EDAS supports the full conference lifecycle: Submission and review, discussion and decision, registration, copyright and travel grants, CD-ROM, program and badges.


EDAS has built-in help functionality for authors, reviewers, TPC members and chairs, available through the Help button within EDAS.


You can follow EDAS developments at our blog.

Contact Information

EDAS is a service offered by EDAS Conference Services. You can inquire about EDAS by email at help@edas-help.com. Please use only the EDAS Help menu, not email, to ask EDAS-related questions once you have set up an account.

The offices of EDAS Conference Services LLC are located at 313 Westview Ave, Leonia, NJ 07605. Our DUNS code is 968744537. From 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time (United States), the company can be reached at +1 201 676-4843. We encourage users to send support requests using the EDAS Help function or by email.

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