A multi-objective coil route planning system for the steelmaking industry based on evolutionary algorithms

Gianluca Nastasi, Valentina Colla and Marco Del Seppia (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Italy)

In this paper a novel route planning system for steel coils that must pass through different processing steps of a generic steelmaking plant will be presented. Production times and costs are often the only considered indicators by traditional planning systems, while, with this newly proposed approach, customers' quality requirements are also taken into account. In facts, in steelmaking plants there could be different processing line that perform the same processing step, but with different characteristics. Therefore, the final quality of a coil greatly depends on the route it follows among the different processing lines. Moreover, over-quality must be avoided too. The proposed system is based on Multi-Objective Optimisation and it can exploit different paradigms of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms. It is highly configurable so that it can be easily adapted to several real industrial scenarios by means of simple XML configurations file describing the plant.

Journal: International Journal of Simulation- Systems, Science and Technology- IJSSST V16

Published: Feb 28, 2015

DOI: 10.5013/IJSSST.a.16.01.06