Mapping and Visualization of Source Code: A Survey

Nakul Sharma (Sinhgad Academy of Engineering, India); Prasanth Yalla (Koneru Laxmiah Education Foundation, Vijayawada, India)

This paper summarizes various states of art literature in the field of mapping and visualizations in a programming language. The main focus is the design and analysis phase of Software Development Life Cycle. Mapping and visualization in software artifact is essential component for better understanding of the software. It also helps developers and maintenance professionals to visualize the effect of changes conducted in source code. In this work, a summary of literature review in of major tools developed for visualization and mapping of source code is provided.

Journal: International Journal of Simulation- Systems, Science and Technology- IJSSST V21

Published: Dec 30, 2020

DOI: 10.5013/IJSSST.a.21.04.03