New User Registration

Authors, TPC members, reviewers and chairs have to create an EDAS account to submit and review papers. The process is very similar to registering for any web site with user accounts and consists of four steps. Since it is often the first time users interact with EDAS, we also show the paper submission step in step 5.

1. Visit the Submission or Home Page

Authors may have been provided with a URL like, where xxxxx is a five-digit number identifying the conference. TPC members and others may receive email with links pointing to other EDAS functions. If you follow the link or visit the home page at and have not already logged in, you will see the login screen:


If you already have an account, just login in and you will be guided to the appropriate page.

2. Create an EDAS Account

If you do not have an account, follow the "create an account" link (see red circled area above), leading to the user profile page:

new person

You need to provide your title, name, email address, status, affiliation and country, and agree to the EDAS privacy policy. When you submit your information, if there is already an account with a similar name, you may see a list of candidate user names:

new person selection

Please check carefully whether your name is already in the list. If your name is there, please use that account. You can always update your email address and affiliation if needed. Having multiple EDAS accounts is likely to lead to confusion, such as mis-assigned reviews or papers that are "missing".

If you check the "This is not a duplicate" box and click on "Add this person", the system checks whether it can reach your email address and sends you a password link by email. This ensures that the email address is working and that you can receive email from EDAS.

new person email

3. Get Password Link

Usually, the password reset email arrives within a minute or two. A sample is shown below:

new person email

Each conference may use a slightly different new-user email.

4. Set Password and Login

Follow the link and set your EDAS password. The link will expire after about a day. However, you can always use the password recovery link on the login page to get a new link.

You can now log in, either using the submission link provided in the submission instructions or email you received.

5. Submit Paper

Next, submit your paper, either via the link or the Submit paper link in the menu.