Design and Development of IOT Monitoring Equipment for Open Livestock Environment

Special Issues Editor (Nottingham Tent University, United Kingdom (Great Britain))

In this paper, livestock and poultry breeding environment has a great effect on animal growth, prevention and cure of animal diseases, and improvement of animal products. Acquisition of animal breeding environment information is the key of livestock and poultry breeding. Schematic diagrams and PCB drawings of a 16-channel wireless monitoring device for livestock and poultry breeding environment were designed. The MCU program used to acquire breeding environment information, the heartbeat mechanism program and the program of reading sensing data in a loop was written. The structure diagram of the environmental monitoring devices was designed. Open-field livestock and poultry breeding environment monitoring devices based on Internet of Things (IOT) were developed by using system integration technology. The devices were put on a trial application in 11 livestock and poultry farms. Stability and adaptability of the devices were tested. The design and development of this device can provide technical support for information, automation, and modern management of livestock and poultry farming.

Journal: International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science & Technology, IJSSST V17

Published: Jul 14, 2016

DOI: 10.5013/IJSSST.a.17.26.23