Saturday, March 26

Saturday, March 26 8:00 - 8:45

V1: Power (Virtual)

Virtual papers for Track 1
Room: Virtual Via Webex
Chairs: Mohamed El-Sharkh, Edmund Spencer
An Investigation of the Impact of Inverter-Based Generators on Protection Schemes
Oluwatimilehin Adeosun and Valentina Cecchi
A Comprehensive Review on Smart Grid Data Security
Jennifer Tyav, Shahid Tufail, Sukanta Roy, Imtiaz Parvez, Anjan Debnath and Arif Sarwat
Irregular Wave Energy Extraction Analysis for a Rack and Pinion Based Power Take-Off System
Md Shohel Amin, Bora Karayaka, Paul Yanik, Kaushallya Adhikari and Yuanrui Sang

Saturday, March 26 8:45 - 11:30

V2: Communications and Electromagnetics (Virtual)

Virtual papers for Track 2
Room: Virtual Via Webex
Chair: Edmund Spencer
A Perspective on Stable Wired Networks While Reducing Energy Use with Load Balance
Hatem Yazbek
A Radio-Over-Fiber System for Wireless Packet Radio Network Backhaul
Gerald A Popko, Kirk Ingold and Luke J Beach
Performance Analysis of OTDM at 50 GBps Using NRZ and RZ
Yakub Ahmed Sharif
Adaptive Interference Tolerant Receivers for Asynchronous Cooperative MIMO Communications
Charan Litchfield
QoS Based Spreading Factor Assignment for LoRaWAN Networks in IoT Applications
Shobhit Aggarwal and Asis Nasipuri
Break - *15 MINUTES*
Calculation of Self-Capacitance Using Method of Moments (MoM) with Triangular Meshes and Rectangular MoM Matrices
Bill Yang and Thomas Yang
Safety Assessment of CACC Vehicles with Faulty Sensors Using SUMO Simulations
Mohit Krishnamurthy and Chin-Tser Huang
Software-Defined Routing Strategy Based on Reinforcement Learning in Smart Power Grid
Md Aminul Islam, Muhammad Ismail, Rachad Atat and Susmit Shannigrahi
Finding the Best Repeater Position for Maximized Coverage in Outdoor Cellular Networks
Lauryn Smith, Grant Evans and Sungkyun Lim
Design of a Miniaturized, High Gain, Anti-Jam Global Positioning System (GPS) Antenna
Victor Obi, Grant Evans and Sungkyun Lim

Saturday, March 26 11:30 - 2:45

V3: Computing Systems (Virtual)

Virtual papers for Track 3
Room: Virtual Via Webex
Chairs: Na Gong, Edmund Spencer
Initial Results on the Effectiveness of Distributed Edge Detection for Large Image Data Sets
Renato Constantin Ivanescu and Mihai Lucian L Mocanu
Development of a Novel Six DOF Soft Parallel Robot
Devin Grace, Jessica Lee-Ortiz, Martin Garcia, Andrea Contreras-Esquen, Ayse Tekes and Amir Ali Amiri Moghadam
Drone Control Using Electroencephalogram (EEG) Signals
Aloaye E Itsueli and Rocio Alba-Flores
The Need for a Financial Sector Legal Standard to Support the NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Susan M Goodwin
LUNCH - 30 Mins
Analysis of Feature Selection Techniques for Android Malware Detection
Fred Guyton, Wei Li, Ling Wang and Ajoy Kumar
Performance Bounds for Cyberattack Detectors Using Multiple Observations
Onur Toker
Person Localization Using Machine Learning in Multi-Source Camera Surveillance System
Mahmoud Nabil, Ahmed Sherif, Mohamed M E A Mahmoud, Waleed Alasmary and Maazen Alsabaan
Design of Mission-Based Traversability Assessment (MeTA) Tool for Unmanned Vehicles
Mahimana Bhatt, Luke Fina, Brendon Ortolano, James Lott, Robert Griffin, Matthew Johnson and Hakki Erhan Sevil
The Dangerous Combo: Fileless Malware and Cryptojacking
Said Varlioglu, Nelly Elsayed, Zag Elsayed and Murat Ozer
Privacy-Preserving Federated-Learning-Based Net-Energy Forecasting
Mahmoud M Badr, Mohamed I Ibrahem, Mohamed M E A Mahmoud, Waleed Alasmary, Mostafa M. Fouda, Khaled Almorairi and Zubair Md Fadlullah
UAVs Control Using 3D Hand Keypoint Gestures
Rocio Alba-Flores and Van Nguyen

Saturday, March 26 2:45 - 4:30

V4: Signal Processing (Virtual)

Virtual papers for Track 4
Room: Virtual Via Webex
Chair: Edmund Spencer
Uniqueness Metric for Comparison of Dense Image Descriptors
Mohsine Taarji and Arie Nakhmani
Break - *15 MINUTES*
Crowd Path Trajectory Prediction Using Least Action Principle
Muhammad Alolaiwy, Murat M. Tanik and Leon Jololian
Process for Automatic Target Detection Using Small Marine RADAR
Jason Harris and Dimitrie C. Popescu
Multiplicative FIR Filtering Approach for Equalization of Bandlimited Channels
Charan Litchfield
Coronal Mass Ejection Tracking Through Curve-Fitting
Jeren A Suzuki and Timothy S. Newman
Detecting Anomalies in Honey Bee Hives Using Their Audio Recordings
Benjamen T Underwood and Rahman Tashakkori

Saturday, March 26 4:30 - 6:00

V5: Microelectronics, Devices and Sensors (Virtual)

Virtual papers for Track 5
Room: Virtual Via Webex
Chairs: Aprameya Satish, Edmund Spencer, R. Clive Woods
Data Acquisition and Logging System for a Drone-Mounted Atmospheric Sensor Suite
Chris Thaxton and Jacob Greenfield
Privacy & Security Issues of Assistive Technology (AT) and Internet-Of-Things (IoT) for Caregivers in the Home Area Network
Deveeshree Nayak and Jason Minton
Elevated Temperature Dependence of Dc Characteristics of 2-D Flake Ga2O3 Transistors
Stephen Pearton
PID Temperature Control of a Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser Diode System
Milton Trevor Richardson and Winston Holgate
Prediction of Model Rocket Trajectories Using Low Cost Sensor Packages
Jason Franqui, Russell Jones, Ryan Hanc and Blace Jacobus

Sunday, March 27

Sunday, March 27 8:00 - 12:00

V6a: Artificial Inteligence and Predictive Modeling (Virtual) AM Session

Virtual papers for Track 6 - Am session
Room: Virtual Via Webex
Chairs: Steven Fernandes, Varadraj Gurupur
Gradient-Based Adversarial Attack Detection via Deep Feature Extraction
Andy Michel and Rickard Ewetz
Identifying Faults in Javelin Throwing Technique Using Computer Vision
Zaavan Richards and Paul Gaynor
Value-Based Modeling of an Addiction Recovery Healthcare System
Abdulrahman Alharthi, Mohammad Alhefdi, Michael Lipscomb and Leon Jololian
DeepTrac: Applying Artificial Intelligence in Plant Disease Detection
Biswajit Biswal and Simien Chestnut
SHOP: A Deep Learning Based Pipeline for near Real-Time Detection of Small Handheld Objects Present in Blurry Video
Abhinav Ganguly, Amar C Gandhi, Sylvia E, Jeffrey D Chang and Ian M Hudson
3D Convolutional Neural Networks on an EEG-Based Motor Imagery Dataset
Joseph T O'Neill, Jr., Rutledge Detyens, Ryan Integlia and Sorinel Oprisan
Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Using A Two-Stage Deep Convolutional Neural Network Trained on an Extremely Un-Balanced Dataset
Stephen Cahoon, Mohamed Shaban, Andy Switala, Ali Mahmoud and Ayman Sabry El-Baz
Efficient Identification of Melanocytic Nuclei in Pathology Images for Melanoma Diagnosis Using A Weakly-Supervised Deep Learning Framework
Madan Parajuli, Mohamed Shaban and Thuy Phung
Break - *15 MINUTES*
Short-Term Traffic Congestion Prediction with Deep Learning for LoRa Networks
Fatima Salahdine, Shobhit Aggarwal and Asis Nasipuri
Impact Analysis of Stacked Machine Learning Algorithms Based Feature Selections for Deep Learning Algorithm Applied to Regression Analysis
Shrirang Kulkarni, Varadraj Gurupur and Christian King
Sub-Optimal Head Position Classification Using OpenVINO and SVM
Rukmini Srija Kalidindi, Yashila Koonjah, Morgan A Belcher, Jason S Metcalfe and Sylvia Bhattacharya
Gradient Difference-Predictive Coding Network (GD-PredNet): Reducing the Convergence Time for Future Frame Prediction with Infinitesimal Quality Trade-Off
Sai Ranganath Mikkilineni, Taylor Privat and Michael W Totaro
Anderson Acceleration for Distributed Training of Deep Learning Models
Massimiliano Lupo Pasini, Junqi Yin, Viktor Reshniak and Miroslav Stoyanov
Sim2real: Issues in Transferring Autonomous Driving Model from Simulation to Real World
Jacob Revell, Dominic Welch and James Hereford
Six Machine-Learning Methods for Predicting Hospital-Stay Durations for Patients with Sepsis: A Comparative Study
Lingtao Chen and Hilda B. Klasky

Sunday, March 27 1:00 - 2:00

V6b: Artificial Inteligence and Predictive Modeling (Virtual) - PM Session

Virtual papers for Track 6 - PM session
Room: Virtual Via Webex
Chair: Mohammad R Haider
A Comparative Study of Binary Class Logistic Regression and Shallow Neural Network for DDoS Attack Prediction
Shahid Tufail, Shanzeh Batool and Arif Sarwat
Empirical Data-Based Condition Prediction for Stormwater Pipelines with Machine Learning
Jingyi Qi, Michael Smith and Nicole Barclay
Genetic Algorithm Applications in RF Broadband Matching Circuits Design
Zhijian Xie and Jingbo Cheng
A Framework for an Automated Development Environment to Support the Data-Driven Machine Learning Paradigm
Anthony D Bowman, Leon Jololian and Shyam Prabhaker

Sunday, March 27 2:00 - 6:00

V7: Miscellaneous (Virtual)

Virtual papers for Track 7
Room: Virtual Via Webex
Chairs: Arup Kumar Ghosh, Ravi P Gollapalli
An Information-Theoretic Approach to Portfolio Optimization
William Ngambou Djakam and Murat M. Tanik
Examination of the Financial Relationship Between Overall Stock Market Value and Corporate Investments in Privacy
Joseph Squillace
A Portable, Bluetooth-Enabled, Isometric Neck Assessment System
Lucas Layman, Alexander McDaniel and Lindsey Schroeder
A SPICE Model for Bipolar Junction Transistor Amplifier Design Verification That Uses Specified DC and Small-Signal AC Parameters Simultaneously
Walter Thain
Break - *15 MINUTES*
Assessment and Optimization of Water Distribution Systems Vulnerability: A Review
Aiman Albarakati
An Analysis of Website Phishing Awareness in Jamaica
Anthony Drummonds, Jevon Henry and Karishma Mirpuri
Early Stage Diabetes Prediction via Extreme Learning Machine
Nelly Elsayed, Zag Elsayed and Murat Ozer
Biosensors Based Controller for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Navigation
Rocio Alba-Flores, Mylena McCoggle, Shyra Wilson, Andrea Rivera and Valentin Soloiu
Trajectory Tracking for Mobile Robots with Human-In-The-Loop
Samuel Butts, Tyler M Chambers, Harshil Y Suthar, Frank L Lawless, Daniel Eure, Nan BouSaba and Dipankar Maity
Coastal Eco Explorer: A Mobile Application for Ecology Education
Lucas Layman, Amy Taylor, Dennis Kubasko Jr., Kinsley Sigmund and Avery Owen
Estimating the Number of Drones at the Entrance of a Honey Bee Hive Using Machine Learning Tools
Rahman Tashakkori, William O'Brien, R Mitchell Parry, Abdelbaset S. Hamza and Joseph Graber
Design and Implementation of a Low-Cost Alt-Azimuth Telescope Mount for Tracking Multiple Celestial Bodies
Otoo K Bobbie, Benjamin Miranda, George Slagley, Ramsha Khan, Matthew Davenport and Patrick Bobbie
Leader-Follower Behavior in Multi-Agent Systems for Search and Rescue Based on PSO Approach
Sindy Amaya, Juan M Calderon, Nicolas David Gomez Garzon, Nestor Harbey Peña Castro and Sergio David Rincón-Murcia
Path Planning for Robotic Delivery Systems
Brandon W Bryant, Nan BouSaba, Dipankar Maity, Austen L Brooks, Chase W Spoerer, Michael Lust, Shengkai Xu and Yinfei Li
A Detection and Tracking System for Fisheye Videos from Traffic Intersections
Hala ElAarag and Yizheng Wang

Friday, April 1

Friday, April 1 8:30 - 11:45

F1A: Poster Session

Room: 201A
Chair: Edmund Spencer
Machine Learning-Based Global Soil Moisture Estimation Using GNSS-R
Volkan Yusuf Senyurek, Fangni Lei, Ali Cafer Gurbuz, Mehmet Kurum and Robert Moorhead
Improving Critical Infrastructure Resilience in a Rural Coastal Community: A Solar Powered Microgrid
Raymond L Smith III and Faete Filho
Hyperspectral Endoscope System: An Optics Upgrade for Real-Time Spectroscopic Analysis
Craig M Browning, Marina Parker, Thomas Rich and Silas Leavesley
Dual Band High Gain Shared Aperture Antenna for CubeSat Application
Syed Salman Kabir and Saeed Latif
HIS-Inspired Double Negative Transparent Metamaterial for 5G Millimeter-Wave Applications
Md Jubaer Alam and Saeed Latif
Rehosting YOLOv2 Framework for Reconfigurable Fabric-Based Acceleration
David Crumley, Mousam Hossain, Kaitlyn Martin, Franklin Ivey, Richard Yarnell, Ronald F DeMara and Yu Bai

Friday, April 1 8:30 - 10:00

F1B: Power 1

Room: 201B
Chair: Daniela Wolter Ferreira Touma
Power Control of a Three-Phase Grid-Connected Inverter Using a PI Controller Under Unbalanced Conditions
Mohammad Alathamneh, Haneen Ghanayem and Mark Nelms
A Comparative Study of PMSM Torque Control Using Proportional-Integral and Proportional-Resonant Controllers
Haneen Ghanayem, Mohammad Alathamneh and Mark Nelms
The Impact of Source Unbalance on Harmonics from an AC to DC Rectifier
Gerald A Taylor and Mark Halpin
Using Interpolation Methods to Approximate P-V Curves During Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Arrays
Aleck W. Leedy and Michael L Webb

F1C: Microelectronics, Devices and Sensors 1

Room: 201C
Chairs: Aprameya Satish, R. Clive Woods
Pulse Truncation Enabled High Performance and Low Energy Memristor-Based Accelerator
Jinhui Wang
A Primer on Hardware Trojans Including Platform Specific Attacks and Machine Learning for Detection
Gabriella Cataloni, Paul S Sawyer and Syed Rafay Hasan
The Effect of Double-Peak Velocity Characteristics on Gunn Oscillations
Latarence J Butts

Friday, April 1 10:15 - 11:45

F2B: Power 2

Room: 201B
Chair: Daniela Wolter Ferreira Touma
High-Density Electric Vehicle Charging Using Wide Bandgap Semiconductors
Binesh Asok Kumar
Hardware-In-The-Loop Implementation of a Battery System Charging/Discharging in Islanded DC Micro-Grid
Hossam Mohamed Hussein, Ahmed Aghmadi and Osama Mohammed
Programmed PWM of Symmetric and Asymmetric Multilevel Inverters for Minimal Output Distortion
Blake Wilson, Bill Diong, Charul Kalaria and Brantley Talley
Cost and Performance Analysis of Home Level Microgrids to Reduce Peak Time Overload
Jacob C Lake, Ankon Babla Sushil, Daniela Wolter Ferreira Touma and Mohamed El-Sharkh

F2C: Artificial Inteligence and Predictive Modeling 1

Room: 201C
Chair: Ryan Benton
A Novel Adaptive Sampling Method Based on Expected Improvement Reduction
Haizhou Yang, Seong Hong and Yi Wang
A Survey on 3D Point Cloud Compression Using Machine Learning Approaches
Reetu Hooda, W. David Pan and Tamseel Syed

Friday, April 1 1:15 - 2:45

F3B: Communications and Electromagnetics 1

Room: 201B
Chair: Edmund Spencer
Optical Wireless Communications for Swarm Connectivity
Yazan Alqudah, Donald Sofge, Tarek Youssef and Alexander Maxseiner
Characterization of a 60 GHz Multi-Mode Wave Orbit Rotary Transmitter
Christian Panhans and Reinhard Stolle
Role of Dielectric Loss in Microwave Absorber Design
Arun K Saha
Performance of Bundle Protocol with Turbo Code over Different Channel Conditions
Babita Pradhan, Lei Cao and Ramanarayanan Viswanathan

F3C: Artificial Inteligence and Predictive Modeling 2

Room: 201C
Chair: Ryan Benton
Developing Prediction Models for 30-Day Readmission After Stroke Among Medicare Beneficiaries
Monireh Rahmati, Jin Cho, Nancy Fell and Mina Sartipi
On-Demand Generation of Multi-Mode Classful Objects by Feeding Fixed Random Vector to Trained Transposed Convolutional Network
Xiaohe Wu
Mesh Based Neural Networks for Estimating High Fidelity CFD from Low Fidelity Input
Nikita Susan Joseph, Chaity Banerjee Mukherjee, Daniel Reasor, Eduardo L Pasiliao, Jr and Tathagata Mukherjee

Friday, April 1 3:00 - 4:45

F4B: Makeup Papers Session 1

Room: 201B
Chair: Edmund Spencer

Friday, April 1 3:00 - 4:30

F4C: Artificial Inteligence and Predictive Modeling 3

Room: 201C
Chair: Ryan Benton
Data Analytics for Grid Resilience with Early Failures and Wear-Out Failures
Robert Ross
Machine Learning for Wireless Distance Estimation Model Parameter Estimation for Breadcrumb Localization Applications
David P Grabowsky, Sam Shue and James M. Conrad
Off-Road Navigation with End-To-End Imitation Learning for Continuously Parameterized Control
Crockett L Hensley and Matthew Marshall

Saturday, April 2

Saturday, April 2 8:30 - 10:00

S1A: HKN Student Papers

Room: 201A
Electronically Reconfigurable Virtual Joints by Shape Memory Alloy-Induced Buckling of Curved Sheets
Paul Bupe, Jr., Douglas Jackson and Cindy Harnett
Serially Concatenated Continuous Phase Modulation with SOVA Turbo Decoding
Zhijie Guo and Lei Cao
Improving Classification of Remotely Sensed Images with the Swin Transformer
Fatema Jannat and Andrew Willis
Improving Off-Angle Iris Recognition Using Iris Quadrant Masking
Jitendra Kota and Mahmut Karakaya

S1B: Miscellaneous 1

Room: 201B
Chair: Edmund Spencer
AutonoMop, Automating Mundane Work in the COVID-19 Era
Abigale Plunk, Jenna Smith, Donnie Strickland, Cahit Erkal and Saman Sargolzaei
A Framework of an IoT Testbed
Chad Workman, Gavin Tomlinson, Jia Di, Xiaojiang Du and Qiang Zeng
Classification and Analysis of General Misinformation and Covid-Related Misinformationwithin Subreddits of Opposing Political Viewpoints
Sampan R Bhattacharyya
Secondhand Smart IoT Devices Data Recovery and Digital Investigation
Taiwo P Ojo, Hongmei Chi and Janei J Elliston

S1C: Artificial Inteligence and Predictive Modeling 4

Room: 201C
Chair: Ryan Benton
Fuzzy Artificial Immune System Based Generators Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
Marounfa Djibo, Mohamed El-Sharkh and N Sisworahardjo
Federated Transfer Learning for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using CNN Architectures
Mohammad Nasajpour, Mahmut Karakaya, Seyedamin Pouriyeh and Reza M. Parizi
Robotics Metaphor in Genetics: Ribozymes as Bionanorobots
Nevena Ackovska, Stevo M. Bozinovski and Liljana Bozinovska

Saturday, April 2 10:15 - 11:45

S2A: Computing Systems 1

Room: 201A
Chair: Todd R Andel
Evaluating Security of Executable Steganography for Digital Software Watermarking
Joseph Mullins, Jeffrey Todd McDonald, William Mahoney and Todd R Andel
ROS 2-Based Flexible Behavior Engine for Flexible Navigation
Joshua Zutell, David C. Conner and Philipp Schillinger
DRFD: Deep Learning-Based Real-Time and Fast Detection of False Readings in AMI
Mohammed J Abdulaal, Mohamed I Ibrahem, Mohamed M E A Mahmoud, Saheed Ademola Bello, Abdulah Aljohani, Ahmad H. Milyani and A. Abusorrah
Profiling CPU Behavior for Detection of Android Ransomware
Reeve Cabral, Jeffrey Todd McDonald, Lee Hively and Ryan Benton

S2B: Miscellaneous 2

Room: 201B
Chair: Jinhui Wang
The Effectiveness of Virtual Reality for Training Human-Robot Teams
Colin R Jones, Charles O'Donnell, Rob Semmens and Michael Novitzky
Investigation of the Electrical Properties of Phosphatidylserine Lipid Bilayer Mambranes
Victoria Martino, Khalid Tantawi, Hope Hunnicutt, Dottie McSpadden, Darayas Patel and Yasmin Musa
User-Extensible Block-Based Interfaces for Internet of Things Devices as New Educational Tools
Yizhou Tan, Marina Rizk, Gordon Stein and Ákos Lédeczi
Inductance Characteristic Assessment for Dynamic Wireless Power Charger
Joshua Yang and Daniela Wolter Ferreira Touma

S2C: Signal Processing 1

Room: 201C
Chair: Mohamed Shaban
Performance Analysis of Fractional Fourier Transform-Based Chype Pulse for Doppler Variant Systems
Seema Sud
Blind Source Separation of Hyperbolic Chirp Signals for Multiple Target Echo Separation
Seema Sud
CNN-Based Gaze Estimation for Off-Angle Iris Recognition
Khalid Diab and Mahmut Karakaya

Saturday, April 2 1:15 - 2:45

S3A: Computing Systems 2

Room: 201A
Chair: Todd R Andel
Argon: A Toolbase for Evaluating Software Protection Techniques Against Symbolic Execution Attacks
Deepak Adhikari, Jeffrey Todd McDonald, Todd R Andel and Joseph Richardson
Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithm Based Optimization for Cyber Threat Modeling
Joseph G Wright V, Hakki Erhan Sevil, Guillermo Francia, Tarek Youssef, Tirthankar Ghosh and Gregory Hall
Looking at a Moving Target Defense of EthernetIP
Cordell Clay Davidson, Todd R Andel and Jeffrey Todd McDonald

S3C: Signal Processing 2

Room: 201C
Chair: Mohamed Shaban
Effects of Distance and Gaze Angle on CNN-Based Standoff Iris Recognition
Sydnee Phillips and Mahmut Karakaya
Localization of a Bubble Source in Water Tank for Oil Spill Detection
Xing Yang, Zhiqu Lu and Lei Cao

Saturday, April 2 3:00 - 4:30

S4A: Computing Systems 3

Room: 201A
Chair: Todd R Andel
Predicting Phishing Vulnerabilities Using Machine Learning
Sarah C Rutherford, Kevin Lin and Raymond Blaine
Secure Monitoring and Notification System for Cloud Infrastructures
Rumi Ujiie, Vadim Kholodilo, Bradley Northern and Denis Ulybyshev
A Framework for XReality Serious Games
Nicole Kosoris, Brad Fain and Brian Liu

Saturday, April 2 3:00 - 4:45