Analysis on the Effectiveness of Blended Learning Mode Based on Mosoteach Platform

Guest Editor Yuantao Teng (Jilin Normal University, Shiping City, China)

Blended Learning is an important research and practical direction for teaching revolution in colleges at present which is the teaching mode combining traditional teaching and online teaching. The essence of educational information development is applying information technology which takes multimedia computer and network communications as the core to optimize teaching processes and reach the effective teaching objectives. The study establishes a framework of activities and illustrates the living example of blended learning in the subject of Cambridge Business English Certificate, based on the network platform of Mosoteach. Through a comparative analysis between experimental and control group, the results of experiment shows that the learning initiative, collaborative capability and communication of students are improved, online and offline learning schedules are convenient for students to arrange their study at their convenience. The study also proposes countermeasures and suggestions on applying blended learning mode in course teaching, which provide relevant reference to the further research on the same area.

Journal: International Journal of Simulation: Systems, Science & Technology, IJSSST V17

Published: Jan 7, 2016

DOI: 10.5013/IJSSST.a.17.01.32