Friday, 12 June 2015 • 09:00 – 18:00

WS-19: Dependable Vehicular Communications (DVC)

Organizer: Thomas Zemen (Austrian Institute of Technology, Austria)

Wireless vehicular communication systems constitute the backbone of intelligent transportations systems (ITS). Currently, wireless communications informs the human driver. In the future wireless communications will influence the movement of vehicles. Automated driving and driver assistance systems require the exchange of kinematic information in distributed control algorithms with very short latency. Future ITS that network automated vehicles with the goal of zero accidents have the potential to save more than 1 Mio. human lives worldwide every year. Dependable wireless communications with short-latency, low outage probability, and in non-stationary vehicular communication channels is a challenging task. It involves a multi-disciplinary effort including vehicular channel measurements, characterization and modeling; cooperative communications; and low-latency protocol design. A dependable wireless communication framework will be essential for vehicular ad-hoc networks, device-to-device communication links in future 5G systems, and cyber physical systems in general. This workshop will bring together academic and industrial researchers to discuss technical challenges and recent results.

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