Friday, 12 June 2015 • 09:00 – 18:00

WS-21: Heterogeneous Converged Networks

Organizer: Yun Rui (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

The telecommunication industry is entering a new era, called 5G which to support 1000 times higher mobile data volume per area, 100 times higher number of connected devices, 5 times reduced E2E latency. We envision that the future wireless networks will be the co-existence of multiple types of deployment scenarios, the co-existence of multiple types of radio access specifications, and the co-existence of a vast variety of services and applications. A looming problem is how to identify a novel network architecture and many essential technology components, to fulfill these requirement. A feasible cost-efficient solution is to integrate several existing network resources, which have been allocated for different services, to form a single heterogeneous converged network. The networks integration necessitates a harmonious interaction among heterogeneous networks at different levels, thus requiring a careful design of network architecture, coordination protocols and resource allocation algorithms for the efficient operation of the converged network. This workshop is expected to bring together both academic and industrial researchers to study the major challenges related to heterogeneous converged networks.

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