Thermal Performance of Heat Conduction in a Square Plate

Mohammad Aqeel Saraireh (Mutah University, Jordan)

In this paper, a numerical solution of heat conduction in a two-dimensional plate at different tilt angles and convection heat transfer coefficients is presented. The finite difference method is used to solve the steady state differential equation of heat conduction in a plate. A set of algebraic equations are formulated for interior nodes and surface faces of the plate. Temperature distribution and heat flux is presented for different tilt angle ranges from 15o to 90o. The results show the temperature distribution at all points in the plate. It is also observed that the heat flux decreases as the distance increases. In addition, heat flux is predicted for different heat transfer coefficients. It is found that the heat flux increases as the heat transfer coefficient increases.

Journal: International journal of simulation: systems, science & technology V18

Published: Dec 30, 2017

DOI: 10.5013/IJSSST.a.18.04.14