Dr. Ken Birman

Ken Birman

Ken Birman [] is The N. Rama Rao Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University. He heads Cornell's Live Information Objects project, which is developing new ways to create client-side mashups that blend hosted content with P2P multicast protocols. Security, reliability and data replication have been themes of his work for nearly thirty years, and many of today’s large cloud-computing platforms (for example, IBM Web Sphere, Microsoft Enterprise Clustering and a number of Amazon’s “gossip-based” subsystems) draw on ideas first explored by his group.

Birman's Isis Toolkit, which introduced the virtual synchrony model, is central to the French air traffic control system and US Navy AEGIS, and operated the New York Stock exchange for more than a decade. Isis was also used in hundreds of financial, process-control and data center settings.

The author of several books and more than 200 journal and conference papers, Dr. Birman was Editor in Chief of ACM Transactions on Computer Systems from 1993-1998 and is a Fellow of the ACM. He has also founded and was CEO of three companies (Isis Distributed Systems, Reliable Network Solution and Web Sciences), and has consulted extensively for the industry, the US government, and the military.

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Ken Birman

Roger Barga

Roger Barga

Roger Barga is Architect for the Cloud Computing Futures team in Microsoft Research, where he leads a team responsible for developing tools and services on the Microsoft cloud computing platform to revolutionize and accelerate research. Roger joined Microsoft in 1997 as a Researcher in the Database Group of Microsoft Research, where he directed both systems research and product development efforts in database, workflow and stream processing systems.

Roger served as Principal Architect of the External Research Division of External Research (MSR) from 2007 to 2009, prior to joining the cloud computing futures group. Roger has published over 50 peer reviewed papers, filed over 30 patent applications, and served more than 70 times on program committees for more than 30 different international conferences and workshops.

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Roger Barga
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