EDAS can produce USB flash (memory stick) drive proceedings, downloadable proceedings, as well as program brochures and the IEEE Xplore ("printed proceedings") content. There are several options:

EDAS can also make the proceedings and individual presentations and papers available to registered attendees. For each event registration option, the conference can designate whether that registration entitles the attendee to access to the proceedings. (For example, tutorial-only registration might not allow access.)

EDAS will produce the proceeding content draft, make it available to the conference organizers via a web link and make any changes necessary.

Unlike typical society publishers, changes in content, such as changes in messages from chairs, program and organising committees, author name changes or paper updates, are reflected in the flash drive content, until the master content is approved by the chairs. We encourage chairs to provide all information as soon as possible, even before all aspects of the content are finalized.

Progress on the proceedings is tracked by milestones, visible in Conference:Milestones to both the chair and publication chairs. Reminders about milestones are emailed periodically to the publication chairs. Milestones include items to be completed by the chairs or publication chair, such as adding the conference program or entering the shipping address. The publication and conference chairs should coordinate who is responsible for which milestones.

Please note that our vendor that produces the flash drives will only exchange flash drives if they are defective and not provide refunds. Thus, it is very important that the conference or publication chair check that the printing and content of the flash drives are correct before the conference since it is not feasible to collect and return the flash drives once they have been given out to attendees.

Summary of USB Flash Drive or Online Content

A flash drive or downloadable zip file consists of a number of HTML pages:

Summary of Materials Needed

To request EDAS to prepare the flash drive or IEEE Xplore content, go to Conference:Configure, under "Proceedings", and edit the relevant options, such as the number of flash drives. If you are having the flash drives made, please include a precise and complete shipping address suitable for FedEx, including telephone number.

You can track the progress of the USB flash drive production at Conference:Milestones.

The materials below should be provided to EDAS as soon as possible, but no later than immediately after the acceptance notifications have been made.

Marking papers

To avoid confusion as to which papers should be included in the attendee proceedings and IEEE Xplore, please mark papers as appropriate:

Papers are page-numbered in the order they appear in the conference program. You can manually adjust the order of tracks in Conference:Tracks.

Using the IEEE Style

Hints for Custom Styles

HTML experts may want to create their own CSS and HTML templates.