Recognition and Prediction of Chinese Energy Efficiency Influence Factors Based on Data Mining Algorithm

Special Issues Editor (Nottingham Tent University, United Kingdom (Great Britain))

Rise of green industrial revolution' objected to low-carbon and energy conservation has made it an important research direction to measure energy efficiency and its influence factors. In this paper, character identification method has been proposed to determine influence factors of energy efficiency, and energy efficiency of 24 provinces is analyzed and evaluated by the method of data mining algorithm. In the research, some common classification algorithms are utilized to build three classification models with collected data, with the accuracy of over 90%. Then energy efficiency of other six provinces are predicted with this model. Furthermore, provinces with high and low energy efficiency are distinguished by cluster algorithm, and the trend of a fall in energy efficiency of the whole country is discovered. In the end, on the basis of above analysis, a strategy is put forward to improve Chinese energy efficiency.

Journal: International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science & Technology, IJSSST V17

Published: Jul 14, 2016

DOI: 10.5013/IJSSST.a.17.26.15