Medical Tourism Marketing Information System

Anan Salem (Shinawatra University, Pathum Thani, Thailand); Suchai Thanawastien and Prinya Tantaswadi (Shinawatra University, Thailand)

This research aims to study information systems for medical tourism marketing by developing a prototype for a trial use by the end-users. The researchers collected answers from nineteen marketing personnel from hospitals located in Bangkok who anticipated to be the end-user of the system. The researcher processed raw data using a ready-made EXCEL program to calculate the level of agreement to the e factors that affect the success of the MT automated marketing system that should be implemented and the satisfaction of trial users by percentage which the findings are as follows: The "End-user" opinion on factors that affect the success of the MT automated marketing system shows that they strongly agreed that the "Prospects information can be collected from offline traditional marketing and populated into database for further processing". This was the highest ranking factor of importance by which 100% of respondents agreed at Very high (73.68%) and High levels (26.32%). The opinion of the "End-user" of MT automated marketing system regarding the system prototype trial shows that the most satisfaction is on the "Reach essential online Lead sources as required" (High 68.42%, Moderate 31.58%).

Journal: International Journal of Simulation- Systems, Science and Technology- IJSSST V21

Published: Dec 30, 2020

DOI: 10.5013/IJSSST.a.21.04.08