Erlang's B and C-Formulae: Another Method to Estimate the Number of Routes

James K. Tamgno (Université Cheikh Anta DIOP of Dakar & DFOAD/ESMT, Senegal); Alpha Mamadou Barry and Simplice Essoyomewe Gnang (ESMT, Senegal)

This paper recapitulates the work performed to study Poisson distribution model, Erlang distribution model and constraints of dimensioning a network related to these models. This paper also describes the planning tool of a network based on the models considered. We introduced the application behavior, used for packaging Erlang resources. Resources can vary from libraries to process clusters, and can be configured to run on a single processor or be distributed on a set of nodes. These studies have let us to the development of a tool for planning network, which also underlined the limits of the use of Rigault's rule.

Journal: International journal of simulation: systems, science & technology V18

Published: Dec 30, 2017

DOI: 10.5013/IJSSST.a.18.04.07