1: Special Session: Challenges in High-Dimensional Learning

The Performance of Deterministic Matched Subspace Detectors When Using Subspaces Estimated From Noisy, Missing Data
Nicholas Asendorf, Raj Tejas Suryaprakash and Raj Rao Nadakuditi
Sequentially Designed Compressed Sensing
Jarvis D. Haupt, Richard Baraniuk, Rui Castro and Robert Nowak
Sensing Aware Dimensionality Reduction for Nearest Neighbor Classification of High Dimensional Signals
Zachary Sun, William Karl, Prakash Ishwar and Venkatesh Saligrama
Fast Global Convergence of Gradient Methods for Solving Regularized M-estimation
Alekh Agarwal, Sahand Negahban and Martin J. Wainwright
Simple Algorithms for Sparse Linear Regression with Uncertain Covariates
Yudong Chen and Constantine Caramanis
Greedy Dirty Models: A New Algorithm for Multiple Sparse Regression
Ali Jalali and Sujay Sanghavi

TA2: Intentionally Blank

TA3: Biological and Biomedical Applications

Muscle Activity Detection From Myoelectric Signals Based on the AR-GARCH Model
Ghulam Rasool, Nidhal Bouaynaya and Kamran Iqbal
A Wavelet Clustering Technique for the Identification of Functionally Connected Regions in the Rat Brain Using Resting State fMRI
Alessio Medda, Lukas Hoffmann, Martha Willis, Matthew Magnuson and Shella D Keilholz
Comparison of Gaussian Process Models for Single-Trial Event-Related Potentials
Maria Rosario Mestre and William Fitzgerald
Accelerated Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
Morteza Ibrahimi, Andrea Montanari and George S Moore
Describing the Structure of a Macro Molecular Complex as a Random Signal in Noise and a Maximum Likelihood Reconstruction
Qiu Wang and Peter C. Doerschuk
EEG Signal Classification with Super-Dirichlet Mixture Model
Zhanyu Ma, Zheng-Hua Tan and Swati Prasad
Classification of EEG Recordings Without Perfectly Time-Locked Events
Jia Meng, Lenis Meriño, Kay A. Robbins and Yufei Huang

TA4: Estimation Theory II

Charrelation-Based Estimation of the Parameters of Non-Gaussian Autoregressive Processes
Alon Slapak and Arie Yeredor
SURE-based Blind Gaussian Deconvolution
Feng Xue and Thierry Blu
A Statistical Inference Method for a Subset of Long-range Dependent FARIMA Processes
Magnus Mossberg
Linearity Conditions for Optimal Estimation From Multiple Noisy Measurements
Emrah Akyol, Kumar Viswanatha and Kenneth Rose
A Two-Stage Denoising Filter: The Preprocessed Yaroslavsky Filter
Joseph Salmon, Rebecca Willett and Ery Arias-Castro
Analytical Precision Limits in Slitless Spectroscopy
Figen S Oktem and Farzad Kamalabadi

TA5: Communication Systems I

Bayesian Sparse Channel Estimation and Tracking
Chulong Chen and Michael Zoltowski
Parameter Estimation Techniques for Polynomial Phase and Phase Coded Waveforms in Multi-Channel Systems
Songsri Sirianunpiboon, Stephen D Howard and Stephen Elton
Power Allocation for Distributed Detection in a Multiple-Ring Cluster
Seksan Laitrakun and Edward Coyle
Particle Filtering Based Data Detection in a Flat-Fading Relay-Based Communication System
Tadesse Ghirmai
MIMO Broadcast DFE Transceiver Design with Bit Allocation Under QoS Constraints
Chih-Hao Liu and P. p. Vaidyanathan
The Density of Costas Arrays and Three-Free Permutations
Bill Correll, Jr
Random Jitter Beamforming for Point-and-Link Communications
Byung-Jae Kwak
On the Distribution of Valid Pages with Greedy Garbage Collection for NAND Flash
Borja Peleato, Rajiv Agarwal and John Cioffi

TA6: Sensor Networks I

Resolving a Variable Number of Hypotheses with Multiple Sensors
John A. Gubner and Louis Scharf
Radio Frequency Tomography in Mobile Networks
Benjamin Hamilton, Xiaoli Ma, Robert John Baxley and Stephen Matechik
Temporally Staggered Sensing for Field Estimation with Quantized Data in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sijia Liu, Engin Masazade and Pramod Varshney
Least Favorable Distributions for the Design of Sensor Detection Systems in Non-Circular Regions of Interest
Benedito J. B. Fonseca, Jr and John A. Gubner
How Valid is the Regularly-Spaced Grid Assumption in RSS Source Localization Sensor Networks?
Richard K. Martin
Full Order Distributed Particle Filters for Intermittent Connections: Feedback From Fusion Filters to Local Filters Improves Performance
Arash Mohammadi and Amir Asif
Continuous-time Distributed Estimation with Asymmetric Mixing
Vitor H Nascimento and Ali H. Sayed

P4: Persi Diaconis: Adding numbers and determinental point processes

TB1: Special Session: Radar Applications of Compressive Sensing

Multistatic RADAR Change Detection Using Sparse Imaging Methods
Mike Brennan, Christopher Kreucher and Benjamin Shapo
Reusable Low-Error Compressive Sampling Schemes Through Privacy
Anna Gilbert, Brett Hemenway, Martin Strauss, David Woodruff and Mary Wootters
Compressive Sensing and 3-D Radar Imaging
Mark Stuff, Brian Thelen, Joseph Garbarino and Nikola S Subotic
Minimum L1 Norm SAR Image Formation
Christopher Coleman, Scott Connell, Edward Gabl and James Walter
Compressed Sensing for MIMO RADAR: A Stochastic Perspective
Zhi Tian and Erik Blasch

TB2: Special Session: Signal Processing for Complex Biological Systems and Large-Scale Omics Data I

Analyzing Pathway Design From Drug Perturbation Experiments
Noah Berlow, Ranadip Pal, Lara Davis and Charles Keller
A Non-parametric Bayesian Clustering for Gene Expression Data
Liming Wang and Xiaodong Wang
Inference of Genetic Regulatory Networks Using Regularized Likelihood with Covariance Estimation
Ghulam Rasool, Nidhal Bouaynaya, Hassan Fathallah-Shaykh and Dan Schonfeld
Optimal Classifiers Within a Bayesian Framework
Lori Anne Dalton and Edward Dougherty
Optimal Cancer Therapy Based on a Tumor Growth Inhibition Model
Mohammadmahdi Rezaei Yousefi, Aniruddha Datta and Edward Dougherty
Gene Deletion Data Based Genomic Regulatory Network Inference
Liming Wang and Xiaodong Wang

TB3: Compressive Sensing I

Compressive Subspace Fitting for Multiple Measurement Vectors
Jongmin Kim, Okkyun Lee and Jong Chul Ye
The Restricted Isometry Property for Echo State Networks with Applications to Sequence Memory Capacity
Han Lun Yap, Adam Charles and Christopher Rozell
Online Search Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
Alejandro Weinstein and Michael Wakin
Optimal Estimation with Arbitrary Error Metrics in Compressed Sensing
Jin Tan, Danielle Carmon and Dror Baron
Null Space Tuning Based Algorithms for Sparse Representation and Compressed Sensing
Tiebin Mi, Shidong Li and Yulong Liu
Compressive Demodulation of Mutually Interfering Signals
Yao Xie, Yuejie Chi, Lorne Applebaum and Robert Calderbank

TB4: Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition I

Efficient Batch-Mode Active Learning of Random Forest
Hieu Nguyen, Joseph Yadegar, Bailey Kong and Hai Wei
One-class Machines Based on the Coherence Criterion
Zineb Noumir, Paul Honeine and Cédric Richard
Dictionary Adaptation for Online Prediction of Time Series Data with Kernels
Chafic Saidé, Regis Lengellé, Paul Honeine, Cédric Richard and Roger Achkar
Hierarchical Clustering Using Randomly Selected Measurements
Brian Eriksson
k-Subspaces with Missing Data
Laura Balzano, Arthur Szlam, Benjamin Recht and Rob Nowak
A Combined Approach to Multi-label Multi-task Learning
Delaram Motamedvaziri, Venkatesh Saligrama and David Castañón
Multiscale Online Tracking of Manifolds
Yao Xie, Jiaji Huang and Rebecca Willett

TB5: Sensor Networks II

Multi-sensor Networked State Estimation with Delayed and Irregularly-spaced Observations
Bei Yan, Hanoch Lev-Ari and Aleksandar Stanković
Almost Sure Convergence of Consensus Algorithms by Relaxed Projection Mappings
Ondrej Slučiak and Markus Rupp
Bounded Confidence Opinion Dynamics with Network Constraints and Localized Distributed Averaging
Michael Rabbat
Energy-Efficient Quickest Change Detection in Sensor Networks
Taposh Banerjee and Venugopal Veeravalli
Collaborative Sensor Scheduling for Space Situational Awareness
Tyler Hobson and Vaughan Clarkson
Channel-aware M-ary Distributed Detection: Optimal and Suboptimal Fusion Rules
Nahal Maleki and Azadeh Vosoughi
Distributed Pareto-Optimal Solutions Via Diffusion Adaptation
Jianshu Chen and Ali H. Sayed

TB6: Time-Frequency Analysis

A New Non-redundant Complex Hilbert Wavelet Transforms
Liying Wei and Thierry Blu
Some Comments on Multitaper Estimates of Autocorrelation
David Thomson
Multicomponent Signal Denoising with Synchrosqueezing
Sylvain Meignen, Thomas Oberlin and Steve McLaughlin
Reverberant Speech Separation Based on Audio-visual Dictionary Learning and Binaural Cues
Qingju Liu, Wenwu Wang, Philip JB Jackson and Mark Barnard
Exploiting Correlated Discriminant Features in Time Frequency and Space for Characterization and Robust Classification of Image RSVP Events with EEG Data
Jia Meng, Lenis Meriño, Kay A. Robbins and Yufei Huang

TC1: Special Session: Statistical Signal Processing and the Engineering of Materials

Application of FIB/SEM/EDXS Tomographic Spectral Imaging and Multivariate Statistical Analysis to the Analysis of Localized Corrosion
Paul Kotula, Mark Van Benthem and Neil Sorensen
Bayesian Image Segmentation of Transmission Electron Tomography 3D Reconstructions
Lawrence Drummy
Bayesian Tomographic Reconstruction for High Angle Annular Dark Field (HAADF) Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM)
Singanallur Vaidyanathan Venkatakrishnan, Lawrence Drummy, Michael Jackson, Marc De Graef, Jeff Simmons and Charles Bouman
Discrete Image Reconstruction for Material Quantification
Ahmet Tuysuzoglu, William Karl, David Castañón and M. Selim Ünlü
Joint Deconvolution/Segmentation of Microscope Images of Materials
Dae Woo Kim and Mary Comer

TC2: Special Session: Signal Processing for Complex Biological Systems and Large-Scale Omics Data II

Base Calling Error Rates in Next-Generation DNA Sequencing
Shamaiah Manohar and Haris Vikalo
Causal Compressive Sensing for Gene Network Inference
Mo Deng, Amin Emad and Olgica Milenkovic
Basis-Expansion Factor Models for Uncovering Transcription Factor Regulatory Network
Manuel Sanchez-Castillo, Jia Meng, Isabel Tienda Luna and Yufei Huang
Joint State and Parameter Estimation for Boolean Dynamical Systems
Ulisses Braga-Neto
Statistical Assessment of Gene Fusion Detection Algorithms Using RNA Sequencing Data
Vinay Varadan, Angel Janevski, Sitharthan Kamalakaran, Nilanjana Banerjee, Lyndsay Harris and Nevenka Dimitrova
Adaptive Experimental Design for Drug Combinations
Mijung Park, Marcel Nassar, Brian L Evans and Haris Vikalo

TC3: Compressive Sensing II

Restricted Isometry Property in Coded Aperture Compressive Spectral Imaging
Henry Arguello and Gonzalo Arce
Compressive LADAR in Realistic Environments
Darryl Sale, Christopher Rozell, Justin K Romberg and Aaron Lanterman
Subspace Detection of High-Dimensional Vectors Using Compressive Sampling
Martin Azizyan and Aarti Singh
Near-Isometric Linear Embeddings of Manifolds
Chinmay Hegde, Aswin C Sankaranarayanan and Richard Baraniuk
Grouped Incoherent Measurements for Compressive Sensing
Adam Polak, Marco F Duarte and Dennis Goeckel
Compressive Asynchronous Decomposition of Heart Sounds
Azime Can, Ervin Sejdić, Osama A. S. Alkishriwo and Luis F Chaparro

TC4: Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition II

Regularized Joint Density Estimation for Multi-Instance Learning
Behrouz Behmardi, Forrest Briggs, Xiaoli Fern and Raviv Raich
An Asymptotically Convex Approach to Discriminative Coding
Raghu G. Raj
A Bootstrap Interval Estimator for Bayes' Classification Error
Chad Hawes and Carey Priebe
Learning Kernel Combination From Noisy Pairwise Constraints
Tianbao Yang, Rong Jin and Anil Jain
Real Adaboost for Content Identification
Rohit Naini and Pierre Moulin
Estimating Intrinsic Dimension Via Clustering
Brian Eriksson and Mark Crovella

TC5: Radar Signal Processing I

Maneuvering Target Tracking Based on SDE Driven by GARCH Volatility
Mohammadehsan Hajiramezanali and Hamidreza Amindavar
A Graphical Model Representation of the Track-Oriented Multiple Hypothesis Tracker
Andrew Frank, Padhraic Smyth and Alexander Ihler
A Track-Before-Detect Procedure for Sparse Data
Emanuele Grossi, Marco Lops and Luca Venturino
MIMO Radar Detection with Heterogeneous Propagation Losses
Xiufeng Song, Peter Willett, Shengli Zhou and Joseph Glaz
Theoretical Multidimensional Resolution Limit for MIMO Radar Based on the Chernoff Distance
Duy N. Tran, Rémy Boyer, Alexandre Renaux, Sylvie Marcos and Pascal Larzabal

TC6: Computer Systems and Networks

Mapping Equivalence Under Iterative Dynamics for Symbolic Sequences
Liming Wang and Dan Schonfeld
Probabilistic Graphical Model for Flash Memory Programming
Borja Peleato, Rajiv Agarwal and John Cioffi
Detection Performance of M-ary Relay Trees with Non-binary Message Alphabets
Zhenliang Zhang, Edwin K. P. Chong, Ali Pezeshki, Bill Moran and Stephen D Howard
Estimation of Flow Distributions Tails From Sampled Traffic
Nelson Antunes and Vladas Pipiras

R2: Banquet Reception

B1: Banquet

P5: Yoram Bresler: The invention of Compressive Sensing and Recent Results: from Spectrum-Blind Sampling and Image Compression on the Fly to New Solutions with Realistic Performance Guarantees

P6: Randy Moses: Radar Signal Processing

WA1: Special Session: Applications of Random Matrix Theory in Underwater Acoustic Signal Processing

The Performance of MUSIC-based DOA in White Noise with Missing Data
Raj Tejas Suryaprakash and Raj Rao Nadakuditi
Passive Acoustic Monitoring Using Random Matrix Theory
Ravi Menon, Peter Gerstoft and William Hodgkiss
Analytical Characterization of the MPDR-based Power Estimators in Snapshot Scarce Regime
Milutin Pajovic, James Preisig and Arthur Baggeroer
Mean Squared Error Performance of Adaptive Matched Field Localization Under Environmental Uncertainty
Nigel Lee, Christ D. Richmond and Vitaly Kmelnitsky
Experimental Validation of a Random Matrix Theory Model for Dominant Mode Rejection Beamformer Notch Depth
Kathleen E. Wage, John R. Buck, Matthew Dzieciuch and Peter Worcester
A Random Matrix Theory Model for the Dominant Mode Rejection Beamformer Notch Depth
John R. Buck and Kathleen E. Wage
Approximate Eigenvalue Distribution of a Cylindrically Isotropic Noise Sample Covariance Matrix
Saurav Tuladhar, John R. Buck and Kathleen E. Wage

WA2: Intentionally Blank

WA3: Communication Systems II

Quantized Network Coding for Sparse Messages
Mahdy Nabaee and Fabrice Labeau
On the Design of Fractional Frequency Reuse in Cellular Wireless Systems
Masoud Alghoniemy, Ashraf Badawi and Hani Elgebaly
Time-Domain Impulse Injection Method for Crest Factor Reduction of OFDM Signals
Zhenhua Yu, Robert John Baxley and G. Tong Zhou
Robust Interference Channel Transmission Using Sparsity Enhanced Mismatch Model
Chieh-Yao Chang and Carrson C. Fung
Optimal SIMO MLSE Receivers for the Detection of Linear Modulation Corrupted by Noncircular Interference
Soumaya Sallem, Jean Pierre Delmas and Pascal Chevalier
Branch and Bound Algorithm for Code Spread OFDM
Ali Elghariani and Michael Zoltowski
Fast Adaptive Decision-Selection Equalizer Convergence Using a Tree-Structured Algorithm
Daniel Sebald

WA4: Radar Signal Processing II

Improved Variational Inference for Tracking in Clutter
Jason Pacheco and Erik B Sudderth
Test Statistics for Synthetic Aperture Radar Coherent Change Detection
Miriam Cha, Rhonda Phillips and Patrick Wolfe
Time Reversal MIMO Radar for Angle-Doppler Estimation
Foroohar Foroozan and Amir Asif
Waveform Scheduling Via Directed Information in Cognitive Radar
Pawan Setlur, Natasha Devroye and Zhiyu Cheng
Performance Comparison of Airborne Phased- Array and MIMO Radar with Subarrays
Yongzhe Li, Zi-Shu He, Jun Li and Hongming Liu
Coordinating Complementary Waveforms Across Time and Frequency
Wenbing Dang, Ali Pezeshki, Stephen D Howard and Bill Moran

WA5: Multivariate Statistical Analysis

Optimal Linear Correction in LMMSE Estimation Using Moments of the Complex Inverse Wishart Distribution
Jordi Serra and Montse Nájar
Nonparametric Low-Rank Tensor Imputation
Juan Andrés Bazerque, Gonzalo Mateos and Georgios B. Giannakis
On the Convexity in Kronecker Structured Covariance Estimation
Ami Wiesel
Kronecker Graphical Lasso
Theodoros Tsiligkaridis, Alfred Hero III and Shuheng Zhou
Hyperspherical Phase Synchrony for Quantifying Multivariate Phase Synchronization
Ali Mutlu and Selin Aviyente
Overcoming Noise, Avoiding Curvature: Optimal Scale Selection for Tangent Plane Recovery
Daniel Kaslovsky and Francois G Meyer
Non-Parametric Prediction of the Mid-Price Dynamics in a Limit Order Book
Deepan Palguna and Ilya Pollak

WA6: Detection Theory

Signal Classification by Power Spectral Density: An Approach Via Riemannian Geometry
Kon Max Wong and Yili Li
Decision Trees for Heterogeneous Dose-Response Signal Analysis
Kush Varshney, Moninder Singh and Jun Wang
A Selection Criterion for Piecewise Stationary Long-Memory Models
Li Song and Pascal Bondon
Statistical Detection of LSB Matching in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters
Rémi Cogranne, Cathel Zitzmann, Florent Retraint, Igor Nikiforov, Lionel Fillatre and Philippe Cornu
Detection of Gaussian Signals in Unknown Time-Varying Channels
Daniel Romero, Javier Vía, Roberto López-Valcarce and Ignacio Santamaria
Two Stage Decision System
Kirill Trapeznikov, Venkatesh Saligrama and David Castañón

GP: Government Panel Session, Panel organizer: Liyi Dai, ARO