Automation of Hydraulic Active Suspension System Using Harmony Search Algorithm Tuned FOPID

Udayakumar Durairaj (Linton University, Malaysia); V. Murugananthan (Institute Technology, Malaysia); Nurulanis Mohd Yusoff and Banupriya Balasubramanian (Linton University, Malaysia)

Comfortable rides in vehicles require active suspension systems to give road holding ability. Suspension systems have a long history from horse drawn carriages with leaf springs to today's automobiles with automation solutions. They need to absorb dips and bumps in the road and involve complex control strategies with many control parameters, multi objective and uncertain disturbances and can be passive or active systems. In the passive type dampers absorb shocks and springs act as energy storing elements. Performance of the passive suspension system is decided by the selection of springs and dampers and a compromise isusually required to give smooth movement. Active suspension systems use actuators to provide comfortable rides, where sprungmass and un-sprung mass are measured and sent to a controller. In this paper we propose a Fractional order PID controller which involves five parameters, three gains together with integrator and differentiator. As mathematical approaches to determine the parameters are complicated, we propose a novel use of Harmony search as a stochastic optimizer to auto-tune the Fractional order PID controller.

Journal: International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and Technology IJSSST V19

Published: Mar 30, 2019

DOI: 10.5013/IJSSST.a.19.06.01