EDAS can produce a program brochure for conferences, either just the content (PDF file) or the actual printed paper brochure. Brochures can be printed in either all black-and-white, with a color cover or color througout. The content of the brochure is customized for each conference, and may contain welcome messages from the chair, committee listings, and the conference program, possibly with abstract.

We will use 11x17 inch paper, folded to create 8.5x11 inch booklets, saddle stitching, cover glossy regular-weight paper, remaining pages matte regular paper. The cover pages are typically in color, the remaining pages in black-and-white, but all-color brochures are also possible. If you need a different format or cover, please let us know.

For example, we produced a program brochure for SAM 2012.

We are working together with the developers of Conference4Me, an Android and iOS application for conference attendees. If you have questions about the application, please contact the developers listed on their web site.