There are two ways to handle registrations in EDAS. You can either use EDAS for registering attendees and handling registration papers, or you can use a third-party service and ask registrands to provide a registration code. You cannot use both methods at the same time.

Conference registration fees are wired (or sent by check) to the conference on request, as well as at the end of the conference. (We charge a fee for domestic and international wire transfers to recover the bank charges.) Conferences can be set up, via the track configuration, to require authors to register and pay before they can submit their final manuscript. The conference events are set up as follows:

  1. First, create events via Conference/Events. Events are the components of the conference, such as the main conference, tutorials, special dinners, excursions or extra proceedings. Events are not specific to classes of attendees and do not have pricing information.
  2. Events
  3. Once you have created events, you need to create at least one registration type for each event. Registration types are created by clicking on the icon in the event listing. Registration types define the cost of the event, who can register for it, when that type of registration is open (e.g., for early-bird and late registrations) and how many papers and overlength pages the registration covers.

Via Conference:Configure, you can edit registration options, such as the currency, who gets discounts and where registration funds should be transferred to.

edit conference registration