Friday, 12 June 2015 • 09:00 – 18:00

WS-25: Cloud-Processing in Heterogeneous Mobile Communication Networks (IWCPM)

Organizer: Dirk Wübben (University of Bremen, Germany)

Heterogeneous radio access networks where macro-cellular networks are complemented by dense small-cell deployments promise to provide exceptionally greater wireless area capacity through an increased spatial utilization of the spectrum. Due to strong inter-cell interference, heterogeneous networks will require a high degree of coordination as offered by centralized processing. The IWCPM workshop explores novel concepts to allow for flexibly centralized radio access networks using cloud-processing based on open IT platforms, and to allow for a high quality of experience for mobile access to cloud-processing resources. This requires new concepts for the design, operation, and optimization of radio access networks, backhaul networks, operation and management algorithms, and architectural elements, tightly integrating mobile networks and cloud-processing. The workshop covers technologies across physical layer, medium access control layer, and network layer, and it will cover technologies which translate the cloud-paradigm to the radio access network and backhaul network. It will study the requirements, constraints, and implications for mobile communication networks.

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