Development of Extended Enterprise Resource Planning Module for Higher Education of Pakistan: A Case Study of Higher Education

Imran Abdul Rahman Batada (Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand); Somsit Duang-Ek-Anong (Assumption University, Thailand); Naree Achwarin (Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand)

The ERP system takes cares of an organization's information processing mechanism by providing integrated solutions. By facilitating the flow of information, an ERP system contributes vital part in increasing efficiency of an organization in processing and using data. Research studies have shown that despite a number of benefits of utilization of ERP system, experience of higher education institutions shows that there are several needs of such institutes which remain unmet. Therefore, it was needed to develop a kind of system that could fulfil the requirements of educational institutions especially universities.

Journal: International Journal of Simulation- Systems, Science and Technology- IJSSST V21

Published: Mar 31, 2020

DOI: 10.5013/IJSSST.a.21.01.10