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183GHz Cavity-Backed Spiral Radiometer Antenna with Dual Circular Polarization for Earth Observation Applications

2top 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

2-8 GHz Connected Array for Wireless Base Stations

2-Bit Digital Anisotropic Low-RCS Metasurfaces with Puzzles'-Type Modules with Improved Diffusion Scattering

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3-D Modeling of Human Hands for Characterizing Antenna Radiation from a 5G Mobile Phone

3:1 Bandwidth Sinuous Antenna for Direction Finding Applications

3D Microwave Breast Imaging Using Double Stage Delay Multiply and Sum Beamforming

3D Printed Discrete Dielectric Lens with Improved Matching Layers

3D Printed DRA for S-Band IoT from Space Applications

3D Printed Metaparticles Based on Platonic Solids for Isotropic, Multimode Microwave Scattering

3D Printed Millimetre-Wave and Sub-Terahertz Devices: Prospects, Challenges, and Solutions

3D Printed Slotted Waveguide Antenna Array for Millimeter-Wave Communication Systems

3D-Printed Dielectric Leaky-Wave Bull-Eye Antenna

3D-Printed Half-Maxwell Fish-Eye Dielectric Lens Antenna with Integrated DRA Feed

3D-Printed Wide Beamwidth Lens Antennas for Beamforming Coverage Improvement

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4x4 Butler-Matrix Based Beam Steering Antenna Systems Using Substrate Integrated Waveguide

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5G Communication QoS Measurements for Smart City UAV Services

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60 GHz Propagation Channel Measurements with a Real mmWave Communication Equipment in an Office Environment

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A 2-Bit Tunable Unit Cell for 6G Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Application

A 28 GHz Beam Steerable Elliptic Microstrip Array Antenna for 5G Applications

A 4x4 Double Slot Antenna Array Unit Based on Gap Waveguide Technology for mm-Wave Frequencies

A 5.5GHz-Band 2x2 Array Antennas Module Based on Compact 2-D Beamforming Network in Broadside Coupled Stripline

A 60 GHz-Band 4×4 Butler Matrix Based on Ridge Gap Waveguide

A 868 MHz Compact Antenna with No Impact of the Material Support

A Bio-Degradable Textile-Based Graphene Antenna for the 5G Smart Wearables

A Boundary Element Method Modeling the Multiple Scattering from Hydrodynamic Metallic Nanoparticles

A Broadband CP Elliptical-Slot Antenna for Ambient RF Energy Harvesting

A Broadband Inhomogeneous Frequency Selective Surface on Quartz Glass Substrate

A Broadband Potential-Based Boundary Element Method for Modeling Electromagnetic Scattering from Dielectrics and Conductors

A Compact Loaded DETSA Antenna with Enhanced Directivity Using Characteristic Modes Optimization

A Compact Size CPW-Fed Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Antenna for Wireless Networks

A Compact Wideband Circular Polarized Antenna for Automotive GNSS Applications

A Compact, Tri-Band and Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna Using a Ferrite Material

A Comparison Between Different Approaches to Wireless Power Transfer

A Compressive Sensing Approach for Directions-Of-Arrival Estimation in Planar Sub-Arrayed Arrays

A Conformal and Transparent Frequency Reconfigurable Water Antenna

A CRLH-Resonant Small Antenna for Earphones and Testing the BLT Received-Signal Sensitivity

A Current-Based Algorithm for the Design of Metasurface Antennas

A Deep Learning Architecture for Augmented Shape Reconstruction via Microwave Imaging

A Deep Space Ka-Band Antenna for CubeSat: Design and Multiphysics Analysis

A Design Approach for In-Body Antennas for Animal Biotelemetry Applications

A Design Methodology for Response-Controlled Passive Magnetic Metasurfaces

A Doubly Curved Modulated Frequency Selective Surface Sub-Reflector in a Dual-Band (Tx/Rx) Multiple-Beam Reflector Antenna

A Dual-Beam Analog Beamformer for LOFAR 2.0 Enabling Simultaneous Space Weather and Radio Astronomy Observations

A Dual-Circularly Polarized Antenna Using Gap Waveguide Based on Contactless Sliding Mechanism

A Dual-Polarized Dual-Band Flat-Top Pattern 5G mm-Wave Array Antenna

A Dual-Polarized Wideband Planar Multiport Mobile Antenna

A Dually-Polarized Leaky-Wave Antenna Based on Polarization-Selective Coupling Mechanisiam with Fixed Beams Capability

A Fabry-Pérot Multilayer High Gain Frequency Scanning Antenna at 60GHz

A Fast Pattern Synthesis Method for Arbitrary Planar Arrays

A Feasibility Study of a Radio-Frequency Theranostic Device for Tumor Localization and Treatment

A Finger-Worn Epidermal Antenna for Pressure Sensing

A Frequency Domain Approach for Estimating the Angular Dependent Delay of an UWB Antenna

A Fully-Screen Printed, Multi-Layer Process for Bendable mm-Wave Antennas

A Gap Waveguide-Based 2x2 Circularly-Polarized Monopulse Antenna Array

A GNSS Conformal Antenna Achieving Hemispherical Coverage in L1/L5 Band

A Harmonic-Free Wilkinson Power Divider Using Lowpass Resonators

A High-Gain Fabry-Perot Antenna Based on Partially Reflecting Surfaces and Polarization Conversion Surfaces

A Holy Grail Quest: The Concept of Stored Electromagnetic Energy

A Huygens' Principle Based Ray Tracing Method for Diffraction Calculation

A Hybrid Lebesgue-Space Inverse-Scattering Technique for Microwave Imaging of Objects Hidden Behind a Wall

A Hybrid Machine Learning-Based Model for Indoor Propagation

A Learning-Based NLOS Mitigation Method for Single-Anchor SLAM

A Localization System for Autonomous Vehicles Based on TriLateration Tags

A Low Cost Dual-Branch Q-Band 39.4 GHz I/Q Satellite Beacon Receiver for Atmospheric Propagation Studies

A Maximum Directivity Beamformer for an SKA-Low Prototype Station

A Metal-Only Reflectarray Made of 3D Phoenix Cells

A Microfluidic Approach for Implementing Liquid Metal Based Reconfigurable Reflectarray Antennas

A Microwave Imaging Device for Detecting Contaminants in Water-Based Food Products

A Microwave Imaging Technique Based on Artificial Neural Networks for Neck Tumors Detection

A Miniaturized Wideband Circularly Polarized Antenna Using Metasurface

A New Approach for Matching Small Parasitic Superdirective Antennas Using Network Characteristic Modes

A New Approach for Solving Inverse Scattering Problems Based on Physics-Informed Supervised Residual Learning

A New Approach for the Evaluation of Time Averaged SAR of Multiple Emitting Antennas

A New Design of RF Medium Power Calorimeter Based on Water Calorimetric Method

A New Method for Gain Prediction of Superdirective End-Fire Arrays

A New Weighting Method for Antenna Clusters

A NLOS Detection Method Based on Kernel Principal Component Analysis

A Novel CATR Design with Diamond-Shape Reflector for 5G/6G OTA Measurement

A Novel Full-Wave Methodology for Channel Estimation in Digital mMIMO Applications

A Novel Millimeter -Wave Series-Fed Microstrip Line Antenna Array

A Novel PIFA Antennas Design with Capacitive Load for Glacier Monitoring Applications

A Novel Polyimide Flexible Antenna Design for S-Band Applications

A Novel RCS Based CRFID Tag Design

A Novel Tightly Coupled Dipole Array Unit Cell

A Pattern Reconfigurable Compact Antenna Structure Based on Shorted Microstrip Patches

A Phase-Gradient Metasurface Reflector for Millimeter Wave and 5G Applications

A Planar Leaky-Wave Antenna with Dual Circular Polarization in Continuous Backward and Forward Scanning

A Portable Microwave Scanner for Brain Stroke Monitoring: Design, Implementation and Experimental Validation

A Practical Solution to Enhance Electromagnetic Transmission to an Implantable/Wearable Antenna

A Quantitative Analysis of the Plastic Shell Effects in 3D-Printed Breast Phantoms for Microwave Imaging

A Reconfigurable MuPAR Antenna System Employing a Hybrid Beam-Forming Technique

A Reference Model for Channel Sounder Performance Evaluation, Validation and Comparison

A Repeater Antenna System Utilizing Genetically Modified Bacteria for Multiscale Communications

A Sensor Using a Matryoshka Geometry Defected Ground Structure

A Series-Fed Loop Array Antenna with Wideband Circular Polarization and Enhanced Gain

A Simple Antenna Element for Millimeter Wave Tightly Coupled Arrays

A Simple Approach to Modifying the Contrast Basis in Contrast Source Inversion

A Simple Imaging Strategy for In-Line Food Inspection via Microwave Imaging

A Single Layer Dual-Polarization Array Antenna Based on Parallel Plate Gap Waveguide

A Single Metasurface Plate Excited by a Patch Antenna for Large Tilt Angle Formation

A Single-Layer Center-Feed Slotted Antenna Array with Reflection Canceling Stairs in 38-GHz Waveband

A Statistical Assessment of Anthropomorphic Characteristics Impacts on WBAN Communications

A Study on Low Profile Orthogonal Polarization Antenna Using Halo Antenna

A Study on Physical Layer Security Through Ray Tracing Simulations

A Study on Radio Propagation Channel Modelling for Tunnels

A Summary of Actual Maximum Approach Studies on EMF Compliance of 5G Radio Base Stations

A Synthesis Process for Microwave Absorber Design Based on Pyramidal Absorbers

A Unified Nyström/Galerkin Method for for Multiscale Problems

A Wideband and Miniaturized Metal Rim Antenna with A New Material for Smartphone Applications

A Wideband Automotive 4x4-MIMO 5G Antenna System with Single-Stage Decoupling Circuit for a Double Shark Fin Cover

A Wideband Magneto-Electric Dipole Transmitarray for Linear to Circular Polarzation Conversion

Absorptivity Modulation with Salisbury-Inspired Structures for X-Band

Accelerating Electromagnetic Inverse-Design Using Deep Learning

Accuracy Assessment of Water Vapor and Cloud Attenuation Estimated from ERA5 Single Level Parameters at Two Sites with Large Difference of Altitude

Accuracy of De-Embedding Models for the Open-Ended Coaxial Probe Considering Different Calibration Standards

Accurate Ranging Exploiting a 32-Patch Frequency Diverse Array with Circular Symmetry

Active Topological Metamaterials with Robust Oscillation Modes

Active Unit Cell with Continuous Transmission Phase for a Radome-Periodic Structure in S-Band

Active, Nonlinear and Time-Varying Metasurfaces for Enhanced Wireless Communications

Additively Manufactured Helix Antenna for X-Band Applications

Adjoint Optimization of 3D Printed RF GRIN Lenses

Advances in the ICV EMC Test Standardization in China-SAE

Advances on CS-Processing Applied to Phased Arrays Synthesis, Processing, and Characterization

AI-Assisted Global Optimization for Solving Inverse Scattering Problems

All-Metal Phased Array Antenna Element for High Power Applications

All-Optical Fiber Link Antenna Measurement System Using an Industrial Robot System

Alternate Methods for Computation of Higher-Order Modal Scattering of Anechoic Absorbers at mm-Wave Frequencies

Amplifier-Antenna Array Optimization for EIRP by Phase Tuning

An Accelerated Source Reconstruction Method for Antenna Diagnostics Applications

An Active True Time Delay Transmit/Receive Antenna for Satellite Communications Based on a Discrete Lens and Magnifying Reflectors

An Anisotropic 3D Printed Circular Polarization Converter for a Patch Antenna Array Operating in the Ka Band

An E-Band Reconfigurable Phase Shifter Based on Gap Waveguide

An Efficient Strategy for Distributing the Mesh of Parallel Electromagnetic Solvers Based on the AIM

An Embedded Dual-Band Base Station Antenna Array Employing Choked Bowl-Shaped Antenna for Cross-Band Scattering Mitigation

An Encoder-Only Transformer to Generate Power Patterns from Far-Field Performance Criteria

An Integral Equation Approach Towards the Design of Compact Metasurface Pairs

An Integrated Microwave-Ultrasound Breast Imaging System: Initial Phantom Results

An Introduction to Dimensionality Reduction for Propagation Measurements

An Investigation into the Effects of Spatial Correlation Error on 5G MIMO OTA Testing Using Single-Probe Anechoic Chamber Method

An Iterative Algorithm Enhancing the Resolution of Microwave Resonant Sensors for Biomedical Applications

An SU-8/Glass Meshed Patch Antenna for Integration with Solar Cells

Analysis of a Semitransparent PIFA Element for MIMO Applications

Analysis of Antenna Radiation Patterns by Means of Spherical Wavelets

Analysis of Arrays Composed of Quarter-Cylinder Dielectric Resonator Antennas

Analysis of Dielectric Post-Wall Waveguide-Based Passive Circuits Using Recurrent Neural Network

Analysis of Infinite Arrays of Antennas by Using FEM and Spherical Modes

Analysis of Instantaneous and Maximal RF Exposure in 4G/5G Networks with Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

Analysis of Ka-Band Waveguides Manufactured by In-House 3D Printing and Electroplating Processes

Analysis of Microwave Absorber Scattering Using Ray-Tracing and Advanced Measurement Techniques

Analysis of MIMO Performance in Complex Indoor Scenarios at 3.7 GHz Band for Future 5G Deployments

Analysis of Normally Incident EM Waves Reflected from a Conformal Meta-Surface

Analysis of Residential Sub-THz Deployments from Accurate Radio Simulations and Planning Techniques

Analysis of Resonant Bessel-Beam Launchers Based on Isotropic Metasurfaces

Analytic Treatment of Galerkin Matrix Elements Involving Normal Derivatives of the Green's Function

Analytical Form of the Scan Blindness Condition in an Infinite Phased Array of Printed Dipoles with a Superstrate

Analytical Models of Link Budget in the Presence of Reflection-Shaping Metasurface Panels

Anatomical and Dielectric Tissue Mimicking Phantoms for Microwave Breast Imaging

Angle of Arrival Estimation System for LoRa Technology Based on Phase Detectors

Angle of Arrival Retrieval from Power Angular Spectrum Using Antenna Pattern Deconvolution at K-Band

Angular Characteristics Prediction of Radio Propagation Channel from Point Cloud Data by Aperture Field Integration Method

Angular Localization of Wideband Sources Using a Single Port Metamaterial Receive Antenna

Antenna De-Embedding in FDTD Using Spherical Wave Functions by Exploiting Orthogonality

Antenna Design for Overlapped Array Fed Reflector OLAF SAR Instrument

Antenna Element Study for a Future SMOS Mission

Antenna-On-Display for Near, Mid-And Long-Range Wireless Applications

Antennas and the Greatest Unsolved Maths Problem

Antennas for a Space Solar Power System and Technical Challenges

APA Optimization on Realistic Phantoms for Cancer Hyperthermia Treatments

Application of Classical Filter Theory in the Design of Broadband Microstrip Antennas

Application of Field Intensity Shaping Paradigm in a Biological Scenario for MRI Shimming

Application of Glide Symmetry to Ridged Waveguides

Application of Supervised Descent Method to MRI Electrical Properties Tomography

Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Compute Vertical Refractivity Profiles in Maritime Environments

Approximate and Full-Wave Analysis for Efficient Antenna Design

Architecture of the Overlapped Subarray Fed Reflector Antenna SAR System

Array Antenna Fault Diagnosis via near Field Amplitude-Only Data

Array Antenna Power Pattern Analysis Through Quantum Computing

Array Antenna with HIS Metasurface for mmWave Imaging Applications

Assessment of Automotive SAR from Direct Measurements and Post Processing

Automatic Classification of Low-Loss and Lossless Materials in Wideband Radar Images for Millimeter- Wave Personnel Screening Systems

Automotive Antenna Measurements in the Installed State Under Variable Boundary Conditions

Automotive Performance Tests Based on Machine Learning Algorithms

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Backscattered Field of a Random Set of Dipoles as a Model for Highly Coupled RFID Tags

Bandwidth Enhancement of Microstrip Antennas Using Crossing Avoidance of Characteristic Modes

Bandwidth Improvement of Planar RFID Tag Antennas Using Characteristic Mode Theory

Bayesian Optimisation of a Frequency Selective Surface Using a Regularised Objective Function

Beam Scanning Leaky-Wave Antenna with a Reconfigurable Impedance Plane

Beam-Steerable Helical Antenna Using Plasma Reflectors

Beamforming for Antenna Array Using Modal Technique

BepiColombo Mission to Mercury: Designing RadioMetOP Weather-Forecast Based Operations to Improve Satellite Data Throughput at Ka-Band

Bessel Beam Radiating System for Focused Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Bidirectional Periodic Leaky-Wave Antennas Using Side-Fire and Slot-Pair Configurations

Branch Line Coupler Inspired Circularly Polarized Leaky-Wave Antenna with Broadside Scanning

Broadband Circularly Polarized Reconfigurable Single Layer Metasurface Antenna

Broadband Pancharatnam-Berry and Dynamic Phase Unit Cells for Dual Circularly Polarized Reflectarrays

Butler-Matrices-Based Omnidirectional Beamforming of Circular/Cylindrical Arrays

Ctop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Calibration of a 94-GHz Monopulse Feed Based on Hybrid Comparison of Its Experimental Patterns

Can a mmWave 5G Handset Have Quasi-Omnidirectional Coverage?

Capacity Analysis and Improvement for OAM-MIMO in Typical Multipath Scenarios

Cavity-Backed Broadband Microstrip Antenna Array for Photonic Beam Steering at W Band

Cell-Free Massive MIMO Deployments: Fronthaul Topology Options and Techno-Economic Aspects

Challenges for 5G and Beyond

Chamber Design for Automotive EMC and ADAS Testing

Channel Characteristics Analysis of Ultra-High Mobility MIMO Wireless System in Tunnel Scenario

Channel Characterization for 5G-R Indoor Communication at 2.1 GHz

Characterisation of Frequency Selective Reflections off Indoor Surfaces for 92-110 GHz

Characteristic Mode Analysis of SCMR and CSCMR Systems

Characteristic Modes Analysis for the Design of a Wideband Circularly Polarized X-Band Antenna

Characteristic Modes Evaluated Using the Finite Element Method

Characterization and Calibration of the Hybrid OTA Chamber Using a Field Scanner

Characterization of 5G k-Band Array Antennas

Characterization of a 5G Wireless Train Backbone via Ray-Tracing

Characterization of EMF Exposure in Massive MIMO Antenna Networks with Max-Min Fairness Power Control

Characterization of Rain Attenuation in 80-200 GHz Radio Links Considering Non-Spherical Raindrops

Chip-To-Chip THz Communications - in Pursuit of Ultra High Throughput, Super Low Latency, High Reliability, and Minimal Energy Consumption

Circularly Polarized Shared Aperture Reflectarray and Patch Antenna Array for S- and Ka-Band

Circularly Polarized Wideband Planar Antenna Array Using Any-Layer PCB Technology for mm-Wave Applications

Circularly-Polarized GNSS Metasurface Antenna with Two Feed Points in a Sub-Wavelength Metallic Cavity

Circumplexer: A Novel Dual-Band Dual-Circular Polarization Antenna Feeding Network for Satellite Communications

Closed Form Solutions for Stochastic Green Functions in Non Dissipative Chaotic Cavities

Closed Metal Chamber Configuration for Estimating RF Attenuation in Vehicles with Advanced Thermal Properties Windows

ClothFace: Battery-Free On-Body Interface Platform for Future Human-Machine Interaction

Co-Design of Dual-Purpose Heatsink Antenna for Multi-Source Ambient Energy Harvesting

Coherence Factor Based Methods for Improving the Image Quality of the Advanced Imaging System

Compact and Broadband CPW Fed Ring Pair Slot Antenna

Compact and Low-Loss Feeding System Design for Dual-Linear Polarized Holographic Antenna

Compact Wideband Antenna-In-Package Based on PCB Technology for 39 GHz 5G mmWave Applications

Compact, Multiband, Flexible Decagon Ring Monopole Antenna for GSM/LTE/5G/WLAN Applications

Comparative Study of Beamforming Techniques for VHTS Array Fed Reflector Antennas

Comparative Study of MIMO Antennas for Radiative Near-Field Links at 300GHz

Comparative Study of Struts' Geometry and Material in Reflector Antennas

Comparison of Capacitive and Inductive Partially Reflective Surface Antenna Using Ray-Tracing

Comparison of Coefficient Calculation Techniques for NLPLS PCE Models of Antennas

Comparison of Echo Reduction Techniques for Omni-Directional Antenna Calibration in an Extrapolation Range

Comparison of Indoor Channel Characteristics for Sub-THz Bands from 125 GHz to 300 GHz

Comparison of Measurements and Simulations of Tapered Anechoic Chambers

Comparison of Statistical and Deep Learning Path Loss Model for Motherboard Desktop Environment

Comparison of Sub 6 GHz and mmWave Wireless Channel Measurements at High Speeds

Comparisons of Scalar and Tensor Circularly-Polarized Holographic Artificial Impedance Surfaces

Computation of Fundamental Bounds for Antennas

Computation of Scattering from Rough Surfaces Using Successive Symmetric over Relaxation and Eigenvalue Deflation

Concept for Virtual Drive Testing on the Basis of Challenging V2X and LTE Link Scenarios

Conformal Structural Integration of Airborne Satellite Communication Antennas

Connectivity Model for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Continuous Leakage from Slow-Wave Structure for Integrated All-Dielectric Uniform Leaky Wave Antenna

Convex Optimization of Reactively Loaded Antenna Arrays with Backlobe and Sidelobe Constraints

Coplanar Waveguide Fed U-Band Horn Antenna Manufactured Using 3D Printing and Electroplating

Core-Shell Leaky-Wave Lens Antenna for 150GHz Fly's Eye Communication Systems

Correlation Levels for Measured Indoor 21.5 GHz Channels with a User-Held Handset

Cost-Effective 3D-Printed Antenna Measurement System for Educational Applications

Cross Polarization in Swept Beam THz Imaging Systems Using Off-Axis Parabolic Mirrors

Crossover Level Improvement Between Beams in a Geodesic Lens Antenna Based on a Generalized Luneburg Lens

Current Research Aspects in the Automotive Antenna Measurement Chamber VISTA at the TU Ilmenau

Dtop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Decoupling Between Multiple Planar Inverted-F Antennas Without Adjusting Antenna Configuration

Deep Learning Strategies for Quantitative Biomedical Microwave Imaging

Deep Learning-Based Joint Communication and Sensing for 6G Cellular-Connected UAVs

Deep Learning-Based Path Loss Prediction Using Side-View Images in an UMa Environment

DeepRay: Deep Learning Meets Ray-Tracing

Definition of Far Field Measurement Distance for 5G mmW Antenna Arrays: Application on N × M Patch Arrays

Design and Measurement of a Bandwidth Enhanced Quad-Ridged OMT

Design and Optimization of a Compact Planar Radiator for UWB Applications and Beyond

Design and Performance Comparison of Compact Resonant Cavity Antennas Using Customized 3D Printing Techniques

Design and Test of a Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna Array for a Sentinel-1 SAR Active Reflector with Co- and Cross- Polarization Capability

Design Aspects of 3D Printing for Gradient Index Lenses

Design of a 3D Printed Antenna for Grid of Beams Applications at mm-Wave Frequencies

Design of a D-Band Tilted Beam Antenna

Design of a Linearly Dual-Polarized and Dual-Wideband Multi-Ring Microstrip Antenna Fed by Two L-Probes for a Small Ground Plane

Design of a Low Frequency and Wide Band Reflector Antenna Feed for Future Earth Observation Radiometers

Design of a MIMO 5G Indoor Base Station Antenna Using Unit Cells

Design of a Non-Periodic Mushroom Antenna Using Bayesian Optimization

Design of a Rotman Lens Operating in the Full K/KA Band Using Ridge Waveguide Technology

Design of a UWB/Tri-Band Reconfigurable Flexible Antenna for IoT Applications

Design of an Amplitude-Tapered Corporate-Feed Slot Array Antenna with Reduced Side-Lobe Level for Silicon Micromachining

Design of an E-Band 1-Bit Reconfigurable Reflectarray Antenna Using PIN Diodes

Design of an Ultra-Wideband Antenna for Ambient Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting in 10.88-33.66 GHz

Design of Circularly Polarized and Highly Depointing Reflectarrays with High Polarization Purity

Design of Double-Reflector Objective for Corneal Sensing in the 220-330 GHz Band

Design of Dual Circularly Polarized Inclined Slot Pair Based on Stepped-Height Ridge Gap Waveguide with Series Excitation

Design of Dual-Polarized Display-Integrated Antenna Arrays for mmWave Communications

Design of FSS-Backed Reflectarray Cells for Coverage-Enhancing Panels with Suppressed Out-Of-Band Reflections in Millimeter-Wave 5G

Design of Fully Planar Cost-Effective Metamaterial-Enhanced SIW Antennas for 5G Applications

Design of High Gain and High Steering Angle Matrix Antenna for Electronic Warfare Application

Design of High-Frequency Selective Rasorber with Wide-Angle Broadband

Design of Multiband Stub Loaded Oval Ring Patch Antenna with Serpentine Shaped EBG for C- and Ku-Band Communications

Design of Tunable Millimetre-Wave Pass-Band FSS Unit-Cell Loaded with GaAs Air-Bridged Schottky Diodes

Design Optimization of Pyramidal Horn Antennas for 3D Printing in the mm-Wave Range

Designing a Microwave Moisture Content Sensor for Carasau Bread: A Feasibility Study

Designing Disordered Metasurfaces to Engineer Antenna Radiation

Detection of Water Through Steel-Lined Grout Using a Stepped-Frequency Continuous Wave Radar

Developing a MIMO Test Methodology Using Dynamic Channel Models and Link Adaptation

Development of MMIC for the Three Dimensional Phased Array Antenna as Student Project

Development of Robust CMA Tool for Efficient Modeling of Large PEC Structures

Development of Ultra-Wideband Textile-Based Metamaterial Absorber for mm-Wave Band Applications

Development of X-Band Antenna for CUBESAT Platform

Developments of Fixed-Beam and Electronically Reconfigurable Circularly Polarized Reflect-Arrays at X-Band

Device-Free Localization Using Millimeter-Wave Double-Directional Channel Sounding Measurements

Dielectric Characterization and Chemical Concentration Sensing Using T-Shaped Antenna

Dielectric Image Line Rod Antenna Array with Integrated Power Divider at W-Band

Dielectric Spectroscopy of High Permittivity Thin Solids Using Open-Ended Coaxial Probes

Diffraction-Limited Imaging Using a Silicon Integrated Array at Submillimeter Wavelengths

Digital Switch Matrix: A New Approach and Realization for Switch Matrix Structure

Direct Inversion Approach with Gaussian Ring Basis Functions for MTS Antennas Synthesis

Direction Finding with Time-Modulated Digital Metasurface

Directional Analysis of Jamming Attack for Connected Vehicular Platoons

Directional Modulation from a Wrist-Wearable Compact Antenna

Discontinuous Galerkin JMCFIE Formulation for Solving Multimaterial Composite Objects

Dispersion Control in Metallic 3D Cells to Synthesize Polarization Conversion

Dispersion HIE-SF-FDTD Method for Simulating Graphene-Based Absorber

Disposable 3D Printed Liquid Sensor

Dog IoT: Path Loss and Link Budget Analysis for Canine Wireless Body Area Network

Drop-By-Drop Radar Cross Section Calculations for S- and C-Band Weather Radar Frequencies

Dual Circularly-Polarized K-Band Horn Antennas with Bow-Tie Mode Converter

Dual Frequency MIMO Rectenna with Two-Branch Rectifier and Common Power Storage Unit

Dual Linear Polarization Waveguide Feed Alternatives for Fabry-Pérot Cavity Antennas

Dual Polarization Reflectarray Elements with Dynamic Reconfiguration Based on Liquid Crystal

Dual RFID Tag System for AC Current Sensing

Dual-Band and Dual Linear to Dual Circular Polarization Transformer FSS in Reflection for Satellite Communications

Dual-Band Metal Frame Blockage Reduction for 5G Mm-Wave Arrays in Mobile Phones

Dual-Band Millimetre-Wave Phase Shifting Metasurface Element Enabled by Air-Bridged Schottky Diodes

Dual-Band Multi-Polarization Metallic Cavity Antenna Design for Satellite Communications

Dual-Band Polarizer Reflectarray Operating in Dual-CP for High-Gain Antenna in CubeSats

Dual-Band, Dual-Linearly Polarized Transmitarrays for SATCOM Applications at Ka-Band

Dual-Circularly Polarized 3D Printed Gradient Index Flat Lens Antenna at W-Band

Dual-Linearly Polarized Wideband Printed Planar Monopole Antenna

Dual-Polarized/Dual-Band Antenna with Compact Size for GNSS and 5G NR Applications

Dynamic Metasurface Antenna for Computational Polarimetric Imaging

Dynamic Metasurface for Holographic Imaging

Etop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Effect of Integrated Lens Antenna Diameter on Scan Loss

Effect of Space Diversity for Fading Mitigation at 40 and 60 GHz Indoor Channels

Effect of Varying Prior Information in Axillary 2D Microwave Tomography

Effective Permittivity Measurement of 3D-Printed Dielectric Crystals

Effects from Equatorial Plasma Bubbles on the Propagation of Transionospheric Wideband Signals

Effects of Human Body on Characteristics of a Reverberation Chamber for Microwave Frequencies

Efficient Combination of Scalar-Potential Representations of Solenoidal Functions and Quasi-Helmholtz Projectors

Efficient Computation of Radomes and Lenses by MLFMM-FFT with NURBS

Efficient Design of H-Plane SIW Horn Antenna Array at mmWaves

Efficient Microwave Wireless Power Transmission Using Optimization Algorithm

Efficient Optimization of the Blended Rolled Edge of a Rectangular Single Offset-Fed Compact Antenna Test Range Reflector Using Genetic Evolution

Efficient Surface-Wave Excitation by Parallel-Plate Waveguide for Substrate Integrated Image Guides

Eigenanalysis-Based Port Synthesis of Multifeed Antenna for Power Combining

Eigenstate Equivalent Circuit for Bi-Periodic Surfaces: Application to Three Parallel Dipoles

Electrically Small Antenna with Embedded Operational Amplifier Circuit Surpasses the Passive Upper Bound of the Gain-Bandwidth Product

Electromagnetic Analysis of Lasing Eigenmodes of Twin Semiconductor Nanorods with Graphene Covers

Electromagnetic Characterization of Lunar Dust Simulants

Electromagnetic Triggering for Microfluidic Mixing

Embedding Antenna Booster in Smart-Metering Platforms

EME-Net: A U-Net-Based Indoor EMF Exposure Map Reconstruction Method

EMF Exposure of Human Head by Handset mmWave Phased Antenna Array

Encoding Strategy to Increase the Data Capacity in Near-Field Chipless-RFID Systems

End-To-End Transmission of Physiological Data from Implanted Devices to a Cloud-Enabled Aggregator Using Fat Intra-Body Communication in a Live Porcine Model

Enhanced Data Throughput Using 26 GHz Band Beam-Steered Antenna for 5G Systems

Enhancement Indoor mmWave Coverage Using Passive Reflector for NLOS Scenario

Enhancement of 5G Millimeter-Wave Coverage in Indoor Scenarios by Passive Shaped-Beam Reflectarray Panels

Enhancing mmWave Devices with Custom Lenses

Enhancing the Beamwidth of Low Profile Single-Fed Microstrip Antennas Using Parasitic Elements

Ensemble Learning for 5G Flying Base Station Path Loss Modelling

Environmental Reflections Diagnostics Through Radius Flights Using UASs

Equiangular Spiral Antenna Design Embedded in a Launcher Fuselage for S-Band Communications

Equivalent Circuit Model of Unbalanced Fed Tightly Coupled Dipole Array for Analyzing Even and Odd Modes

Estimation of Characteristics for the Reflective Rectangular Slot Element Using MoM with One Basis Function

Estimation of FSO Path Length at Mid-IR Wavelength

Evaluation of Chipless RFID Indoor Landmarks at 80 GHz and 240 GHz Using FMCW Radars

Evaluation of Multi-Faceted Reflectarray Configurations on SmallSats

Evaluation of near Singular Integrals for Computational Electromagnetics by Dimensionality Reduction

Evaluation of the Active Impedances in Large Interleaved Parasitic Arrays Antennas (IPAAs)

Evolution of the NISAR Feed Antenna Design Due to Environmental Requirements

Evolved Multiobjective Low Side-Lobe Taper for Beam Steerable Arrays

Examination of Antenna Calibration Methodologies in an Extrapolation Range

Examination of Impedance Response of Capsule-Integrated Antennas Through Gastrointestinal Tract

Exceptional Points of Degeneracy in Electromagnetic Periodic Waveguides and the Role of Symmetries

Experimental 39-GHz Band Propagation Measurements for Coverage Extension from the Sky

Experimental Demonstration of a Supergain Three-Dipole-End-Fire-Array

Experimental Demonstration of Anomalous Refraction with a 3D-Printed Binary Grating

Experimental Demonstration of Bessel-Beams Self-Healing at W-Band

Experimental Evaluation of Thin Bone Fracture Detection Using Microwave Imaging

Experimental Study of Loss and Variation of Human Blockage for Terahertz Wireless Communications

Experimental Testing of an Effective near to Far-Field Transformation for Flat Antennas Using Non-Redundant Spiral Data

Experimental Validation of Automotive OTA Measurements at Close Distance

Experimental Validation of Camouflaging a High-Index Dielectric Scatterer with Metasurfaces

Exploiting Metasurfaces in Wire Antennas Beyond Cloaking Applications

Exploiting the Electromagnetic Behavior of UHF-RFID Tags to Improve Worker Safety in Agricultural Workplace

Exploring Half-Mode Groove Gap Waveguide Performance and Advantages

Exponential Correlation Model for Electric Field Intensity in Reverberation Chambers

Extending the Range of 5G Energy Transfer: Towards the Wireless Power Grid

Extreme Wave Phenomena Based on Metamaterials

Extremely Small Size Mechanical Antenna, Propagating Electromagnetic Wave

Ftop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Fast and Accurate Database Using N-Linear Interpolation for Reflectarray Analysis, Layout Design and Crosspolar Optimization

Fast and Accurate Modeling and Optimization of Large Metasurface Considering near Couplings

Fast Array Diagnosis Based on Measured Complex Array Signals with Short Measurement Distance

Fast Eigenmode Mapping in Printed Periodic Structures

Fast Gain Switching on TwinRX USRPs

Fast Microwave Screening of Breast Tumors with a System-By-Design Inversion Strategy

Fast Spline-Based Antenna Measurements for Robotic Test Ranges via Pointwise Probe Correction

Feasibility Study for the Design of a Simultaneous X/Ka/Ka-Radar Feed System

Feasibility Study of Plaque Detection Using Electrical Impedance Techniques

Feeder System Design for OLAF SAR Instrument

Fine-Tuning Impedance Matching Circuit for a Triple-Band Meandered PIFA in Brain-Implantable Bio-Telemetric Systems

First Order Design of a Quadruple-Ridged Flared Horn for the ngVLA Band 1

Flat Luneburg Lens Antenna System in Gap Waveguide Technology at V-Band

Flat-Top Gaussian Arrays with Dynamic Range Ratio Control

Flexible and Adaptive Dipole-Based Triple-Fed Antenna for Single-Chip Transceiver

Flexible RFID Tag for Bottle Labelling

Flight Test Campaign of Embedded Electronically Steerable SATCOM Aero Antenna for Clean Sky 2 Project

FMM IE-GSTC Simulation of Metasurfaces with Complete Dyadic Surface Susceptibilities

Fourier-Based Radar Processing for Multistatic Millimetre-Wave Imaging with Sparse Apertures

FPC-Based Integration of 5G Mm-Wave Antennas and 5G Non-Mm-Wave Antennas for Mobile Phones

Frequency Dependence of Fire-Induced Signal Level Variability

Frequency Reconfigurable and Circularly Polarized Patch Antenna over Dual Ultra-Wideband Channels

Frequency-Bandwidth Dependent Degrees of Freedom as a Bound of Super-Directivity

From Physics to Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: A Pioneers' Point of View

From Sub-6 GHz to mm-Wave: Simultaneous Multi-Band Characterization of Propagation from Measurements in Industry Scenarios

Full-Metal X-Band Reflectarray for Small Satellite Constellations

Fully Coherent UAV-Based Near-Field Measurement and Transformation of the S67-15m Ground Station Antenna at the German Space Operations Center in Weilheim

Fused Filament Fabrication Additive Manufacturing and Characterisation at Loughborough University for RF Applications

Future Massive MIMO Antenna Technologies for 5G and 6G

Gtop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Gain Improvement of Wideband Patch Antenna at Millimeter-Wave Band Using Novel Metamaterial Superstrate

Generation of Sum and Difference Radiation Beams with a 2-Bit Polarization-Dependent Metasurface

Geographical Clustering of Path Loss Modeling for Wireless Emulation in Various Environments

Geometry-Based Stochastic Channel Model for Train-To-Train Communication in Open Field Environment

Glide-Symmetric Periodic Structures with Enhanced Isotropic Properties

Gradient-Based Topology Optimization in Method of Moments with Black & White Material Elements

Greedy Channel Allocation in Meshed Wideband HF Radio Networks with Channel Aggregation

Htop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Handmade Microstrip Leaky-Wave Antenna in UHF Band for Educational Purposes

Hardware Acceleration of Biomedical Microwave Techniques Using High Level Synthesis

Height of the 0ºC Isotherm and the Melting Layer in Madrid: Comparison of Estimations from Different Sensors

High Aperture Efficiency 3D-Printed Radial GRIN Lens

High Gain and Fixed Broadside Radiation at 140GHz Band by a Leaky Wave Slotted Waveguide

High Gain Broadband Stacked Filtering Antenna with Stable Radiation Pattern

High Isolation Wideband SICL Excited Compact MIMO Antenna Array for 5G Endfire Applications in Customer Premises Equipment

High-Directivity Ultra-Sparse Antenna Arrays Using Multielement Metagratings

High-Gain Multi-Linear Polarization Reconfigurable Antenna in the Millimeter-Wave Band

High-Gain Slotted Waveguide Array Fed by A Sectoral Horn

High-Gain Wideband and Superdirective Electronically-Beam-Switchable Antenna for Smart Communication Objects

High-Performance Processing with Equivalent Currents: Results on a Very Large Measured Antenna

Higher-Symmetries for Broadband Reflecting Luneburg Lenses at Ka-Band

Highly Efficient and Wideband Millimeter-Wave Slotted-Array Antenna Technology for 5G Communications

Highly Miniaturized Folded-Slot Based MIMO Antenna Design for CubeSat Applications

Highly Transparent Fully Metallic 1-Bit Coding Metasurfaces for Near-Field Transformation

Horizontally Polarized Antenna Array for an Airborne Ka-PolInSAR System

Horn Filtering Antenna with Internal Full Metal 3-D Frequency Selective Surface for X-Band Space Applications

How to Transform an Aortic Valve Prostheses into an UHF Antenna for the RFID-Based Wireless Monitoring of the Cardiac Health

Human Brain Imaging by Electromagnetic Tomography: A Mobile Brain Scanner for Clinical Settings

Huygens' Metasurfaces for Antenna Beamforming and Beamsteering

Huygens' Metasurfaces for Extending the Scan-Range of Phased Arrays

Hybrid Active Antennas for Telecom Applications

Hyperbolic Positioning and Tracking of Moving UHF-RFID Tags by Exploiting Neural Networks

Itop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Impact of a Transmitting-RIS on the Geometrical Structure of Indoor mmWave Channels

Impact of Drug Treatment on the Electromagnetic Properties of Basal Cell Carcinoma Cancer in the Terahertz Band

Impact of the Number of Transmitting-Receiving Channels on the Quality of the Images Obtained by a Millimeter-Wave Freehand Imager

Implementation of an Open Ended PTD-Symmetric Edge Waveguide

Improved Axial Ratio Bandwidth for Dual-Band Dual-Circular Polarization FSS in Transmission Mode for Satellite Communications by Stub Tuned Resonator

Improved Iterative DGFM Convergence, Towards Large-Scale Antenna Array Analysis

Indoor Material Transmission Measurements Between 2 GHz and 170 GHz for 6G Wireless Communication Systems

Indoor Radio Channel Modeling at D-Band Frequencies

Industrial Design of Active Antenna Arrays

Influence of Stirrer Vibration During Stepwise Operation of a Reverberation Chamber

Influence of Wave Diffraction on the Coastal Airfield Surface on the Glide Path Behavior

Information Processing at the Deep Physical Layer Level

Initial Experimental Validation of a Microwave Imaging System to Monitor Liver Microwave Thermal Ablation

Initial Results on D Band Channel Measurements in LOS and NLOS Office Corridor Environment

Inset Feed Impedance Matching Technique for Rectennas

Integrated Wideband Dual-Polarized ME-Dipole Planar Antenna Array with Tight Coupled Elements

Intelligent Design of Metamaterials via Machine Learning Techniques

Internal Probing of an Asteroid Analogue by Electromagnetic Method

Inverse Design of a Dual-Band Reflective Polarizing Surface Using Generative Machine Learning

Inverse Design of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Neural Network Combining with Time-Domain Representation of S-Parameters

Investigation of a Flat, High-Gain Omni-Directional Antenna

Investigation of Different Levels of Probe Compensation in Spherical near Field Measurements Performed with Wideband and Dual-Polarized Probes

Investigation of Eavesdropping Opportunities in a Meeting Room Scenario for THz Communications

Investigation of Material and Scattering Losses in Antennas in Transmitting and Receiving Mode

Investigation on Simplified Test Environment of OTA In-Band Blocking for 5G Millimeter-Wave Radio Base Stations

Investigation on User Shadow Suppression for Mobile Handset Antenna at 28GHz

Ktop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Ka-Band Mechanically Steered Phase Shifter for Satellite User Terminals

Ltop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Large DUT Testing in FR2 MIMO OTA

Large Scale Channel Parameters Estimation by Utilization of Reflected Rays Information for an Urban Environment

Latency Validation Method for 3D 5G Networks' URLLC Applications

Leaky Enhanced Photo-Conductive Connected Array for Efficient Generation of THz Power

Leaky-Wave Lens Focal Plane Array for an Integral Field Unit at 7.8 THz

Learning-Assisted Electromagnetic Inversion for Imaging High Contrast Target

Level Measurement of Low-Permittivity Material Using an M-Sequence UWB Radar

Limits of WPT Through the Human Body Using Radio Frequency

Line-Of-Sight Probability for Urban Microcell Network Deployments

Linear Polarization from Scalar Modulated Metasurfaces

Linear-To-Circular Polarization Converter Based on Four-Arms Star FSS at 5.2 GHz for 5G Applications

Linearly Polarized Transmit-Array Operating in mmWave Bands, Design, Optimization and Demonstration

Liquid Metal Enabled SIW Vias and RF Blocking Walls for Reconfigurable Antennas

Localizing Targets via Properly-Synthesized Orbital Angular Momentum Vortices

Long Term Scintillation Measurements at Ka and Q-Bands

Long-Term Measurements of Tropospheric Scintillation at Very Low Elevation Angles - Initial Analysis

Low Cost Active Phased Array with Switchable Circular Polarization in Ka Band for SATCOM Application

Low Cost over the Air Testing Method to Create a 3D Spatially Dynamic Environment to Evaluate the Performance of 5G Millimeter Wave Devices

Low Cost Wideband Rectangular Patch Antenna Based on Complementary Structure in Transmission Configuration

Low Profile Three Element Half Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Antenna for MIMO Application

Low Radar Cross Section Dipole Antenna Integrated with Absorptive Frequency Selective Reflection Structure

Low-Cost Feature-Based Tolerance Optimization of Multi-Band Antennas

Low-Cost Setup for Electromagnetic SAR Evaluation in a Human Phantom

Low-Frequency Data Learning for Solving Highly Nonlinear Inverse Scattering Problems

Low-Noise Amplifier-Antenna Co-Design Overview

Low-Profile and High-Gain Submm-Wave Lens Antenna for Compact Instruments

Low-Profile Automotive Antenna Systems for MIMO 5G and L1/L5 GNSS Communications

Mtop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

MammoWave Breast Imaging Device: Path to Clinical Validation, Results and Implications in Future Population-Based Breast Screening Programs

Manufacturing and Testing of a 94GHz Linear Slot Array Designed by the MoM-FMP Technique

Maximization of Millimeter-Wave LoS OAM Link Using Beam Steering and Partial Receiving

Measured Radiation Behaviour of a UAV-Attached LTE Antenna

Measurement Based Identification of MPCs in an Urban Drone-To-Drone Propagation Scenario

Measurement of Low Frequency Antennas in Indoor Reflective Environments with the Synthetic Probe Array Technique

Measurement Path Optimization in Non-Structured Near-Field Acquisitions

Measurement Trials of Radiowave Propagation Through Pinus Pinaster Fuel Bed Under Fire

Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation for Validating RF/EMC Chambers from 30 MHz to 1000 MHz

Measurement-Based Analysis of Atmospheric Attenuation by Considering Different Weather Types for Visible Light Communications

Measurement-Based Propagation Channel Modeling for Communication Between a UAV and a USV

Measurements and Modeling of Radiohelmet-UAV LoRa Links in a Mountain Canyon

Measurements of IP3 and P1dB for Spectrum Monitoring with Software Defined Radios

Meta-Surface Boosted Antenna to Achieve Higher than 50 dB TRX Isolation at 26 GHz for Joint Communication and Radar Sensing (JC&S)

Metagratings with Advanced Scattering Features

Metal-Only Multi-Beam Fabry-Perot Antenna

Metal-Only Reflectarray Unit Cell for Dual-Polarization Control

Metantennas: Opportunities and Challenges in Future Microwave Metasurface Antenna Research and Applications

Metasurface Antenna System for Pedestrian to Vehicle Communications Based on IEEE 802.11p: Design and Evaluation

Metasurface-Enhanced Antenna for Microwave Breast Imaging

Micro Versus Macro Antenna Corridor for Trains Equipped with FSS Windowpanes

Microfluidically Frequency & Polarization Reconfigurable Patch Antennas

Microstrip Radiating Element with High Polarization Purity for Weather Observations

Microstrip-To-Waveguide Transition for 3D-Printed mm-Wave Sectoral Horn Array

Microwave Absorber Made of Hanoi-Tower Shaped Dielectric Resonators and a Magnetic Support

Microwave and Contactless Sensor for Millimeter Inclusions Detection in Biomedical Applications

Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Imaging in Real Time

Microwave Antenna Array Calibration via Simulated and Measured S-Parameters Matching

Millimeter Wave Antenna on Eco-Friendly Substrate for Radar Applications

Millimeter-Wave Antenna Arrays for 5G Mobile Handset

Millimeter-Wave Gap-Waveguide Interconnect for Launcher in Package Technology

Millimeter-Wave Lightweight 3D-Printed 4x1 Aluminum Array Antenna

Millimeter-Wave Quasi-Optical Feeds for Linear Array Antennas in Gap Waveguide Technology

MIMO Measurements at 25 GHz in Factory Environment

MIMO mmWave Over-The-Air Testbed Calibration Using Symmetries and Experimental Verification

Miniature Super-Directive and Super-Gain Parasitic Antenna Array Based on Far-Field Pattern Synthesis

Miniaturized 5G Module of Wideband Dual-Polarized Mm-Wave Antennas-In-Package as Non-Mm-Wave Antennas (AiPaA) for Handsets

Miniaturized Circularly Polarized Implantable Antenna for Leadless Pacemaker Devices

Miniaturized CORPS-BFN to Feed OLAF SAR Instrument

Minimum Q-Factor for Microstrip Antennas

MiWEndo: Microwave Endoscopy System for Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer. Challenges in the Industrialization and Preclinical Phase

Mobile Network Testing of 5G NR FR1 and FR2 Networks: Challenges and Solutions

Mode-Matching Procedure for Second Order Rotationally Symmetric Modes

Modeling and Measurements for Multi-Path Mitigation with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

Modelling 3D Dynamic Cloud Fields to Investigate the Performance of FSO SatCom Systems

Modified CSRRs in SIW Technology for Passband Improvement

Modified Equivalent Circuit Model for Modal Admittance of A Dipole with Dielectric Loads

Monte-Carlo Method for EMF Exposure Distribution Assessment in 5G Base Station

Mosaic Frequency Selective Surface with Wideband Response for the Optically Transparent and Absorber Applications

Multi-Band Antenna System for IoT from Space Applications

Multi-Band Outdoor-To-Indoor Propagation Measurements Using a Drone

Multi-Beam Tracking for Phased Array Antenna Measurement by Multiple UAVs

Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing of Microwave Devices

Multi-Permittivity 3D-Printed Ceramic Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Space Applications - Measurement

Multi-Probe Linear Matrix Inversion Method in Sub-Array Internal Element Calibration

Multi-Resolution Strategies for Microwave Inverse Scattering - Challenges, Solutions, and Future Trends

Multi-Standards Slot-Based Antenna Design for NB-IoT and LTE-M Applications

Multibeam Binomial MSA Array for Sub-6 GHz Application

Multibeam Directional Secure Transmission with Multiport Compact Antenna

Multibeam Leaky-Wave Antenna for Mm-Wave Wide-Angular-Range AoA Estimation

Multibeam Leaky-Wave Antenna with Independent Beam Control at Millimeter Waves

Multidisciplinary Data Fusion for THz Ray-Tracing

Multifunctional Metasurface for Broadband Reflect-Transmit-Array Antenna at 5G Millimeter-Wave Band

Multimodal Transfer Matrix Approach for the Analysis and Fundamental Understanding of Periodic Structures with Higher Symmetries

Multipath-Based Localization and Tracking Considering Off-Body Channel Effects

Multipath-Enhanced Device-Free Localization Using Low-Cost Ultra-Wideband Devices

Multistatic Electromagnetic Imaging of Dielectric Targets with LSTM Cells

Muscle Analyzer System: Exploring Correlation Between Novel Microwave Resonator and Ultrasound-Based Tissue Information in the Thigh

Mutual Decoupling for Wideband and Dual-Polarized Antenna Array by Using Compact Decoupling Walls

Ntop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Narrow Band Rejection in UltraWideband Pixel Antennas

Near-Field Synthesis of Spatially-Fed Arrays for Uniform Field Distribution in Complex Areas

New Antennas for Satellite Communications and Earth Observation

New Method for Calculation of Average Electric Properties of Reference Head Phantom in Microwave Imaging

New Reconfigurable HMSIW Associated to Horn Antenna

New Uniplanar and Broadside-Coupled CSRR Substrate Integrated Waveguides for mmWave Components

Non-Dense Thin Sheets Electromagnetic Analysis with a Second-Order Transition Condition

Non-Homogeneous Fabry-Pérot Antenna Design Process to Improve Aperture Efficiency

Nondestructive Material Measurements

Nonlinear Effects of Electromagnetic Pulse on a Plasma-Based Electrically Small VHF Antenna

Numerical Analysis of Dispersion Compensation for Guided Electromagnetic Waves in Rectangular Microwave Waveguides

Numerical Analysis of the Azimuthally Magnetized Ferrite-Dielectric Circular Waveguide

Numerical Aspects of the Application of Ray-Tracing to Geodesic Lenses

Numerical Design of Two-Dimensional Switching Matrices with a Triangular Lattice of Beams

Numerical Dosimetry at 5G-Bands Using Time-Domain Methods and the Impact of Discretization and Uncertainty in Tissues Constitutive Parameters

Numerical Quantitative Evaluation of the Skin Impact in Breast Cancer Imaging at mm-Waves

Numerical Weather Prediction Models for the Simulation of Propagation Impairments on Earth-Satellite Communications.

Otop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Off-Grid Compressive Sensing Based Channel Estimation with Non-Uniform Grid in Millimeter Wave MIMO System

Omnidirectional Millimeter-Wave Propagation Characteristics of Corridor Environments Based on Measurements at 28, 38, 71 and 82 GHz

On Breast Imaging from Joint Microwave and Acoustic Data Within a Bayesian Framework

On Spatial Visualization of Mutual Coupling with Applications to Small Embedded Antennas

On the Demonstration of Dynamic Beam-Steering with a Scanning Lens Phased Array at W-Band

On the Design of HAPs High Throughput and Flexible 5G Communication Payloads

On the Design of Unit Cells with Diagonal Symmetry for Wideband Polarization Converters

On the Evaluation of Mutual Coupling in Integrated Lens Arrays

On the Maximum Power Density of Implanted Antennas Within Simplified Body Phantoms

On the Modelling of a Quasi-Optical Link Between Two Photoconductive Antennas Under Pulsed Laser Illumination

On the Modelling, Design and Characterization of Pulsed Photo-Conducting THz Front Ends

On the Phase-Compensated Long-Range VNA-Based Channel Sounder for Sub-6GHz, mmWave and Sub-THz Frequency Bands

On the Sampling Effects of Disdrometer-Derived Data Measured by the 1D-Video-Disdrometer

On the Scattering of Nondiffractive Beams by PEC and Dielectric Cylindrical Objects

On the Use of Leaky-Wave Antennas for Amplitude Monopulse Comparison

On the Use of the Volumetric Method of Moments for the Analysis and Design of Integrated Feeds

On-Body Path-Gain Investigation for Body-Centric Wireless Communications for Hearing Instruments

One-Way Doppler and Interferometry: Space Domain Awareness

Opportunistic Navigation Using Sub-6 GHz 5G Downlink Signals: A Case Study on A Ground Vehicle

Optically Controlled Circularly Polarized-Reconfigurable Millimeter-Wave Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna Using Photoconductive Switches

Optimal Design Method of RF-DC Conversion Circuits for Various Input and Load Conditions Required for Rectenna Site Design

Optimal MIMO Sparse Array Design Based on Simulated Annealing Particle Swarm Optimization

Optimal Planning of Passive Reflective Skins for Next-Generation Smart EM Urban Environments

Optimization of Uniform Amplitude Periodic Linear Phased Arrays for Grating Lobe Reduction

Orthogonality Sampling Method for Identifying Small Anomalies in Microwave Imaging

OTHR Phase-Only Beamformer Drone-Based Measurements

Outage Performance of Cooperative Satellite Diversity System Using Two Aerial Regenerative Relays

Outdoor Line-Of-Sight Path Loss Modeling at 140 GHz

Overlapped Subarrays of Leaky-Wave Antennas for a Reflector-Based SAR Instrument

Ptop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Package-PCB Near-Field Antenna Co-Design for K-Band Radar-Based Breast Cancer Detection

Parallel-Plate Lens Beamformer in Multilayer PCB Technology for Wide-Angle Scanning

Parallel-Plate Waveguide with a Bed of Nails for Radial-Line Slot Array Antennas

Parasitic-Based Frequency-Agile Electrically Small Antenna Design

Parity-Time Glide-Symmetry and Third Order Exceptional Degeneracy in a Three-Way Microstrip Waveguide

Passive and Modular Surface Design for Tailoring EM Propagation in Urban Scenarios

Path Loss Measurements and Modelling in a Citrus Plantation in the 1800 MHz, 3.5 GHz and 28 GHz in LoS

Path-Loss Modelling and Scalloping Aspects in Intelligent Reflecting Surface Assisted Communication: A Method-Of-Moment Analysis

Penrose Tiling Subarrays for Large-Scanning and Energy-Saving Phased Array

Performance Analysis of Classification Algorithms for Millimeter-Wave Imaging

Performance Analysis of Indoor Distributed Massive MIMO Based on Channel Measurements at 3.5 GHz

Performance Assessment of a UHF-RFID Robotic Inventory System for Industry 4.0

Performance of Doubly Periodic Absorpbing Structures Formed by Spherical Black Holes on a PEC Screen

Periodic Integral Equation Formulation for the Numerical Analysis of Glide Structures

Phase and Polarization Singularities in Circular Electric Dipole Array

Phase Change Material Based Reconfigurable Transmitarray: A Feasibility Study

Phase Gradient Metasurface for Wide Angle Beam Scanning Antennas with Highly Reduced Sidelobes

Phase Reconfiguration via SIW Structures Filled with Liquid Metal

Phased Array Antenna Design with Improved Radiation Characteristics for Mobile Handset Applications

Phaseless Probe-Fed Antenna Measurement by Means of Flexible Freehand System

Phaseless, Non-Redundant Planar Wide-Mesh Scanning for Antenna Characterization: Numerical Validation

Physics-Based Model Order Reduction for CAD: Shrinking Electromagnetics into a Simple Circuit

Piezoelectric Tuning for Ultra-Low-Loss Tuneable Mm-Wave and THz Components

Pixel Optimization via Genetic Algorithm of a Flat Epidermal Antenna for Fat Channel Communication

Planar Glide-Symmetric Dielectric Half-Luneburg Lens at K/Ka-Band

Plantenna: Using Plant Leaves to Increase Antenna Performance

Platform for Multi-User Channel-Based Encryption of Speech Communication with AES on 2.45 GHz

Polarization Conversion from a Two-Port Impedance Loaded Tag

Polarization Dependent Multi-Functional Engineered Surface

Polarization of BS Array in FR2 Deployments

Potential of Edge-Soldering in Millimeter-Wave Antenna Design

Potentially Fast Spherical Near-Field Measurements for General Antennas Based on Signal Derivatives

Power Reception and Verification Procedure for Small-Scale SPS Satellite Demonstration

Preconditioned Inverse Source Solutions

Predicted and Measured Antenna Patterns of the European Large Deployable Reflector

Preliminary Design of a Double Ridge Waveguide Device for Monitoring the Complex Permittivity of Carasau Bread Doughs

Preliminary Development of Anatomically Realistic Breast Tumor Models for Microwave Imaging

Preliminary Phantom-Based Dynamic Calibration Techniques Assessment for Microwave Colonoscopy Systems

Preliminary Results of a Multibeam Reflectarray Antenna in Ka-Band for LEO Satellites Constellations

Preliminary Study of a Lens Antenna for a Solar Power Satellite

Preliminary Study of Bone Tumors Hyperthermia at Microwaves Using Magnetic Implants

Printed Non-Metallic Textile-Based Carbon Antenna for Low-Cost Green Wearable Applications

Production Measurement of 5G Millimeter Wave Plane Wave Generators

Programmable Metasurface Intelligent Beamforming

Proof of Concept of Interconnect-Free DRA-SAW RFID Sensing System for Temperature Monitoring

Propagation and Channel Modelling for Smart Railways

Propagation Experiment Using a G-Band Terrestrial Link: Design and Preliminary Results

Propagation Graphs for UWB MIMO Channels: Modeling and Experimental Validation

Propagation Measurements Comparing Indoor and Outdoor Hotspot Coverage at 28, 58, and 143 GHz

Propagation Models Trials for TV White Spaces in Colombian Rain Forest

PTD Symmetric Wideband Absorbers

Qtop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Quantum Metamaterials and Metasurfaces

Quantum-Assisted Combinatorial Optimization of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

Rtop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

Radar Cross Section Enhancement Using Metasurfaces for Road Safety Applications

Radar-Based Refractivity Estimation: A New Calibration Approach Relying on Reanalysis Data

Radial Line Helical Phased Array with Antenna Elements Rotated by Motors for Microwave Power Transmissions

Radial Line Patch Array Antenna with Enhanced Circularly Polarized Beam-Steering Performance for K-Band Fixed Radio Links

Radiative Wireless Power Transfer System Using Circularly Polarised Transmitter-Receiver Antenna Module to Improve Power-Transfer-Efficiency

Radio Channel Emulation for Virtual Drive Testing with Site-Specific Channels

Radio Transparency Control of Road Electromagnetic Barriers for C-V2X Communications

Radio-Frequency Guidance System for Path-Following Industrial Autonomous Guided Vehicles

Rainfall Measurements in Bolivia: Conversion of Statistics from 15-Min to 1-Min by EXCELL RSC Model and Accuracy Test of ITU-R P.837

Ray-Field Scattered by Polygonal Reflecting Intelligent Surfaces

Receive Antenna Selection for Time-Reversal Receive Antenna Shift Keying Systems

Receiver Structures for Phase Modulated FMCW Radars

Recent Advances in Artificial Neural Networks for EM Parameterized Modeling and Optimization

Recent Advances in Complex Reflectarray Synthesis Within the System-By-Design Framework

Recent Developments in the Design and Realization of Advanced Electromagnetic Surfaces

Recent Developments of Wideband and Multi-Band Dual-Circularly-Polarized Reflect-Arrays

Reconfigurable FSS with a Switchable Passband for Space Applications in X and Ka Bands

Reconfigurable Phase-Shifter Based on Glide-Symmetric Substrate-Integrated Holes and High-Impedance Metasurfaces

Reconfigurable Wideband Linear-Polarized and Dual Left/Right-Hand Circularly-Polarized Waveguide Antennas for Beamforming Antenna Array

Reducing the Propagation of Switching Noise by Optimization of Vias Location Using CST Studio Suite

Reduction of Radiation Pattern Distortion of Beam Scanning Antennas Inside Radome

Reduction of Sidelobe Level for Dual Frequency and Dual Polarization Reflectarray

Reflection and Penetration Loss Wideband Measurements of Building Materials at 28 GHz and 39 GHz

Reproducible Virtual Test Drive for Car2Car/Car2X and Its Application on a New Parallel Sniffing Diversity Circuit

Results on Shadowing Determination with Linear Cost Scaling for Physical Optics Analysis

RF Coverage Mapping of Bistatic Radio Links Using the Terrain Integrated Rough Earth Model (TIREM)

RF Modeling and Measurements of a Reflectarray for Synthetic Aperture Radar for Earth Observations

RF Performance of USRP TwinRX Daughterboard Under Influence of Strong Interferers

RMS Delay Spread Model for 60 GHz Band for Offices and Conference Rooms

RNN Based Prediction of Path Loss Fading Distribution by Interval Estimation

Robust Antenna Composed of Metal Box with a Slot and Inner Folded Dipole Element

Robustness Testing of a Compact Distributed Automotive GNSS Array in Virtual Environment

Stop 1 2 3 4 5 6 A B C D E F G H I K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X

SAFEDRONE Project: Development of a UAV-Based High-Resolution GPR System for IED Detection

Salient Features of Eulerian and Quaternion Formalisms in Antenna Applications

SAR-Based Sensing of Harmonic Transponders

SAW Based Sensing System Coupled to a Thin Flexible Antenna for Biomedical Applications

SbD-Based Propagation Contouring Through 1-Bit Dual-Polarization Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces

SDR-Based Communication Sniffing for Determining the Proliferation of ITS-G5

Selecting Characteristic Modes in Multi-Mode Direction Finding Antenna Design by Using Reconstructed Incident Fields

"Self-Adaptive" Antenna That Can Maintain Its Beam Direction Irrespective of Device Orientation

Sensorized Facemask with Temperature RFID Sensor for Cough Analysis

Shape Regularization and Acceleration of Topology Optimization via Point Group Symmetries

Shape Representation in a Fixed Discretization Grid for Accelerated Topology Optimization

Short-Term Forecast of Radiocommunication Geostationary Satellite Links Coupling Weather Prediction and Radiopropagation Models

SICL Excited Dual Band Uniform Crossed Dipole Array for Endfire Applications at 5G Millimeter Wave Frequencies

Simple Geometrical Frequency Reconfigurable Antenna with Miniaturized Dimensions for 24.8/28GHz 5G Applications

Simple Matching Technique Using Finite Metasurface to Control Surface Waves

Simulating the Radar Cross Section of a Bare Tree: From Megahertz to Terahertz

Simulation and Measurement for Sidelink Communication Between Cars and Bicycles

Simulation-Based Machine Learning Training for Brain Anomalies Localization at Microwaves

Simultaneous Localization and Antenna Calibration

Simultaneous X/Wide-Band-Ka Feed System for SATCOM Reflector Antenna Applications

Single Layer Multimodal OAM Reflectarray

Single-Cut Phaseless Near-Field to Far-Field Transformation

Site-Level Deterministic Channel Emulator: Grid-Based Architecture and Continuous Channel Emulation Technique

Slot-Loaded Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna for a Microwave Imaging System to Monitor Liver Microwave Thermal Ablation

Small Conformal Cavity-Backed Magnetoelectric Antenna for GNSS Bands

Smart Apertures for In-Flight Electronically Steerable Antennas in LEO/MEO/GEO Satellite Constellations

Smart Electromagnetic Environments Enabled by Metasurfaces 3.0

Smart EM Environments: Current Trends and Future Perspectives

Solving Electromagnetic Scattering in Dielectric Bodies by Monte Carlo Sampling

Space-Fed Antenna Based on Dielectric-Only Transmitarray

Space-Time-Coding Digital Metasurfaces for New-Architecture Wireless Communications

Spatial and Spectral Behavior of Characteristic Modes Within Periodic Unit Cells

Spatial Distribution of Equivalent Echo Sources in Antenna Measurements with a Moving Antenna Under Test

Spatial Domain Indirect Holography for Phaseless Microwave Imaging

Spatial-Temporal Correlations of U2V Channel Considering Fuselage Posture and Antenna Pattern

Spatially Dispersive Electromagnetic Metasurfaces: Multipolar Modeling Vs Extended GSTCs

Spatially-Discrete Traveling-Wave Modulation: A Higher-Order Space-Time Symmetry

Spectrum Sensing by Wideband Antenna for Cognitive Radio Applications

Stacked Geodesic Lenses for Radar Applications in the W-Band

Statistical Modelling of Short-Range Interference Paths

Stratified Media, Spectral Domain, Square Roots and Sommerfeld Integrals

Stub-Loaded Sub-Terahertz Wideband Antenna Design and Measurement

Study of Channel Model Validation in Millimeter Wave MIMO OTA Test

Study of Feasibility for 2D and 3D Innovative Jet Printed RF Devices

Study of MACKEY Type H Antenna Miniaturized Using Slits

Study on the Series Arrangement of One-Dimensional Leaky-Wave Antennas

Studying the Noise Performance of CORPS Beam Forming Networks

Sub-Millimeter-Wave Validation Standard Antenna Requirements and Design

Sub-Terahertz Path-Loss Characteristics in an Urban Microcell Environment for 6G

Sub-THz Time-Reversal

Substrate Integrated Waveguide Based Compact Multiband and Broadband Antennas at X / Ku-Bands

Substrate Integrated Waveguide Cavity Backed Slot Antennas for Millimeter-Wave Applications

Substrate Integrated Waveguide Pedestal Filtenna for Sub-6 GHz 5G Radio Frequency Front-Ends

Surface Current Optimization of Dipole Antenna Close to Ground Plane for 5G Mobile Applications

Sustainable Multi-User Communication with Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces in 5G Wireless Networks and Beyond

Synthesis and Characterization of a Focused-Beam Transmitarray Antenna at 300 GHz

Synthesis of a Metasurface-Based Bessel Beam Launcher at Microwaves and Millimeter Waves

Synthesis of Dual-Band Leaky-Wave Antenna Feeds for Submillimeter-Wave Imaging

Synthesis of L1 Pencil Beams with Constrained Sidelobe Level and Dynamic Range Ratio

Synthesis of Sparse Large Arrays via Sequential Convex Optimizations

Systematic Analysis of Microwave Breast Imaging Detection of Different-Sized Malignant and Benign Tumors

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Tapered Continous Transverse Stub Antenna in Hybrid Technology for SatCom Applications

Target Localization by Mobile Handheld UHF RFID Reader

Target Selection in Multistatic Microwave Breast Imaging Setup Using Dielectric Lens

Temperature Dependent RF Characterization of Thin-Film Polyimide for 5G mmWave Antenna-In-Package Modules

Terahertz Enabled Use Cases for Smart Mobility Towards B5G and 6G Communications

Textile Star-Shaped Supershaped Patch Antenna for 5G Applications

The 2019-2022 ESA-EurAAP Facility Comparison Campaign with the DTU-ESA mm-VAST Antenna - Mid-Term Status

The Application of Machine Learning for Computational Electromagnetic Solver Selection

The Caltech Space Solar Power Project: Design, Progress, and Future Direction

The Effect of Contact Pressure on Ex-Vivo Measurements of the Conductivity of Liver

The Hybrid Chamber for OTA Measurements: Plane Wave Spectrum Quality vs. Dynamic Range Trade-Off

The Measurement-Based Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces Path Loss Model

The Resonant Electrical Length of Helical Antennas Placed Between Metallic Parallel Plates

The Way One Defines Specification Matters: On the Performance Criteria for Efficient Antenna Optimization in Aggregated Bi-Objective Setups

Theoretical Calculation of the Phase Limit for Transmitarray Unit Cell

Theoretical Efficiency and Dosimetry of Buffered On-Body Transmitter Antennas for Wireless Powering of In-Body Devices

Theory and Analysis on Omnidirectional Mode of Cylindrical Laminated Resonator Antenna

Thermally Actuated Vanadium Dioxide Millimeter Wave Reflectarray

Thermographic Investigation of Frequency-Reconfigurable Wearable Antennas

Toward Fast Machine Design of Metasurface Antennas

Towards Holographic Antenna Systems for MIMO Radar and Communication Applications

Towards Improved IoT LoRa-WAN Connectivity Using Broadband Omnidirectional Antennas

Towards Real-Time Monitoring of Pulsed Microwave Ablation Using Thermoacoustic Signals: A Study of Signal Characteristics as a Function of Salinity

Transfer Function Analysis and Vehicle Models for Investigation of Coupling Between a Multi-Antenna System and Wires

Transmit Lens Arrays for Broadband THz Power Distribution and Beam Steering

Transmitter Considerations for 5G Wireless Powered Sensor Networks

Transparent Spherical Spiral Antenna for Capsule Endoscopy Systems

Triple-Band Dual-Antenna Decoupling System for Mobile Handset

Triple-Band Quad-Element Polarization/Pattern Diversity Directional MIMO Antenna for Sub-6 GHz Application

Tropospheric Scintillation Fading Analysis of Alphasat Satellite Measurements in Ka and Q Bands

Two Co-Linear Transitions for Q-Band Horn Waveguide Dense Cluster

Two-Channel Epidermal RFID Sensor for the Analysis of Nasal Respiratory Flow

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UHF Wideband Antenna Design for AUV Applications

Ultra Low Power Wireless Epidermal Sensor for Battery-Less pH Monitoring in the Sub-6 GHz 5G Band

Ultra-Small Bent Meta-Waveguide Filters

Ultrathin Metamaterial-Inspired Huygens Dipole Antenna and Rectenna Arrays for Wireless Power Transfer Enabled IoT Applications

UltraWideband Microstrip to Waveguide Transition for 5G MillimeterWave Applications

Understanding Phase Pattern Discrepancies in UAV-Based Measurements of a SKA-Low Prototype

Understanding Single-Element Beamforming Using Characteristic Modes and a Change of Basis

Unit Cell Polarizability and Sheet Impedance Extraction in Aperiodic Environments

Using 3D Soil Surface Profile to Predict and Remove the Surface Response in Stripmap SAR

Using a Conical Horn as Compact Antenna Test Range Feed in Millimetre Bands

Using the Convolutional Neuron Network for Target Localization and Wall Characterization in the Through the Wall Imaging Problem

UWB-MIMO Antenna for Wireless Communication Systems with Isolation Enhancement Using Metamaterial

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V-Band Vivaldi Antenna for Beyond-5G Integrated Photonic-Wireless Millimetre Wave Transmitter

Validating FR2 MIMO OTA Channel Models in 3D MPAC

Validation of Propagation Delay on the Development of Wi-Fi CSI Based Channel Sounder for Passive Motion Sensing

Verification of RTK Positioning of UAVs with High-Precision Laser Tracker

Verification of THz Channel Sounder and Delay Estimation with Over-The-Air Multipath Artifact

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W-Band Waveguide Slotted Array Antenna Based on Stacked Glide-Symmetric Metal Sheets Fed by a Groove Gap Waveguide

Wave Scatterer Localization in Outdoor-To-Indoor Channels at 4 and 14 GHz

Waves in Linear Time-Varying Dielectric Media

Wearable Harmonic Transponder for IoT Applications

Wearable Sensor for Breath Rate Monitoring

Wearable Slotted Waveguide Textile Antenna

What Positioning Accuracy is Sufficient for Reliable mmWave A2G Channel Measurements?

Wideband Characterization of Holey Glide-Symmetric Parallel-Plate Waveguides

Wideband Circularly Polarized Antenna with Enhanced Gain and Wide Beamwidth for Energy Harvesting Applications

Wideband Co-Polarized Antenna System for In-Band Full-Duplex Applications

Wideband Flat Lenses Based on Artificial Dielectric Layers

Wideband Flexible Textile Antenna with Parasitic Shorted Strips for Body-Centric Communications

Wideband Phased Array Design for Ku/Ka SatCom Applications

Wideband Top-Loaded Monopole Antenna

Wideband, Electronically Reconfigurable Reflectarrays with 1- and 2-Bit Phase Quantization

Widely Linear Beamforming for Full-Duplex Joint Communications and Sensing: An Investigation on Virtual Displacement of Array Elements During Local Optimization

Wireless Capsule Video Endoscopy for Population-Based Colon Cancer Screening Using 5G Network

Wireless LAN Sensing with Smart Antennas

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X-Band Low-Profile Wideband Circular Polarized Microstrip Array for CubeSat Communications