Friday, 12 June 2015 • 09:00 – 18:00

WS-04: Quality of Experience-based Management for Future Internet Applications and Services (QoE-FI)

Organizer: Raimund Schatz (Telecommunications Research Centre Vienna, Austria)

To enable the rapid and widespread adoption of advanced applications like social TV, immersive environments, mobile gaming, HDTV over mobile, 3D virtual worlds, social networking, and IPTV, the overall service quality as experienced by the end user must be taken into account and maximized during capturing of content, processing, delivery over networks, and presentation on users' terminals. In addition, media processing and consumption in the cloud requires significant attention to timely execution of application-related quality requirements via dynamic resource provisioning and efficiently pipelining of processing tasks. In this dynamically evolving context, network operators are forced to keep their increasingly sophisticated customers happy while remaining profitable, requiring proper optimization and management of the QoE (Quality of Experience) for the products and services offered. With this background, the QoE-FI workshop will bring together researchers from academia and industry to identify, discuss and address technical challenges related to QoE measurement and management.

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