Monday, 8 June 2015 • 09:00 – 13:00

WS-27: Dynamic Social Networks (DySON)

Organizer: Symeon Papavassiliou (National Technical University of Athens, Greece)

Social cyber-physical and mobile networks have gained considerable interest. They are now well-known as the principal channels for communication, increasing marketing potentials, tools for enabling social research, and policy forums, all of which eventually indicate a more than ever increasing penetration of networks in human lives. DySON mainly covers the technical aspects of the interplay between social and wireless mobile and other cyber-physical networks, and focuses on original contributions regarding their structure, behavior, and optimization. Emphasis is placed on the interplay between social and mobile wireless networks. DySON, will present the highest quality contributions regarding analysis, control and optimization from the perspective of complex network analysis, promoting the most interesting interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary analytical methodologies. DySON is centered both on formal methods, as well as on noteworthy technical contributions of more practical flavor. It will present papers combining knowledge from several fields and addressing the corresponding challenges, while opening new frontiers and opportunities in relevant research.

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