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A Hybrid Machine Learning Framework to Improve Parkinson's Disease Prediction Accuracy

A Study of Project Description Inference Using Method Name Elements for Software Upcycling

Advancements in Ship Detection: Comparative Analysis of Optical and Hyperspectral Sensors

Advancing a Cascaded Machine Learning Approach for the Accurate Estimation of Antenna Parameters

An Analysis of Blockchain Frameworks for Electronic Health Records Using Hyperledger

An Ensemble-Based Dates Classification Systems

An Extensive Evaluation of Plant Disease Detection Using Diverse Machine Learning Approaches

An Intelligent Edge-Deployable Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Activity Recognition Approach

Attentive Regularization in Targeted Kernel Networks for Accurate Diabetic Retinopathy Grading

Automated Mapping Method for Sysmon Logs to ATT&CK Techniques by Leveraging Atomic Red Team

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Blockchain-Enabled DNS: Enhancing Security and Mitigating Attacks in Domain Name Systems

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Current Topological and Machine Learning Applications for Bias Detection in Text

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Deep Learning-Based Human Tracking, Face Mask and Social Distance Monitoring, Systems Using YOLOv5

Detecting Wasted Resources in Hydroponic Systems

DiffT: A Novel Approach for Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics

Etop A B C D E H I L M N O P Q R S T U

Emirati Sign Language Recognition Using YOLOv5

Enhanced Image Encryption Using the Hénon Map, the LCG and the Lorenz System

Enhancing Brain Tumour Diagnosis with Augmented Reality Rendering-Based 6 DoF Object Pose Estimation

Enhancing Kinship Verification Through Multiscale Retinex and Combined Deep-Shallow Features

Experimental Benchmarking of Quantum Machine Learning Classifiers

Exploring 2D Representation and Transfer Learning Techniques to Identify People on Indoor Localizati

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"Harnessing Transformers: A Leap Forward in Cancer Detection Through Image Analysis

HTTP Header Reordering-Based Covert Channel Protocol

Human Action Recognition Using Attention EfficientNet

Hybrid Whale-Mud-Ring Optimization for Precise Color Skin Cancer Image Segmentation

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IMU-Based Human Activity Recognition Using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models

Investigating the Impact of Sampling Techniques on an Imbalanced Classification Problem

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Landslide Disaster Assessment with Integration of Social Media and Remote Sensing

Laser Phase Noise Mitigation Based on Autoencoder for End-To-End Learning of CO-OFDM Systems

LLM-Based Attack Scenarios Generator with IT Asset Management and Vulnerability Information

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Multi-Disease Retinal Vessel Segmentation: A Deep Learning Approach

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Node Localization in WSN Using the Slime Mould Algorithm

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On the Sensitivity of Deep Load Disaggregation to Adversarial Attacks

Opportunities and Challenges of Big Data Technology in Retail Industry

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Plug-And-Play Enhanced Compressive Sensing for Limited Sample PAT Image Reconstruction

Predicting Temperature Change in the UAE Using Linear Regression and the LSTM Method

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Quadrotor Experimental Dynamic Identification with Comprehensive NARX Neural Networks

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Real-Time Obstacle Detection for Visually Impaired People Using Deep Learning

Recognition of Pre-Emergency Situations During Oil Wells Exploitation Based on Telemetry Analysis

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Secure Key Exchange Scheme and Blockchain-Oriented Data Protection in the Internet of Vehicles

Smart Endotracheal Intubation Real-Time Visual Feedback and Edge Detection for Enhanced Procedure

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TAQWA: Teaching Adolescents Quality Wadhu/Ablution Contactlessly Using Deep Learning

Transforming Healthcare: Raabin White Blood Cell Classification with Vision Transformers

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Using Data Integration Platform for Effective Location-Aware Service Development Platform