You can use EDAS to create a conference web site. There are two steps:

  1. If you want your web site to be accessible via a conference-specific domain name, such as, EDAS can register a domain name for you. If you provide the domain name via the Help function, we will reserve it and set up the domain name details. Please also indicate how many years you'd like us to reserve the domain name for. This service incurs a fee.
  2. Web pages are created using Conference:Web pages & proceedings. The web page relies on a conference HTML template that is then filled with the page content. You can use normal HTML tags or special macros, such as func_copyright('') to have EDAS include information that is derived from EDAS data, such as the conference program, TPC or committees. There is no extra charge for setting up conference web pages if you create the content yourself, but EDAS does charge a service fee if you would prefer that we create the content.

Sample websites are: COGSIMA 2013, SSP 2012, or ISMICT 2013.