Genetic Algorithms for Estimation the Pressure Changesdeviation in the Dynamic Transients of the Pressurizer Responseof the PWR

Shaymaa ALasadi (Baghdad, Iraq); Nibal Fadel Farman, AL-Hialy and Zeina Ali Abdul Redha (University of Baghdad & Engineering College, Iraq)

Optimization the transient's dynamic pressure response of the pressurizer of PWR by genetic algorithms is the purpose of this study. In the PWR, water pressurized reactor, the security and safety of the nuclear systems is the crucial mission in the sector of nuclear generation by estimating the precise dimensions of the structure since the pressure of the system is a main factor in monitoring system transitory by genetic algorithms technique. In light water reactor which is pressurized, the pressurizer with a steam- light water interface is the key function to maintain the prescribed pressure-temperature equilibrium in the primary cooling circuit by using heaters to make more steam and increase pressure or spraying system cool water to condensate of steam and shrink pressure. Two region thermodynamic model of transitory performance in-surge and out-surge boilers presented. The thermodynamic theoretical model which produces a complete impact of each variation was analyzed and estimated and considering the operation parameters that effect the pressure transients by genetic algorism such as design pressure, design temperatures, diameter D, total height, level of water, spray flow rate Wsp and the electrical heat total power Qh .the results were compared with a foreign data Which shown very closing conditions.

Journal: International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science and Technology IJSSST V19

Published: Feb 28, 2018

DOI: 10.5013/IJSSST.a.19.01.03