Program for 2019 IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference (ISEC)

Registration and Breakfast in McDonnell Hall

K-12 Poster Session

Advanced considerations for defensive cyber products with regards to network security and enterprise integration capabilities
Jeremy Kiggundu (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab & Duval High School, USA)
Innervation of the Human Esophagus - PGP9.5 Study
Ruth Martin (Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, USA)
Utility of Commercial Satellite Shortwave Infrared Multispectral Imagery for Precise Geo-location of Active Wildfires Through Heavy Smoke Clouds over the California Camp Fire
Katie Kolodner (Richard Montgomery High School, USA)
Topological Data Analysis of Fire Prone Weather Conditions in California
Hannah Kim (Marriotts Ridge High School, USA); Christian Vogel (Applied Physics Laboratory, USA)
Using Diatomite to Enhance the Thermal Storage of Lunchbox
Anthony Javier Santos and Aeron Estrada (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
How Climate Change Affects Coral Growth
Bailey McDougall (Bishop McDevitt High School, USA)
The Effectivity of using Makabuhay Plant (Tinospora rumphii) Stem Extracts As a Rodenticide
Gabriel Lambatin and Patrick Abrajano (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
A Comparative Study of Different Methods of Presentation on Retention of Content
Zain Khan and Amine Bit (Philip O. Berry Academy of Technology, USA)
Utilizing Philippine Cupped Oyster (Crassostrea iredalei) Shell Powder and Waterborne Acrylic Resin as a Fire Retardant Coating for Marine Wood
Tim Joshua Cruz and Raffy Anjelo Atienza (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
Diving into STEM with Underwater Robotics
Sophie Zhang (Rogue Robotics, USA)
Developing an Offline Mobile Application with Health Condition Care and First Aid Instruction for Appropriateness of Medical Treatment
Alec Francisco Garces and Jose Paolo Lojo (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
The Development of a Larvicidal Tablet Using Saba Banana (Musa acuminata x balbisiana) Peel Extract
Colin Albert B. Braganza (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines); Antoine Mel D Mendoza (La Salle Grren Hills, Philippines)
Production of Thermal Wall Insulation from Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia cressipes) and Cogon Grass (Imperata cylindrica)
Luigi Gabriel Mendoza and Willis Martin Co (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
Layering Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) Spray Coatings to Increase Photovoltaic Module Efficiency
Jerik Adrian Bayon and Alistair V Enhaynes (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
Starfall as a Basal Reading Program to teach Beginning Reading to Selected ALS Students
The Feasibility of Biowastes Derived from Philippine Produce as Adsorbents for Heavy Metals and Oil in Water
Kyle Gabriel M. Reynoso and Marcelito S. Reyes, Jr. (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
Solving Complex Problems with Low-cost Swarm Robotics
Nia Maywar (Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science (PRISMS), USA)
Crowd Estimation via Thermal Images Analyzed by Convolutional Neural Network
Muhua Xu (Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science, USA)
Uncovering Genetic Relationships between Sleep and Alzheimer's Disease
Sihan Fei (Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science, USA)
Design and Implementation of a Panoramic Camera Apparatus
Rui Wang (Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science, USA)
Creating an easy to produce seed planter made of polyethylene terephthalate bottles and scrap metal for Filipino Farmers
Hans Gabriel C. Nolasco and Kyle Sebastian Braga (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
Talahib (Saccharum spontaneum Linn.) as Alternative to Commercial Yarn
Ranns Meldrik Santos and Marc David Torres (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
A Study on the Use of Colored Wheels in Teaching Subject-Verb Agreement on Selected Alternative Learning System Students
A Study on the Use of PowerPoint Presentation with Captions in Improving Deaf Learners' Reading Comprehension A
John Paul D. Gatdula, Lance Tan, Kenshin Umali and Jason Esteva (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
LiDAR Based Obstacle Avoidance
Zachary Brunet (Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science, USA)
Biochar based seed shelling with organic fertilizer for tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum)
Mark Gabriel C Bulaong and Carlos Leo P Mantilla (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
Teaching Pecha Kucha to Improve the Oral Skills of the Adult Night High School Students
Digital Storytelling vs Traditional Storytelling: Teaching English Language to ANHS Students
Using Songs on the YouTube Platform in Improving Vocabulary Competence Among Adult Night High School Students
Kenneth M. Amores and Rafael Javier Punzalan Rivera (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines); Matthew Benjamin L. Nava (La Salle Greenhills, Philippines); Sean Kyle B. Santos (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
Methodology for Analysis of Crop Health Using Aerial Photogrammetry
Zhamilya Bilyalova (Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science, USA)
Data Mining and Sentiment Analysis of Real-Time Twitter Messages for Monitoring and Predicting Events
Maya Albayrak (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Labratory & Chesapeake Science Point High School, USA); William Gray-Roncal (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory & Preparation Meets Opportunity Foundation, USA)
The Case for the Z-Pinch Plasma Approach for Nuclear Fusion Propulsion
Julia K Williams (Reservoir High School & Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, USA)
Measuring sugar content of a liquid with a laser pointer
Roshan S Natarajan (Georgetown Day School, USA)
Simple Image Processing in Excel
Muhammad Ali Yousuf (Johns Hopkins University, USA); Akbar Ali (George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology, USA); Haider Ali (University of Maryland, USA)
Ned Erickson Poster Contest Abstract
Ned D Erickson (Princeton High School, USA)
Simple table-top experiments to demonstrate fiber optic communication
Saniya Nagali (Allentown High School, USA); Vanisha Nagali (Northern Burlington Middle School, USA)
Testing Slime for Its Properties - The Quest to make the perfect slime!
Sowmya Natarajan (Georgetown Day School, USA)
Using plastic waste and metal bottle caps in concrete for fortifying and sound resistance
Ian Jerome Baria Patrimonio and Manuel Lacsamana (La Salle Green Hills, Philippines)
Open Software and Hardware Blood Glucose Analysis
Aditya Vidyadharan (Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies, USA); Saamia Khan (Williams College, USA); Yashwee Kothari (350 Parsippany Rd Apt 49, USA); Max Ramer (Tufts University, USA)

Workshops I

Rapid Assessment of an Individual's Knowledge and Skills (RAIKS™) Workshop
Behzad P Tabaei (Autonomous Professional Development, USA); Joseph S Nadan (Autonomous Professional Development & New York University, USA); Roy E Lowrance (Autonomous Professional Development); Andres Fortino (NYU & Autonomous Professional Development, USA)
Workshop on Scalable Low-Cost Solutions for implementing IoT
Yeisson R Chicas, Rodrigo A Canek and Oscar Rodas (Universidad Galileo, Guatemala)

Workshops II

Integrated STEM Makes Drone Education Fly Workshop
Veronica Farr (600 Eagleview Blvd & Achievement House Cyber Charter School, USA); Gerri Light (Western Governors University, USA); Kathleen E Mastauskas (Achievement House Cyber Charter School & Project Lead The Way, USA)
A Novel Approach to Teaching Basic Math Skills Through Balkan Folk Dance
Michelle P. Vassilev (Princeton High School, USA)

Integrated K-12 and Outreach Programs - I

Analyzing the Impact of Computer Science Workshops on Middle School Teachers
Isabel Morais (Kean University, USA); Mayra S Bachrach (1000 Morris Ave, USA)
A Paradigm for Teaching Math and Computer Science Concepts in K-12 Learning Environment By Integrating Coding, Animation, Dance, Music and Art
Mirit Shamir, Mark Kocherovsky and CJ ChanJin Chung (Lawrence Technological University, USA)
Bringing Geosciences to K-12 Classrooms: A Teacher Training Program Developed by Sterling Hill Mining Museum
Ralph Tillinghast (US Army & CCDC Armaments Center, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ, USA); Edward Petersen (Picatinny Arsenal, USA); William Kroth (Sterling Hill Mining Museam, USA); Gordon Powers (Sterling Hill Mining Museum, USA); Missy Holzer and Jeff Osowski (Sterling Hill Mining Museam, USA); Mo Mansouri (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA)
An Integrated Secondary School STEM Research Program: Results, Challenges, and Opportunities
Xiang Gong and Erik Mohlhenrich (Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science, USA)
Integration of Virtual Reality in Secondary STEM Education
Eric Nersesian, Adam Spryszynski and Michael J Lee (New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA)
Open Software and Hardware Blood Glucose Analysis as a STEM Project
Rebecca Mercuri (Notable Software, Inc, USA); Max Ramer (Tufts University, USA); Yashwee Kothari (350 Parsippany Rd Apt 49, USA); Saamia Khan (Williams College, USA); Aditya Vidyadharan (Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies, USA)

Community-based Outreach and Pre-College Initiatives - I

Comprehensive Amateur Radio Education including Public Outreach
Thomas Fuhrmann, Michael Niemetz and Michael Farmbauer (OTH Regensburg, Germany)
Ethics and Transversal Citizenship in the Teaching of Science and Engineering
Francisco Iracheta and Adriana Martinez-Cantón (Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico)
Do PISA Scores Relate to Happiness?
Swapna S. Gokhale (University of Connecticut, USA)
Cunning: From play to wit, a STEM science club for technological and social entrepreneurship
Neil Guerrero Gonzalez (Universidad Nacional, Colombia); Juan Franco Rubio (ATD-Industry S.A.S, Colombia)
Radiolytic Denaturation of Bovine Milk Proteins with Fast Neutron Bombardment
William Nolan (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, USA)
Developing a Model for Increasing Leadership & Diversity in STEM through Mobile STEM Workshops, Collaboration, & Community Involvement
Lori Sheetz (United States Military Academy and Center for Leadership and Diversity in STEM); Samuel Ivy (United States Military Academy and Center for Leadership and Diversity in STEM, USA); Debbie Conn (United States Army Research Laboratory, USA); Jasmine Motupalli (United States Army, USA)

Inclusive STEM Outreach Programs

The Wisdom of our Native American Tribes: The Iku/Arhuaco People. Their Science, Culture and Math as a tribute to an exiting Civilization
Ernesto Vega Janica (IEEE Standards Association, USA); Hugues Vega Murgas (Retired. Santa Marta Board of Education, USA); Simón Esmeral Ariza (Santa Marta Board of Education, Colombia)
An Accessible, Distributed, Technology-Based Approach for Student and Mentor Engagement
Liem Huynh, Karla Gray-Roncal, Maria Roncal and William Gray-Roncal (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory & Preparation Meets Opportunity Foundation, USA)
miniGEMS 2018 Summer Camp Evaluation: Empowering Middle School Girls in STEAM
Chaoyi Wang and Michael Frye (University of the Incarnate Word, USA)
Engineering Exposure for Pre-College Women: A University-Based Workshop Model
Workshop to Increase Women's Enrollment in Technology Discipline at the Community College
Dugwon Seo and Michael Lawrence (Queensborough Community College, USA)
Measuring the Influences of a STEM Enrichment Program on Middle School Girls' Self-efficacy and Career Development
Chaoyi Wang and Michael Frye (University of the Incarnate Word, USA)

Integration in Higher Ed. -I

An experiential learning cybersecurity project for multiple STEM undergraduates
Aunshul Rege, Katorah N. Williams and Alyssa Mendlein (Temple University, USA)
Interdisciplinary Internship Projects Utilizing Legacy Robotic Equipment under Budget Constraints at a Small-sized Institution
Haklin Kimm (East Stroudsburg University, USA)
Quality Improvement of Engineering Mathematics: A Case Study at Shaqra University
Mohammad T Haweel, Abdulaziz S. Alsayyari and Adel Khalid Alblawi (Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia)
Developing hands-on laboratory exercises for teaching STEM students the internet-of-things, cloud computing and blockchain applications
Ravi Rao (Fairleigh Dickinson University); Riddhi Dave (Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA)
Difference in Student Performance When Changing Course Duration
Tamer Breakah (Ball State University, USA)
Scalable Delivery and Remediation of Engineering Assessments using Computer-Based Assessment
Ronald DeMara, Tian Tian and Soheil Salehi (University of Central Florida, USA); Navid Khoshavi (Florida Polytechnic University, USA); Steven D. Pyle (University of Central Florida, USA)

Computing in STEM Education - I

Code Refactoring and its Impact on Internal and External Software Quality: An Experimental Study
Mohammed Alawairdhi (SEU, Saudi Arabia)
Project-based learning in the Chemistry Laboratory: a case of Mexico
Samuel Antonio Rosas-Melendez (Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico); Jesus Beltran-Sanchez (Tecnologico de Monterrey & Escuela de Medicina y Ciencias de la Salud, Mexico)
STEM for Public Safety in Cyber: Training for Local Law Enforcement and Cyber Security
Education-Robotics Symbiosis: An Evaluation of Challenges and Proposed Recommendations
Habib Ahmed (Advanced Robotics and Automation Lab, University of Nevada, Reno, USA); Hung M La (University of Nevada, USA)
Evaluating the Effectiveness of a STEaM Training Project
Neville Jacobs (IEEE Baltimore Section); Heather Tomasello (IEEE WIE Southern NJ Affinity Group, USA)
School-Age Children Program Social Robots - World Robot Summit Pilot Study 2018
Amy Eguchi (Bloomfield College, USA); Hiroyuki Okada (Tamagawa University, Japan)

Lunch and Networking in McDonnell Hall

Focus on Posters and Exhibit

Keynote Talk

Dr. Sunita Satyapal, Director for the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) Fuel Cell Technologies Office within the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy will be our keynote speaker. She has been responsible for roughly $100 million per year in hydrogen and fuel cell research and development activities and has over two and a half decades of experience across academia, industry and government, including at United Technologies and as a visiting professor at Vassar College. She joined DOE in 2003 serving first as hydrogen storage lead and then chief engineer, and has been the Director since 2010. She has numerous publications, including in Scientific American, 10 patents, and a number of recognitions including a Presidential Rank Award. She received her Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Columbia University and did her postdoctoral work in Applied and Engineering Physics at Cornell University. Her keynote presentation is titled, "Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Overview"

Community-based Outreach and Pre-College Initiatives - II

Examining the Social Aspect of Climate Change through Mathematics
Debasmita Basu, Nicole Panorkou and Michelle M. Zhu (Montclair State University, USA)
Developing Partnerships for Unique Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education Facilities
Albert Kerecman (InfoAge Science History/Learning Center, USA); Raymond Ross (3536 State Route 66 & RLRLaw, USA); Thomas Lanagan (Inge, USA)
Ketchup: A STEM Project in Gashora, Rwanda, Rooted in Philadelphia
Jorge Santiago-Aviles (University of Pennsylvania, USA); Gerri Light (Western Governors University, USA)
Visually Representing the Landscape of Mathematical Structures
Katherine Gravel (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA); Hayden Jananthan (Vanderbilt University, USA); Jeremy Kepner (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)
Transforming learning through relevant STEM education for Nigerian students
Adetola A Salau (Carisma4U Educational Foundation, USA)
Integrating Entrepreneurship Education into Project Based Design Education
Frank Washko (Saint Martin's University, USA); William Edwards (Kettering University, USA); Leslie Washko (Saint Martin's University, USA)
Fomenting STEM Careers through Robotics Competitions: A Work in Progress
Rodrigo A Canek, Yeisson R Chicas and Oscar Rodas (Universidad Galileo, Guatemala)

Integration in Higher Ed. -II

The SeaPerch Evolution: From Grassroots to a Global Community
Lindsey Groark (RoboNation, USA); Kelly Cooper (Office of Naval Research, USA); Daryl Davidson (RoboNation, USA)
Impact of Project-based Learning on Self-Efficacy of Students in Engineering Modeling and Design Courses
Muhammad Safeer Khan and Mohamed Ibrahim (Arkansas Tech University, USA)
Early Lessons in Changing Engineering Culture for the Success of URM Doctoral Students in Engineering: PITT STRIVE
Sylvanus Wosu (The University of Pittsburgh, USA); Steven Abramowitch and David Gau (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
An Analyze and Actions to Increase the Quality in STEM Higher Education
Radu A. Vasiu (Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania); Diana Andone (Politehnica University Timisoara, Romania)
Data science education through education data: an end-to-end perspective
Ravi Rao (Fairleigh Dickinson University); Yashvi Desai and Kavita Mishra (Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA)
Hip, Hip, Array: Teaching Programming for Data Science is the same as Computer Science--Just Different
Jan Buzydlowski (Holy Family University, USA)
Enhancement of Introductory Computer Science Recitations: from Passive to Active
James Heliotis and Sean Strout (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)

Computing in STEM Education - II

Does Creating Shared Projects in Virtual Reality Capture Students' Interest in Technology? An International Project in STEM Education
Mark Frydenberg (Bentley University, USA); Diana Andone (Politehnica University Timisoara, Romania)
Applying Computer Science in Biology: A Model for Incorporating Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Approaches through ePortfolio in the First Year Experience at LaGuardia Community College
Na Xu and Charles Keller (LaGuardia Community College, USA); Yun Ye (City University of New York, USA)
A Smart Classroom of Wireless Sensor Networks for Students Time Attendance System
Fawaz Alassery (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA)
My Teacher is a Hologram: Measuring innovative STEM learning experiences
Sandra Gudino Paredes and Nohemí Rivera Vázquez (Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico)
FRODO: An Open-Source Architecture for Instruction IP
Rahul Razdan (Florida Polytechnic University, USA); Rodger Polanco (, USA); Damien Razdan (Next Gen Edu, USA); Zachary Weingarten (Motorola, USA)
Aspire High School Internship - Redesigning a Wide-Angle Camera Lens to Study the Aurora Borealis
Charlotte Alavi (Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, USA)
When science meets the market: a multidisciplinary approach of entrepreneurship education
Elda Barron (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico); José Amorós (Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico)

Computing in STEM Education - III

Application of Text Data Mining To STEM Curriculum Selection and Development
Andres Fortino (NYU & Autonomous Professional Development, USA); Roy E Lowrance (Autonomous Profesional Dvelopment, USA); Qitong Zhong (NYU School of Profesional Studies, USA); WeiChieh Huang (Self-employed, USA)
Digital Signal Processing in Radio Astronomy: An Interdisciplinary Experience
Pranav Sanghavi and Kevin Bandura (West Virginia University & Center for Gravitaional Wave and Cosmology, West Virginia University, USA); John Makous (Providence Day School, USA); Howard Chun (Cranston High School East, USA)
Virtual Reality and Statistical Thinking Enhancement
Olga Lopez (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico); Leopoldo Julian Lechuga Lopez (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico)
Real-Time Visualization of Neural Network Training to Supplement Machine Learning Education
Michael You and Jessica Yin (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
WiFi Motion Detection: A Study into Efficacy and Classification
Sadhana S Lolla (Poolesville High School & Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory, USA); Amy X Zhao (River Hill High School & Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, USA)
Developing STEM competences by building Low-Cost Technology Robots: A Work in Progress
Yeisson R Chicas, Rodrigo A Canek and Oscar Rodas (Universidad Galileo, Guatemala)
Autonomous Vehicles and Aerospace Engineering as a STEAM development platform
Rolando Bautista Montesano (Tec de Monterrey, Mexico); Edgar Lopez-Valdez, Diego Jiménez-Ríos and Víctor Gómez-Aladro (Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Ciudad de México, Mexico)
Detection and evaluation of brain and spinal cord conduction function based on functional electrical stimulation
Lei Ma (University of Nantong, China); Feng Ju (Nantong University, China); Kaixin Pan (Case Western Reserve University, USA); Xiaoyan Shen (Nantong University, China)

Integrated K-12 and Outreach Programs - II

High School Students' Perceptions about Biology, Related Influence of Factors and Players
Angeles Dominguez (Tecnologico de Monterrey & Universidad Andres Bello, Mexico); Itzel Hernandez (Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico); Jesus Beltran-Sanchez (Tecnologico de Monterrey & Escuela de Medicina y Ciencias de la Salud, Mexico)
Integrated STEM Helps Drone Education Fly
Veronica Farr (600 Eagleview Blvd & Achievement House Cyber Charter School, USA); Gerri Light (Western Governors University, USA)
STEM Education: How Best to "Illuminate the Lamp of Learning"
Dwight Bues (Engility Corp., USA)
An Industry Perspective: Using Systems Engineering Characteristics to Address K-12 STEM Challenges
Gennaro Avvento (Gennaro J. Avvento Technical Services LLC & Lockheed Martin (Retired), USA); Eric Sudano (Eric V. Sudano System Solutions LLC, USA)
Sample Vehicles for Integrating Education across STEM Disciplines
Janusz Zalewski (Florida Gulf Coast University, USA)
Simulation Design and Development for Learning Seasons and Lunar Phases using HTML5 and JavaScript
Michelle M. Zhu, Sneha Gulati and Nicole Panorkou (Montclair State University, USA)
Real-time assimilations and concept clearing for K12 students by online-offline methodology
Daljit Singh (NIT Jalandhar, India); Amit Dixit (Kad Tutorial, India)


Workshops: Mathworks

Workshops III

College Prep Program in a Box: A Model to Support Trailblazing Students in Pursuing STEM Careers
William Gray-Roncal, Karla Gray-Roncal, Liem Huynh and Maria Roncal (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory & Preparation Meets Opportunity Foundation, USA)
Introduction to Social Network Analysis using R
Khadija N Shah (Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory & Gerstell Academy, USA)

Workshops -

Workshop IV

Everyone can invent: A S.M.A.R.T. methodology approach
Fang Lu (IBM, USA)